The Bosu Ball is a popular piece of equipment that is fun and easy to use and is a great tool to help get you fit and to keep in shape. This app has 130 tuitional video guides that will show you just how much you can do with a Bosu Ball - and most of the exercises can be done in your own home. Tuitional videos include:30 min Full Body BOSU Ball Workout with Dumbbells - 10 Exercises to Build Muscle Lose WeightBosu Ball Workout 3 Cardio Conditioning ExercisesHIIT Workout Challenge Burn Fat with the Bosu25 Minute Full Body BOSU Workout30 Minutes Total Body Workout with Bosu Ball and voice over10 Awesome Bosu Ball Exercises Total Body Balance Training38 BOSU BALL ExercisesAdvanced Bosu Ball WorkoutLower Body Workout using a Bosu BallBosu Ball Workouts Home ExercisesBOSU Ball ExercisesBest Bosu Ball Exercises for Abs and Core with Natalie JillUpper Body Workout with BosuLeg Workout With A Bosu BallFast Lap Fitness Stability Training with a Bosu Ball - TransWorld MOTOcrossHow to Do a Workout for Beginners Bosu Ball Workout5 Bosu Exercises Full-Body Workout Fit How To5 Best Ab Exercises Bosu Ball WorkoutBOSU Balance Training for BeginnersTORCH CALORIES FAST BUILD POWER WITH THIS 60 MIN ULTIMATE WORKOUT for BeginnersBosu Ball Beginner WorkoutBOSU Balance Circuit Training for Beginners10 min Beginner Stability Ball Dumbbell WorkoutFitter U By Yuri Elkaim Demonstrates Bosu Ball Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast30 Minutes Total Body Workout with Bosu Ball and voice overSickFit Fit In 15 15 Minute BOSU Trainer HIIT WorkoutHot Bod BOSU WorkoutHow to Do a Leg Workout Bosu Ball WorkoutQuick Legs and Cardio Bosu Ball Workout At home or the gym Body By BodytekBosu Full Body WorkoutFITNESS BODY SCULPTING STRETCHING WITH BOSU BALL Fitness and Workout SeriesHow to Do Rows Bosu Ball WorkoutBeginner Lower Back exercisesHow to Do Turning Jumps Bosu Ball WorkoutBosu Ball Workout HIIT CardioBOSU Ball Static Supine Bridge - Personal TrainingBOSU Ball Dynamic Plank - Core Triceps Shoulders Exercise40 min Beginner Total Body Workout WDB Stability Ball Voice Over includedBosu Ball Exercises Balance ChallengeBOSU Balance Trainer Squats Round5 burpees without push ups 10 straight leg sit ups 15 BOSU ball squats w med ball push press repSnowboard Fitness Training with Personal Trainer Stephen TongueBosu ball exercises for backHow to Use a Bosu Ball Bosu Ball WorkoutBox jumps Burpees lateral jumps Bosu mountain climbersBosu Ball Boxing Stationary - Easy10 min Beginner Fast Belly Blaster Abs-Toning Medicine Ball WorkoutSeta Personal Training Bosu ball quick feet plyometric exerciseGlute WorkoutHip Raise Single Leg BosuEOTW with Sarah Bosu ball Russian twistPlank BosuSeta Personal Training Plank updownSeta Personal Training V-sit bicep curlSeta Personal Training Get updownSeta Personal Training SupermanSeta Personal Training Step over lungeSeta Personal Training Bosu bicyclesSeta Personal Training Side to side stepSeta Personal Training Knee upSeta Personal Training Turning jumpsSeta Personal Training Plank LungesBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Lunge Overhead PressBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Squat Bicep CurlsBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Lunge Bicep CurlsBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Lunge Lateral RaiseBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Push Up Glute LiftsBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises V UpsBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Side Plank Leg LiftsBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Oblique CrunchesBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises PlanksBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Basic CrunchesBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Leg Bridge Triceps PressBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Side Plank Lateral RaiseBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Single Leg CirclesBosu Ball Exercises Bosu Ball Exercises Decline Push Up Glute Liftsand more

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