NeverAds for iPhone and iPad blocks all the annoying ads including image ads, video ads and other bt. As a result it gives you best experience in fast web browsing. NeverAds is an adblocker developed by betternet team. * Reduce data consumption up to 50%* 2X to 5X Faster browsingFeel free to contact [email protected]

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iCareFone is one of the best iOS ad blockers for both iPhone and iPad. Within only one click, iCareFone can smartly block Safari ads. We are waiting for your feedback.

  • rating 3.09091
  • size 44.4 MB


The original AdBlock for iOS and the last ad blocker youll ever need. Weve been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012 - we know our game :)AdBlock allows you to block ads on your iOS device. Contact our dedicated support line at [email protected]

  • rating 4.88312

AdGuard - adblock and privacy protection

Finally, the most effective ad blocker is available Remove everything that annoys you, accelerate the web and secure your privacy. Adguard supports more than 50 filter subscriptions optimized for Safari. For more than 6 years Adguard help its users enjoy the Internet the way it should be - safe and clean.

  • rating 4.16667
  • size 19.6 MB

AdBlock for Mobile

Stop seeing ads on the web. AdBlock is the completely free, #1 most popular content blocker for Safari, with over 50 million users across all browsers. * Does AdBlock block iAds?AdBlock will only block ads you see on websites, including video ads, Facebook, and everywhere else.

  • size 21.5 MB