Finally you will be able to send information through Bluetooth to your Arduino using your iPhone With this app, you can connect to a Bluetooth Low Energy module HC-08 and send characters to it. With these characters you can program actions in your microcontroller to be executed when receiving. Now you can control whatever device using Bluetooth with your iPhone


Similar Apps

Apploader - upload Arduino sketches over BLE
DSLR Shutter Trigger BLE
JB4 Mobile
RXO Chat
Bean Loader - LightBlue Bean
TI Gas Sensor

BlackBLE alternatives

GoBLE - Bluetooth 4.0 Controller

GoBLE - a universal Bluetooth remote controller. GoBLE allows you to connect and control robots, mobile platforms, drones or anything else such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with your mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with DFRobot standard communication protocol, can be easily set to data transmission mode, and has a variety of sample codes for programming reference.

  • size 21.3 MB

HM10 Bluetooth Serial Lite

This app allows you to easily test your projects that use the HM10 or HM11 Bluetooth to Serial transceiver module. Can be used with, for example, Arduinos and other microcontroller boards. Source code can be found on GitHub.

  • size 17.7 MB

BLE Controller

This App is designed to work with our BLE boards for Makers and Developers, please visit for more information.

  • size 2.6 MB

Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect

Wirelessly connect your iOS device to Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules for control & communication with your projects. Features: Send iOS sensor & GPS data wirelessly over Bluetooth LE (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life) Control Pad for simple directional control of your projects Control Arduino Digital, Analog, & PWM pin input & output Send & receive messages via UART monitor in Hex or ASCII format Control NeoPixels individually with an interactive color picker Scan & list nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals with RSSI and Advertisement data Connect & List peripheral Services & Characteristics in Info mode Serial Plotter to plot numeric data graphically Multiple simultaneous connections (UART and Serial Plotter only) Update your Bluefruit device to the latest firmware version from within the app Use Apple Watch to control Bluefruit with Color Picker & Control PadLearn more about Adafruit Bluefruit LE at:

  • size 47.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

Apploader - upload Arduino sketches over BLE

Apploader - upload Arduino sketches over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from your iPad/iPhone. * store your sketches in the app* upload wirelessly over BLE to Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega 2560* built-in Blink sketch* upload from other apps (ArduinoCode)Requires Arduino BLE shield (HC-08, HM-10, HM-11, HM-13).Apploader has built-in Blink sketch for the supported Arduino boards, but you can add your own sketches (follow Start Guide in the app after installation).App blog:http://www.apploader.infoSupport the project and go Premium to upload user sketches: video (Arduino Uno): video (Arduino Mega 2560): Arduino is a trademark of Arduino team

  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 3.0


GATTBrowser is the best generic application to scans nearby Bluetooth low energy devices and communicate with them. It also provides specific features to communicate with the Renesas Bluetooth low energy microcontroller. [Features]- Scans nearby Bluetooth low energy devices- Displays the Advertising data- Displays the Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)- Connects to Renesas Bluetooth low energy microcontroller and other Bluetooth low energy devices- Displays the services and characteristics information- Communicates with Bluetooth low energy device- Supports Renesas unique services and characteristics[Note]- Supported on iOS Version 9 or later.- Tested on iPhone6 and iPad (3rd generation)Refer to the followings about Renesas Bluetooth low energy microcontroller. to the followings about GATTBrowser Users Manual.

  • size 14.6 MB
  • version 1.1.2

DSLR Shutter Trigger BLE

Shoot high speed photos with your iPhone Control your DSLR Camera via Bluetooth Low EnergyDSLR Shutter Trigger BLE is an application for Arduino and Bluetooth Low Energy module. Simply connect your DSLR Camera to Arduino and shoot popping balloons, water drops Also you can use basic shutter modes such as Press to shot, bulb mode. Includes;* Sound Trigger* Laser Trigger* Press to shot* Self timer* Bulb modeYou can find all necessary schematics, fritzing designs and Arduino sketches at our Blog or

  • size 10.1 MB
  • version 1.0

JB4 Mobile

Note that this app requires a custom Bluetooth Low Energy module and an iOS device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (iPhone 4S and newer) to operate. Info on the module can be found here: Mobile is a mobile data logger and display for use with the JB4 tuner from Burger Motorsports. JB4 Mobile is not affiliated with Burger Motorsports.

RXO Chat

RXO Chat allows users of the Ruby Calculator to connect their hardware to an Apple iPhone or iPad. Once connected, users will be able to exchange messages over a Bluetooth or Internet Connection. The app utilises Apples native Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral in conjunction with a BLE module on the Ruby Calculator to establish and maintain connectivity.

  • size 14.5 MB
  • version 2.0.11

Bean Loader - LightBlue Bean

Program your LightBlue Bean and Bean+ from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch The LightBlue Bean+ is Punch Through Designs newest addition to the Internet of Things. Beans connect your physical devices to the digital world. Key features: Now supporting the new LightBlue Bean+ Verify Arduino code on your iOS device with the Bean Cloud Compiler Program your Bean wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy Integrated code editor with C syntax highlighting Code helper toolbar with Arduino symbols and macros Rename and blink your Beans from inside the Bean Loader Link with Dropbox to sync your sketches anywhere Comes with example sketches so you can get started with Bean right away

  • size 11.7 MB
  • version 1.6.9

TI Gas Sensor

The TI Gas Sensor App allows customers to interface with and display results from a TI Gas Sensor Platform with Bluetooth Low Energy Reference Design. The reference design utilizes the TI LMP91000 AFE to provide complete signal path between an electrochemical gas sensor and microcontroller to generate an output voltage indicating the amount of gas present. As this product utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy, this app requires a minimum of an iPhone 4S or a iPad 3.

  • size 14.0 MB
  • version 2.1


yACKme LITE enables you to communicate with an ACKme AMS00x (Bobcat) Bluetooth Low Energy module running TruConnect-based firmware. Features include:* Issue remote commands * Send and receive data in stream mode

  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 1.0


The open source Firmata project lets you connect Arduino to many other things. Now you can connect your idevice to your Arduino via Bluetooth Low Energy. See our website to view our source code, compile your own version, or build your own app.

  • size 0.7 MB
  • version 1.0.3


We are offering the Bluetooth module with SPPLike firmware. For more detail information please visit our goal of the SPPLike is to demonstrate a simple serial cable replacement similar to classic bluetooth SPP using bluetooth low energy technologies. This includes bi- directional data exchange between two SPPLike application, or between a SPPLike enabled BLE module with SPPLike application.

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 1.2