AvExam is an essential training aid for the preparation of upcoming Boeing 737(300-900/NG) Theoretical & Type Rating examinations. As the first app which has been produced by professional ATPL & Boeing 737 type rated airline Pilots, we provide the most up to date Boeing 737 technical knowledge in a simple and easy to use multiple choice question format which are sorted by FCOM aircraft system chapters. Over 15 FCOM, airplane systems & modules are covered: Boeing 737 Air Systems Boeing 737 Anti-Ice, Rain Boeing 737 Automatic Flight Boeing 737 Communications Boeing 737 Electrical Boeing 737 Engines, APU Boeing 737 Fire Protection Boeing 737 Flight Controls Boeing 737 Flight Instruments, Displays Boeing 737 Flight Management, Navigation Boeing 737 Fuel Boeing 737 General Boeing 737 Hydraulics Boeing 737 Landing Gear Boeing 737 Limitations Boeing 737 Warning Systems AvExam is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Boeing Company or any other airline.


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Boeing 737 Type Rating & Exam Preparation alternatives

Elevate - Brain Training

ElevateElevate30+ElevateElevateElevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results. For additional information, please read our Terms of Service (http://elevateapp.com/#/terms).

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VOR Tracker - IFR Procedure Trainer

VOR Tracker is a small but powerful training tool for pilots. It is the only one of its kind for the iPhone/iPad. The original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison- Share your flights Post your missions on Facebook or Twitter, send them to a friend, or add them to your study notesPrepare yourself without wasting expensive flight time use VOR Tracker to brush up your skills

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IFR Flight Trainer Simulator

Flying by instrument flight rules (IFR) is not an easy thing to learn for flight students. By IFR Flight Trainer aviation students and pilots will develop and improve their instrument navigation understanding and accuracy. This interactive IFR trainer app is a step by step system, which will teach you how to use IFR instruments in real flying conditions.

  • size 50.3 MB

Prepware ATP

Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the Aircraft Dispatcher and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Multi-Engine (previously called Part 121), Single-Engine, 135, Airplane and Helicopter FAA Knowledge Exams. More than 1,000 questions, answers and explanations included for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.

  • size 76.5 MB

Aviation Exam - EASA & FAA

Prepare for your EASA or FAA written exams with us and study also offline. The question bank is constantly updated and maintained to effectively prepare you for your exams. All EASA subjects covered: * 010 Air Law, * 021 Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Power Plant, * 022 Instrumentation, * 031 Mass & Balance, * 032 + 034 Performance (Airplane + Helicopter), * 033 Flight Planning & Monitoring, * 040 Human Performance & Limitations, * 050 Meteorology, * 061 General Navigation, * 062 Radio Navigation, * 070 Operational Procedures, * 081 + 082 Principles of Flight (Airplane + Helicopter), * 091 + 092 VFR + IFR Communications

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More Information About alternatives

B737-300/400/500 Study App

The JETPUBS 737-300/400/500 Classic Study App. Available for iPhone and iPad, the app includes:737 AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS FLASH CARDS:Air Systems (27 Flashcards)Aircraft General (28 Flashcards)Electrical (12 Flashcards)Fuel System (19 Flashcards)Hydraulics (18 Flashcards)Landing Gear and Brakes (14 Flashcards)Random Questions (28 Flashcards)Engines (33 Flashcards)Pressurization (8 Flashcards)Flight Controls (54 Flashcards)Ice and Rain Protection (25 Flashcards)737-300 Limitations (77 Flashcards)737-400 Limitations (13 Flashcards)737-500 Limitations (11 Flashcards)737 CHECK RIDE ORAL FLASHCARDSFlight Control Panel (12 Flashcards)Hydraulic Panel (7 Flashcards)FMC (2 Flashcards)IRS Mode Selector Panel (1 Flashcard)Fuel Control Panel (7 Flashcards)GRD PWR & BUS Trans Panel (7 Flashcards)AC & DC Metering Panel (4 Flashcards)Engine Panel (6 Flashcards)Oxygen Panel (6 Flashcards)Window & Probe Heat Panel (4 Flashcards)Air Conditioning Controls (14 Flashcards)Flight Recorder (1 Flashcard)Overheat & Fire Protection Panel (5 Flashcards)Cargo Fire Panel (1 Flashcard)Exterior Door Lights (1 Flashcard)PSEU Switch (1 Flashcard)Stab Trim Switch (1 Flashcard)Center Pedestal (1 Flashcard)QUIZZES:There are 10 multiple choice quizzes that include flight controls, hydraulics, fuel systems, limitations, Check Ride Oral Prep, APU, Electrical, Pneumatics & Brakes. This app offers pilots a fast & easy way to study on the go FREE Updates No internet connection required to view material

