BizTel keeps you connected with Business, family and friends no matter where you are.- International calls with premium quality to mobile/landlines using WiFi or Data Connection- Very Low Rate for International and Roaming calls- Great mobility solution for Business/Overseas Travellers with Caller ID BizTel is Premium International Call Service that supports 250 countries with more than 70% lower rate than normal International or Roaming call rate yet Premium Voice Quality. Key features:- Premium International Calls to Mobile/Landlines with using WiFi or 3G/4G Data Connection- Very Low Rate for International and Roaming calls- Great mobility solution for Business/Overseas Travellers with Caller ID - Able to display your phone number as Caller ID- Free calls between BizTel users with BizTel numbers provided- Free incoming calls/roaming incoming calls via BizTel numbers - Transparent Call Rate for 250 countries when dialling numbers- Accumulated call charges shown per month- Easy dial via your own contact listHow to enjoy BizTel:- Email us to subscribe BizTel service ([email protected])- ID and PW will be sent via Email- Download BizTel APP and log in- Enter your mobile number to receive a call with verification code - Enter your verification code- Tick on Terms & Conditions - Enjoy BizTel and give us any feedback on your useBizTel is available in the following languages:Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese


Similar Apps

CallMeNow for Calls to Mobile/Landline
Viacloud BusinessAnywhere
Uhuacall-Free Phone Calls & Cheap international calls
TextFun Unlimited Text & Call
C2Call FreePhone
Qontact (Roaming)

BizTel alternatives

iPlum: Business Phone Number

New US, Canada or Tollfree number for business or personal use. 10 free credits to try out.iPlum brings powerful communication features right to your smartphone at unbelievable low cost. Just email us at [email protected], and well respond to you promptly.

  • size 42.3 MB

International Calls | SpaxTel

SpaxTel is an International Calling App and Conference Calling App for people who want a high quality call from any phone to anywhere in the world, with or without a stable Internet connection. Choose the level of service you want from super cheap international calls (economy service level) all the way up to crystal clear quality calling (business service level).SpaxTel offers you international calling in three ways:1. Note: SpaxTel is not designed to be used in an emergency to dial 911 or other emergency service numbers.

  • size 52.0 MB

Call India - IntCall

Call India - IntCall allows you to call from any country in the world (including India) to India at a low rate. Limited offer - new users some free minutes free to call India. How much does it cost?Pay $5 and get 150 minutes

Freeje - International Business Phone Numbers

Freeje turns your smartphone into a second phone line as a virtual sim. FreeJe is a VoIP app that provides you a fully featured phone line as virtual sim, which allows you to keep your business aside from your personal communication. You can use support call from the app, live chat from the app, or just drop us email to [email protected]

  • size 40.1 MB

WiCall Business - High quality Internet phone calls

WiCall Business offers the same functionality and ease of use to make Internet phone calls as WiCall which has reached over 15 million users within 3 years. But once a call reaches our nearest server, it is directly connected to the public telephone networks copper wire providing the highest possible quality at a slightly more expensive rate. Please contact [email protected] for any questions or problem.

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 14.0 MB

More Information About alternatives

CallMeNow for Calls to Mobile/Landline

- This app allows calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers to low rates. - Free caller ID with phone number verification. Works totally SIM free

Viacloud BusinessAnywhere

Make Business Calls from your mobile while Roaming and save on mobile roaming charges. You need a Viacloud Business services account to use this service. Features:- HD Voice quality on all calls- Premium Quality Routes for All Calls- Your GSM mobile number as outgoing Caller ID- Works from anywhere - Works on any network - 2G/3G/4G/Wifi WORKS IN ALL COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD OUR GUARANTEE:- Business quality calls- Always on service- Free incoming callsTo signup please visit or call our business services at +973 6500 1111

  • size 15.7 MB
  • version 3.6.7


Stay in touch with Family and friends with a simple, easy to use app Make international calls free or at low rates. Call any phone number worldwide with rate as starting at 1 US cent per minute. NOTES: - Caller ID must be enabled - Will use plan minutes for calling local access number- Make sure to use WiFi connection while traveling and roaming

