BlockyTime, A simple time logger no need to tap Start/Stop. App Store Featured of 2016 in China & HongKong Top 10 Productivity apps in China Everybody has his own demand on tracking time, but most people cant persist on it for long time because the traditional time-tracking App is way too professional, and it costs too much energy to use a stopwatch. [Features] Super easy and rapid method to track time spending on every event Custom classification of event Not only by event type (eg. Lets get in touch Say hello to [email protected] follow us on:Twitter: @anniApp_comInstagram: @anniApp_com


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Tasks And Measures
Procraster - Overcome Procrastination

BlockyTime - Track your time no need to Start/Stop alternatives

KNFB Reader

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Focus To-Do: The Best Focus Timer for Work & Study

Top 5 Productivity apps in China The Best app to help you overcome Procrastination.Combining Focus Timer with task management, Focus To-Do is designed to help you focus on work and study and say goodbye to delay Main Functions: - Focus Timer Support the start, break, pause or stop of a Focus Time . Allow users to define the Focus time, short/long break length and intervals between long breaks. - Support 3D Touch - Support prevention of screen lock.

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Steps - Plan, Focus & Achieved

Achieve our goals step by step, and make things happen Steps is a Time Management (Attention Management) tool designed for Plan, Focus and Achieved. The GTD methodology and The Pomodoro technique are integrated in this App. Combining the most popular time management method Pomodoro Technique, Steps makes your time more productive and enjoyful.

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AppStore App AppSo 10000 & 1. 2. : [email protected]_HanG

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Tasks And Measures

A comprehensive to-do and self-tracking application, T&M shows you where your time is going and charts the effort you are putting into tasks against the results youre getting out of them.- T&M is a full featured to-do list with comprehensive support for repeating tasks, task history & measurement logging (e.g. weight, bmi, etc) .- Integrates with HealthKit and the FITBIT platform to help you gauge the impact of logged tasks on your overall activity level.- Intraday and Event Detail reporting against Health app data. See the tasks you completed in a day overlaid with high resolution (down to the minute ) HealthKit data such as steps or heart rate.- Universal support for retina / non retina, iPhone, iPhone 5, 6, 6+ and iPad screens- Effortlessly sync your data between all your devices via iCloud- Graphs and charts provide insights on where your time is going an whether youre spending it wisely- Supports reminder alarms and app badging with the number current & overdue tasks- Efficient, modern user interface that looks and works great on iOS 6, 7, and 8T&M combines task management and self-tracking into one app. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.

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Procraster - Overcome Procrastination

Ever felt overwhelmed or anxious about all you have to do, but things never get done? Procraster helps you fight procrastination, and get things done today Procrasters aim is to make you more productive through: Guiding you to overcome blocks to action Integrated Timer and Stopwatch Track your time usage through charts Manage tasks, projects and Areas of ResponsibilityOnly on the App StoreNo hidden costs or in-app purchases Universal App:- Optimised for both iPhone and iPad- iPhone 6 and 6 Plus supportFeatured blocks to action:- My task is too big- I dont know where to start- Ive made a mistake- I have to finish- I have to be perfectTask Management:- GTD compatible- Organise by tags and Areas of Responsibility- Set due and start date with reminders- Advanced recurring tasks and projects with relative due dates- Delegate to your contacts- Change status: active/paused/completed/dropped- Add notes- Sequential and parallel projects- Task and project searchProcraster Cloud- Instant Cloud Sync (you never have to click sync)- Sync tasks, projects, stats, areas of responsibility, tags, and rewards with unlimited devices- No monthly feesProcraster QuickTask:- Procraster helps you quickly choose a task to start on- Algorithm ranks all tasks based on several criteria- If you have time left, before leaving let Procraster pick a task for you Timer:- Integrated with Procrasters tasks and projects- Set session and break time- Define rewards to motivate yourself- Timer Mode: Get motivated to finish your session- Stopwatch Mode: Flexible time tracking- Calendar Integration: Visualise your productive timeStats:- Generate beautiful charts- Show stats by project, task or area of responsibility- Compare stats between projects, tasks or Areas of Responsibility- Customise chart appearance: area, column or line chart- Get stats by preferred perspective: days, weeks, months or years- Save or share your chartsBackup and Restore:- Backup to your Dropbox account- Automatic Backup once a dayReviews:Procraster figures out why youre procrastinating and helps you fix it BuzzFeedProcraster [is] an app that figures out whats blocking you from completing your tasks. The Huffington Post[Procraster is] a uniquely innovative approach to help you stop procrastinating today appPickerProcraster will be the best motivation for you to complete projects Business InsiderProcraster isnt a task list app, its a project completion app that helps you break down and complete projects in a logical and realistic way that minimises stress iMoreNow you can get your huge projects done in a reasonable way to get all of that stress off your shoulders MacMurmurProcraster is a very unique approach to managing your necessary tasks that you keep putting off AppAdvice

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