The rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the gateway to the advanced game. It cannot be defined by a list of techniques, but instead requires a combination of skills. He is renown for his precise technique and clear instruction.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Purple Belt Requirements alternatives

BJJ Gripfighting & Drills

ESSENTIAL DRILLS AND SECRET GRIPFIGHTING TECHNIQUES TO DEFEAT BIGGER, STRONGER OPPONENTSThis is the first of 5 apps in which Emily Kwok and Stephan Kesting share with you the secrets to defeating bigger, stronger opponents on the ground using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The most important thing you can do to stop a larger opponent from rag dolling you is to control the grips. FEATURES ~ 1 hour and 39 minutes of solid, filler-free, video instruction ~ Professionally filmed and edited ~ Complete menus for easy navigation ~ Create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using our one-click favourite feature ~ Download the entire app to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos ~ BONUS: The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu book for free INDEX 1) Intro to Defeating Bigger Opponents 2) Why You Should Drill 3) Fundamental Drills 4) Breakfalls 5) Technical stand-up 6) Forward Breakfall 7) Backward Roll 8) Shrimping 9) Leg Circles 10) Leg Triangles 11) Grapplers Lifts 12) Advanced Drills 13) Scoot Forward 14) Scoot Backward 15) Shrimping Forward 16) Four Point Rotation 17) Kickouts 18) Spidermans 19) Jumping Lunges 20) Partner Drills 21) Leg Switching on Hips 22) Wheelbarrow Forwards 23) Crab Walk 24) Granby Roll 25) Leap Frogs 26) Drag with Sleeves 27) Bear Walk 28) Butterfly Lifts 29) Jumping Guard Sit Ups 30) Hook Walk 31) Guard Pop-ups 32) Introduction to Gripfighting 33) Four Fingers In 34) Pistol Grip 35) Lapel and Sleeve 36) Common Mistakes 37) Guidelines 38) Stripping Sleeve Grips 39) Stripping Lapel Grips 40) Stripping Elbow Grips 41) Stripping Over the Shoulder Grips 42) Stripping Grips on the Ground 43) Stripping Leg Grips 44) Demo & Summary 45) No Gi Grip Fighting

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Closed Guard Attacks

Caio Terras Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Closed Guard AttacksThis is the first in a series of apps to be released by Caio Terra and Mobile Black Belt. Developing a strong closed guard is an essential part of developing a solid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. Over Hook Omoplata

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Instant BJJ Gamechangers, Bigstrong 9

INSTANT BJJ GAMECHANGERS This is the ninth app in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent series. This series is designed to give you the techniques and strategies that are especially effective against opponents who are much bigger, stronger, and more muscular than you. Wrapup

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Closed Guard Defense

Caio Terras Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Closed Guard DefenseThis is the second in a series of apps to be released by World and Pan American, Black Belt Champion, Caio Terra. Following up on Closed Guard Attacks, Caio has put together the essential Closed Guard Defense. Techniques:Closed Guard // Defense1.Posture2.Standing Open Guard3.Standing Open Guard 2 4.Standing Open Guard 3 5.Kimura Defense to Back6.Kimura Defense to Reverse Kimura7.Armbar Mata Leao Defense8.Armbar Defense 29.Triangle Defense Controlling Hips10.Triangle Defense Passando a Perna11.Omoplata Defense Standing12.Omoplata Defense to Side Control

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BJJ Pressure

Belt Level: Mid-purple to low-black. Emphasis: Applying pressure from the top positions as well as from the bottom positions. This is an advanced topic, requiring practitioners to have an intermediate skill level in the overall BJJ game.

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