What happens when lots of lively pets start to climb and conquer the most dangerous tower castles of the world? Find it out yourself Pick your favorite competitor and overcome the tricky, but pretty hazardous obstacles while climbing up to the top of each tower. But you should fear not, awareness of the surroundings and fine timing will get you through even the hardest situations Take the challenge head on KEY FEATURES* Lighthearted colorful visuals* Tons of hilarious characters* Simple and intuitive controls* Smooth and addictive gameplay* Full retina display support* iCloud support* Game Center supportCONTROLS* Swipe left or right to jump onto the next platform* Swipe up to use a switch, enter a door, climb a ladder or jump high* Swipe down to climb or drop down from a ladderTIPS* Every obstacle represents a different threat, be sure to learn the patterns* Dont rush it, pace your actions to avoid unnecessary mistakes* Jump forward if a barrel or rock is coming at you* Coins are always awarded, even if you fail to complete a level* Be aware of all the obstacles visible on screen, not just the next onePlease rate Blocky Castle and submit your feedback for further improvements Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IstomGamesTwitter: http://twitter.com/istomgamesisTom Games: https://www.istomgames.com

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Blocky Castle alternatives

Dino Hero

* 150App Store *3DLemon JamProud Zebralow poly3D-3D- -8http://kf.shengli.com/Index/[email protected] 1 12 1 1. 25%10%2App StoreiTunes/Apple ID 3http://www.cmge.com/privacy.html

  • rating 4.62811

Infinite Train

A simple, addictive game thats all about timing Play now and set new records About Infinite TrainThe sequel to the enormously successful arcade game Infinite Stairs, which was downloaded 8 million times around the world, Infinite Train is a simple game that tests your timing and coordination. Its so addictive Set new records with your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and speed. Play it now Game features:- Simple and intuitive game controls suitable for users of all ages.- A game of speed and timing that requires speed and controls to set new records.- Fun and comical train designs Retro pixel graphics - Retro music that youll want you to hear over and over again Infinite Train Its all about timing Play it now and set new records

  • rating 4.43478
  • size 101 MB

BAZOO - Mobile eSport

Good news for genuine mobile gamers: here comes BAZOO, a 100% skill-based mobile eSport game. Time to unlearn what you learned about arcade games Get ready for intense and frenzied online battles in real-time with players from around the world. Start in the Wood League and see if you can reach the Demi-god League * Take on your friends in Battle mode: organize tournaments and create your own rankings * Watch the best players live or catch the replays to progress * Chat live with your opponents and check out their stats Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/bazoogameFollow us on Twitter: @bazoo

  • rating 3.76
  • size 133 MB

Suck It Up

Buckle up, space pilot Suck It Up puts you in control of an Unidentified Sucking Object on a mission to collect all animals and plants for collection and research. Evade enemies and traps as you journey further and discover rare animals, plants and other joyful surprises. Come fly and suck it up with us now Thank you for playing - Kiseki GamesFollow and contact Kiseki Games from Settings screen in the game or the following links:[email protected]/kisekigames/Websitewww.kisekigames.com

  • rating 4.52941
  • size 95.1 MB

Fairyland Story

GMGC 2017 IPA contest second place. A game from the maker of LOST MAZE. Follow us https://twitter.com/WarmHeartStudiohttps://www.facebook.com/WarmHeartStudio/

  • size 182 MB