  • size 101 MB
  • version 1.9

EMB-145/175 Study App

E-175 Study App Features:FLASH CARDS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Categories include:-Aircraft General Information-APU-Check Ride Oral -Electrical System-Fire Protection-Flight Controls -Fuel System-Hydraulics-Ice & Rain Protection-Landing Gear & Brakes-Limitations-Pneumatics-PowerplantPANELS & SCHEMATICS include:Overhead PanelCenter PedestalForward Instrument PanelAir Conditioning Schematic Electrical System SchematicFuel System SchematicHydraulic System SchematicPneumatic System Schematic 15 QUESTION (Multiple Choice) SYSTEM QUIZZES. LabSteering System Inoperative

  • size 96.8 MB

Airbus A320 CBT- Systems training

This is an Airbus A319/320 systems description CBT training course based on a unique whiteboard animation that keeps training interesting and enables cadets and Pilots visualise and see information in a more educative and better learning experience. The topics covered in this applications include: GENERAL, ENGINES (CFM Based example), ELECTRICAL, PNEUMATIC, VENTILATION, PRESSURISATION, APU, FIRE-PROT, AIR-COND, NAVIGATION, HYDRAULICS, LANDING GEAR, FLIGHT-CONTROLS, FUEL, AUTO-FLIGHT, COMMS, LIGHTS, OXYGEN, DOORS, EIS DISPLAYS and ICE & RAIN PROTECTION. Always refer to the official Airbus FCOM for operation.

  • size 395 MB
  • version 1.0

Systems & Limitations Flash Cards for Boeing 777

Systems & Limitations Flash Cards for Boeing 777System Flash Cards for Boeing 777This section contains over 825 Flash Cards covering all of the Boeing 777 systems and limitations. When you have worked through these, you can pass a typical type rating exam. Categories:Boeing 777 FCOM 2 Air SystemsBoeing 777 MT - 36 PneumaticBoeing 777 SystemsBoeing 777 MT - 21 Air Conditioning 1Boeing 777 MT - 32 Landing Gear 2Boeing 777 MT - 21 Air Conditioning 2Boeing 777 MT - Avionics for B1Boeing 777 MT - 27 Flight Controls PFCS 2Boeing 777 MT - 29 Hydraulic PowerBoeing 777 MT - 32 Landing Gear 1Boeing 777 MT - 27 Flight Controls PFCS 3Boeing 777 MT - 27 Flight Controls PFCS 1Boeing 777 MT - 35 OxygenBoeing 777 MT - 30 Ice and Rain ProtectionBoeing 777 MT - 27 Flight Controls HLCSBoeing 777 MT - 33 LightsBoeing 777 MT - 32 Landing Gear 3Boeing 777 FCOM 1 Airplane GeneralBoeing 777 FCOM 2 Air SystemsBoeing 777 MT - Freighter DifferencesBoeing 777 Recall LimitationsB777 Ops Limits

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  • version 1.0

EMB-145 Study App

EMB-145 Study App Features:FLASH CARDS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Categories include:-Aircraft General Information (22 Questions).-APU (12 Questions).-Check Ride Oral (4 different sections 93 Questions).-Electrical System (19 Questions).-Fire Protection (23 Questions).-Flight Controls (26 Questions).-Fuel System (16 Questions).-Hydraulics (12 Questions).-Ice & Rain Protection (16 Questions).-Landing Gear & Brakes (16 Questions).-Limitations ( 66 Questions/Flashcards).-Pneumatics (33 Questions)-Powerplant (20 Questions)PANELS & SCHEMATICS include:Overhead PanelCenter PedestalForward Instrument PanelAir Conditioning Schematic Electrical System SchematicFuel System SchematicHydraulic System SchematicPneumatic System Schematic 15 QUESTION (Multiple Choice) SYSTEM QUIZZES. This app offers pilots a fast & easy way to study on the go FREE Updates