  • size 21.3 MB
  • version 2.3.2

Uhuacall-Free Phone Calls & Cheap international calls

The best phone call app for overseas Chinese Make phone calls /landlines to China only0.03 per minute over WiFi wherever you are. Features and Benefits: Clear and reliable call quality - enjoy international phone calls with Uhuacall; Super low calling rates and No roaming Simple registration and login - 10-20 minutes call gift credit to start with; Share the app with your friends and get more bonuses; 100% ad free Uhuacall is an ad-free service. Make your first call right now

  • size 11.0 MB
  • version 2.4.6

TextFun Unlimited Text & Call

TextFun - International Calling & Call Recorder, the best international calling & texting app ever, helps you get a 2nd real number and call & text anyone, anytime, anywhere. - LOW-COST & FREE international calls to anywhere- Send text to your friends or family anytime- Get a second phone number for all your needs- Transform your IPOD and IPAD into a real phone- Able to hide your Caller ID to protect your privacy from spam- International available with network connection- Automatic call recorder, record calls anytime as you want- Make phone calls with HD Voice via 3G/4G/WIFI- Cheap global calls to over 200 countries, India, USA, China, Pakistan, Italy, UK, etc. Email: [email protected]

  • size 85.5 MB
  • version 1.2.0


SmileCall is a smart and best mobile phone application for making personal or business calls with crystal clear premium voice quality. With SmileCall, your mobile phone bills are significantly reduced whether you are in your home country or you are travelling overseas. o Premium voice quality o Easy registration of your mobile number o Keep track of travellers mobile SIM card numbers o Super low IDD rates to many countries worldwide o Great saving in roaming IDD call charge o Easy Top-up credit o Call direct from existing Contact list o Call history with date time stamp o E-Load transfer of credits into account from our global resellers o Virtual Number purchase to receive incoming calls without roaming charge overseas o Up to date information on Balance in account o Rate table access to many countries before making IDD call o Change Password, Forgot Password for account security o Charge is based on two call terminations at very competitive rate o No setup fee, no service fee Download the application for FREE and start enjoying great savings on all your calls.

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.0.1


BuzzLah (brought to you by Asia Access Asia Telecom) allows you to make low cost international calls without compromising on quality by connecting calls via all mobile data 2G, 3G, 4G and wifi. With our brand new interface, you can stay in touch simply with inexpensive calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide. Get in touch with all your global contacts Make international business calls to all mobile and landline numbers with the lowest rates Enjoy crystal clear quality with a high quality sound for all VoIP calls Automatically sync and integrate all contacts from existing phone list Fast and easy area code prefixes in just one tap Always ensure excellent call quality with our network status display Intuitive and user friendly interface Call without any disruption even in a weak signal area Save all incoming and outgoing calls history Customizable profile with an effortless sign upWebpage: http://www.aat.sgFAQs: us:

C2Call FreePhone

- Free calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers, worldwide - Free credits can be earned by completing offers, watching videos, and downloading cool apps- Free Caller ID with phone number verification - Personal US phone number with FREE incoming- Smart Dialer for area codes with automated location info- Support for International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefixes- Displays call charges as soon as the user punches in a phone number- Call history with details- Converts any iPod touch or iPad into an iPhone. No SIM required Make unlimited domestic and international calls to all mobile phone and landline numbers Use rewards from watching short advertising videos to pay for your calls. Please send us your ideas, suggestions and questions at: [email protected]

  • size 38.5 MB
  • version 2.0.0


CallYou is a mobile application for smartphones that offers the below services on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi:- Unlimited free calls between subscribers- Calls to international numbers at very low rates- Incoming calls on DID numbers (Available DIDs in more than 54 countries)- Voice compression to provide best voice quality on low bandwidth connections- Tunnelling to bypass blockages and firewalls (Anti-block solution)- International mobile top-up service- SMS service

Qontact (Roaming)

Qontact allows you to completely avoid paying roaming fees while overseas for calls and messages to and from back home using your existing mobile number when paired with Qongle. You can call through WiFi or cellular data to any type of phone: landlines, non-smartphones and other smartphones. Simply get a new iPhone/iPad and setup Qontact on the fly and continue to make/receive calls/sms as though youre in your home country without roaming IDD charge.

  • size 47.8 MB
  • version 0.71.1