The Bystronic Bend Solver calculates very easy many parameters for bending sheet metal andcomes with lovely graphics. The Bystronic Bend Solver is supporting the bending / press brake operator, team leader orline manager perfectly in his day to day workflow. Bystronic: Best choice.www.bystronic.comFeatures:+ Calculation of optimal settings for Bystronic bending machines+ Calculation of bending force+ Calculation of box height+ Calculation of stamp height+ Recommendation of tools and machines+ Numerous metal sheets to choose+ Graphical indication of bending part

Bystronic Bend Solver alternatives

Trig Solver

A Triangle Solver that has a regular triangle solver as well as a right triangle solver. Regular Triangle -Enter one of the following and hit Calculate:2 sides and an angle2 angles and a side3 sidesRight Triangle -Enter one of the following and hit Calculate:2 sidesa side and an angle

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This simple, helpful app from Amada Miyachi Corporation helps you determine material weldability using either resistance (spot) or laser welding technology. Just choose the two materials to be joined and see results including overall weldability, electrode material choices, and related comments. Should you require further assistance, our engineers are just a click away simply submit your results to us, and our applications experts will contact you directly

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Trigonometry Help

Trig Help is a simple triangle calculator that enables you to quickly and easily find unknown angles & sides of any right-angled triangle. Features Include: - Accurately solve right-angled triangles- View a scale drawing of your solved triangle- View a handy set of basic trig formulae- Enter angles in radians, decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, seconds - Select your preferred number of decimal placesWhat two App Store reviewers had to say about Trig Help:I could never remember those simple formulas. 5 StarsAlso available for OS X on the Mac App Store.

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cdsiPipe is a pipe and valve reference toolbox designed for process piping, HVAC and MEP professionals. The easy-to-navigate user interface allows users to quickly move through different information with ease, exploring the capacities, coatings, chemistry, finishes and physical dimensions, including working pressure, of steel pipe. 2014 Morrissey + Camuso

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Unravel: Steel Calculator

Unravel complex steel calculations with this essential iPad and iPhone application for flat-rolled steel buyers. Unravel: Flat-Rolled Steel Calculator makes it easy to verify steel coil and sheet specs. To learn more about finding the true cost of steel, visit Majestic Steel USAs website at

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