  • size 44.9 MB
  • version 10.0

Citation CJ3 Study App

FEATURES:Citation CJ3 (CE-525B) Flash Cards, Quizzes, Panels, Operating Weights and Limitations. FLASH CARD categories (Question and Answer):Air Conditioning (15 Flashcards)Aircraft General (10 Flashcards)Electrical (18 Flashcards)Flight Controls (9 Flashcards)Fuel System (24 Flashcards)Hydraulics (18 Flashcards)Ice & Rain Protection (20 Flashcards)Landing Gear & Brakes (13 Flashcards)Powerplant (24 Flashcards)Pressurization (11 Flashcards)Random Questions (23 Flashcards)Limitations (44 Flashcards)QUIZZES:There are Five 15 question Citation CJ3 quizzes. - LitreFahrenheit - CelsiusPressure inHG - hPAGallons - LBSKnots - MPH

  • size 74.2 MB
  • version 10.0

A320 Study App

A320 App FEATURES:Flash Cards, Quizzes, Memory Items, Limitations and Aircraft Panels/Schematics. FLASH CARDS:Limitations, Aft Pedestal Misc., Anti-Ice, APU, CVR, Electrical, Emer Exit Lighting, Fire Protection, Fuel System, GPWS TERR, Hydraulics, Navigation, Oxygen, Pressurization, Navigation Display, Landing Gear & Brakes, Nosewheel Steering, Primary Flight Display, Radar, Flaps & Slats, Transponder, Flight Control Laws. Members of the forum can communicate with other users of the app to ask questions, network and search for jobs in the aviation community.

  • size 69.9 MB
  • version 13.0

Airbus A320 ecam Pilot trainer

150 ECAM DRILLS +The Airbus A320 ECAM flight trainer comes with tonnes of Pilot training material including currently about 150 ECAM failures for you to practise and train on. Topics for failures include:- Air Cond/Press/Ventilation- Auto-flight- Comms- Doors- Electrical- Engines- Fire-protection- Flight-Controls- Fuel- Hydraulics- Ice & rain- Indicating and recording systems- Landing gear- Navigation- PneumaticsThe app also includes Bonus Videos for training and more will be added over time and A flight deck buttons guide booklet. All information and content is for training purposes only.

  • size 155 MB
  • version 16

B737NG Quiz

Are you searching for an app to prepare yourself for a B737NG job interview, type rating, recurrent, proficiency check or upgrade?This is an essential training app for current and future B737NG pilots Study, refresh or expand your technical knowledge of the Boeing 737 Next Generation on the go by taking quizzes of all airplane systems. B737NG Quiz features:* Technical questions about all airplane systems sorted by FCOM chapter. As we cannot reply to reviews, please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas, found a bug or need support.

  • size 0.8 MB
  • version 2.1

E175 Flash Cards

Aeroprogrammings E175 Flash Cards for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides pilots with an interactIve self-study tool to help prepare for an oral exam and check ride. The flash cards cover all the E175 systems in detail in an easy-to-use question based format. The E175 Flash Card app was developed by a Part 121 E175 Instructor and includes over 900 questions & answers plus EICAS messages in the following categories:* Air Management System* APU* Aircraft General* Autoflight* EICAS Messages* Electrical* Engine* Fire Protection* Flight Controls* Flight Instruments* Fuel* Hydraulics* Ice and Rain Protection* Landing Gear* Limitations* Oxygen* Warning SystemTop Features:* Ability to edit questions or answers to add additional notes or information* Ability to add custom employer specific questions sets* Random Questions for the entire stack or from an individual category* Ability to review just the questions you got incorrectLearn more at: http://www.aeroprogramming.com/e175FlashCards

  • size 8.0 MB
  • version 1.03