Experience boolean algebra like never before - truth tables dont stand a chance. Tackle complex equations with the built in truth table and sum of products/product of sum generators. Born from the minds that brought you SUPERMASSIVE, Fall of Man, and Super Breakup Simulator 1993 comes a whole new way to do boolean algebra - with style to boot.

Bool Tool alternatives

Binarycalc - Binary Calculator

Input of all number systems from binary system to hexadecimal system. Conversion of these number systems into one other and even up to the Base 36 numeral system. )Press just once on and the calculator converts the given number in the desired system.

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Base-2 Converter

This is a simple, easy-to-use binary/decimal and decimal/binary converter. Extremely useful for both computer scientists and students alike.

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CP HexCalc

CP HexCalc is a FREE calculator with Hex, Decimal, Octal and Binary modes. Large buttons ensure that you dont press the wrong key and a large display means that you dont have to take out your reading glasses. Copy/paste has been implemented using gestures (swipe and double tap).See the screenshots below for further details.

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Base Convert FREE

Base Converter is a simple and easy-to-use converter to transform numbers from one base to another. The most common bases are binary (2), octal (8), decimal (10) and hexadecimal (16), but this app can convert all bases from 2 to 36.This app is useful for both computer scientists and students. Copy your results to the clipboard

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Base Converter!

Base Converter is an easy to use utility app that converts number bases. It supports Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal. New to Version 3.0- Support for iPad You can now knock off those quick base conversions on the iPads gorgeous screen - Option to use spaces for binary numbersNew to Version 2.0- Revamped Design- Brand new Icon- UI Themes

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