Present is the #1 mindfulness and meditation app to bring more clarity, joy and happiness to your daily life. Present guided meditations are great for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced users. Guided meditation sessions topics include:* Deep Sleep* Managing Stress* Emotions* Body Scan* Love + Kindness* Pain Management* Forgiveness* Self-Esteem* Happiness* And much moreKEY FEATURES* 100s of mindfulness meditations to destress and relax * Completely free, without ads and subscriptions* Use on all devices - your progress is synced across them all* Track your progress with daily streaks and time spent meditating* Stats tracker* Simple and beautiful design

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Meditation - Sleep sounds, Yoga & Baby Relaxation

Introducing the most popular sleep aid app Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you havent in a long time With bank of 102 sounds High quality Meditation sounds Simple and beautiful design Beautiful background images Brainwave beats including Binaural & Isochronic frequencies. Individual volume adjustment for sounds and melodies. The ability to choose from white noises ambient sounds and binaural beats gives you total customization for an unique and personal experience.if you have any comment or suggestion please let us know so we can make this app better.

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