Simple shopping list app. You can input tasks on only one screen Features- Simple UI- Input by one tap- Auto save- Sort- Delete All buttonLets use this app for Shopping or To-DO reminders

Shopping List - Simple List App for Shopping alternatives

Moment Diary (journal)

Great news This is a private diary that makes notes with timestamps You can take a short note and use it as a private diary, simple business note, diet record, food log, lifetime recording, cash flow record, jotting down what you watch on TV, song titles while you listen to radioetc. You can take a note in the form of text, vocal memos, videos and photos. for launch & writemomentdiary://?m=edit&t=URL_encoded_string(for launch & search)momentdiary://?m=search&t=URL_encoded_string example for food momentdiary://?m=search&t=food example for birth day momentdiary://?m=search&t=birth+day (white space should be replaced by +) example for multi-bytes characters momentdiary://?m=search&t=%E6%98%9F (percent escaped characters can be used)Many thanks for your feedbacks and have fun

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My Nikki

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Cute calendar for girls "StampCalendar DX"

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Swiftime - Alarm with the weather

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