The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) is a standardized system to quantify or grade the severity of adverse events (AE) that occur with drug treatment or from medical devices. A definition of mild (grade 1), moderate (2), severe (3), life-threatening (4) and death related to AE (5) events is provided for each AE term. May 29, 2009NIH publication # 09-7473

CTCAE v4.0 alternatives

Hematology Outlines Atlas

2nd Edition of the Top rated Hematology Atlas and Glossary Hooman H. Rashidi MD and John C. Nguyen MDThe anticipated 2nd edition of our iPhone and iPad Hematology Atlas and Glossary is now available and continue to be FREE of charge. They provide an extensive content in the subject of hematology and are optimized for iPhone and iPad users. )* Interactive hyperlinked May Resemble feature within each Atlas entity broadens the user experience and enhances the learning process

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Utilizing a pulsed-education approach, this app notifies you every other day that selected questions are available for completion. This technique assists with knowledge retention and can also easily fit into your busy schedule. Earn ABIM medical knowledge points easily over time and submit results directly to ABIM.

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RadOnc Reference

Introducing the first comprehensive iPhone reference application for Radiation Oncologists and designed by a RadOnc. This light-weight app provides fast access to the following reference materials:- Cancer Staging- Contouring Atlases - DVH normal tissue contraints- Pertinent clinical calculators (eg. Feedback and suggestions from the RadOnc community will directly inform new development efforts.

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Blood & Blood Advances, Hematology Journals by ASH

The Blood app allows immediate access to full-text articles prepublished in First Edition and published Blood for users with personal or institutional subscriptions to the online journal (other users can access abstracts). The app, designed for easy reading and browsing on any iOS device, allows you to: read and cache full-text articles on your device, view high resolution images and videos, listen to related audio sound bites, bookmark articles (saving full text indefinitely), search journal content, be instantly alerted to the latest content, and read and share content through social media tools. To provide feedback or for support, please visit the Blood journal website.

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Transplant (HCT) Guidelines