Get to know the hilarious Bumbous, these beings which live in unique and unknown islands. These little creatures love to create other different Bumbous. Have fun with Bumbous.

Bumbous: Discover New Different Monster Species alternatives

Warlords Classic - official port from Mac/PC/Amiga

Warlords Classic is an official port of the fabulous game you have been playing in your childhood on PC, Mac or Amiga computers. Now its available on your iPad and iPhone Enjoy old-school graphics, old-time map and factions Recall great memories 9 maps: Illuria, Krilantis, Erythea, Isladia, Reldaria, Dragon Realms, Hadesha, Hand of Fate and Arthurian Britain Multiplayer via Game Center is available now Join us on FaceBook: the war to conquer Illuria in this classic war lords fantasy strategy game. Sirians faction has +1 bonus on plain, roads and bridges, because we all agree, Sirians definitely need some support.

  • rating 4.72794
  • size 22.4 MB

Code of Arms

Discover epic loot by scanning barcodes from everyday items All items are procedurally-generated and completely one of a kind. Amazing gear can be found by hunting through your household pantry or local supermarket. Duel challenging enemies in heated card battles and test your strength.

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 97.0 MB

Cobe The Gallery

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Train your brain and unwind your mind. FREE 81 unique and challenging puzzles Subtle and calming soundtrack (best experienced with headphones) Stunning graphic with dynamic shadows and eye-catching colors Game Center iCloudSync ReplayKit

  • rating 4.5625
  • size 59.9 MB

Booger Boing

For a truly unique, somewhat strange, and utterly fun new game, Booger Boing has arrived. - AppAdvice-WINNER - Game of the month - Game Salad GOTMThere is a yucky and wonderful world inside your nose, is up to you to explore it Use your finger to stretch and sling our heroic little booger. Calculate the strength and angle of each shot in order to jump, bounce, stick and splat through challenging and exciting levels collecting coins and treasures while avoiding pitfalls and vicious nasal residents Who knew nose picking was so fun?With wonderful graphics, awesome gameplay, and excellent music, Booger Boing assures hours of disgusting fun -Stunning artwork and music-Engaging ballistic gameplay, an original take of the slingshot mechanics-Easy to learn, hard to master, earn stars by making the least jumps to finish the levels-Unlock lots of fun accessories for your character, like hats, sunglasses, etc -Lots of levels assure you hours of gameplay, more levels soon

  • size 87.9 MB

Ancient Legacy

Toucharcade 4/5 - A Clever Hybird of Roguelike And Board GameAncient Legacy is a table-top style RPG with rogue-like elements. You play as a hero who must explore a dark world while fighting monsters, building their base, solving quests, and collecting four Ancient Legacy to seal the evil god. Features- Roll the dice and swing your sword as you test your luck and strategies- Venture across a world map that connects to 5 different areas- Build and upgrade your camp to help you on your journey- 4 powerful Ancient Legacy to collect- 4 environment boss wait for you to challenge them- 9 heroes with different abilities to choose and play (7 need to be unlocked) - 10 achievements to conquer - 32 kinds of enemies to face off against - 63 random events with mythical creatures, strange allies, and more- Endless fun as you fight, explore and adventure with diceFacebook Movie

  • size 28.7 MB