Wake up to the sound of birds turn your iPhone into a BirdBox Alarm Clock. BirdBox uses video images of real birds as its alarm and when used with our card BirdBox it becomes a realistic bird house for your bedside table or anywhere in the home. FEATURES:- Analogue clock- Alarm using video images of real birds- Simple touch-and-drag to set alarm time- Snooze alarm function- Hourly chime using video images of real birds (off or on)- Tap clock face to see what birds are up to- 4 app colourways with matching boxes


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Liverpool alarm clock-The Reds
Bird Song Alarm Clock
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BirdBox alternatives

Hourly Chime - Reminder Every Hour

This is a simple app that reminds you every hour. Features: Ability to Choose the hours you want Ability to Choose the days you want Tons of different sound to choose Customizable message to display Alert with or without text Its FREE

  • rating 3.80769
  • size 17.1 MB


This is Cuckoo Clock.When this app running, Cuckoo sing every hour and every 30minutes. When you want hear Cuckoo Singing, press the switch button inside of bottom. App URL scheme is:cuckoo://

  • size 48.5 MB

Hourly Chime in Background

The Simplest Hourly Chime HourlyChime is a simple utility that runs in background and hourly notices the exact time to alert. With this little utility, you can easily keep track of time. NOTE: - obeys the volume and silent settings of your phoneE-mail : [email protected]

Bird Alarm Clock & Sleep Sound

Its very important to start your day with a good mood. Bird Alarm Clock application will help you with this. FEATURES 45 bird sounds to choose from 3 categories - bird chirpings, bird songs with music and ringtones 10 sleep nature sounds Wake up to your favorite bird sound Choose different sound for each day Fall asleep to your favorite nature sound Has been designed for maximum easy to use Simple alarm clock Beautiful and relax background melodies

  • size 58.0 MB

Chimes - clock chime, big ben vocal reminder

Chimes features:- Cuckoo Clock- Clock Chime- Church Bell- Big Ben sounds- Hourly time report for you- Custom time to make a sound tips- multi-language time report voices- Silent mode and quick on/off make it easy to manage- Record your voice to make a voice tipsnotification mode to choose:1 Notification Text + Sound2 Only Notification Text3 Only Sound

  • rating 4.4
  • size 42.6 MB

More Information About alternatives

FaceClock Calendar

Gorgeous FaceClock analogue clock with calendar that always show the time. Alarm to wake you up. Find us on Twitter @iRekaSoft

  • size 16.9 MB
  • version 3.0.2

Liverpool alarm clock-The Reds

Wake up in the morning to the sounds of your favourite team on the stands The alarm will sound and youll be back in the stands on Anfield with authentically recorded liverpool fan chants-Fantastic Liverpool Clock Face-Authentic Liverpool Fan Terrace Chants-Customisable Alarm times per day-Pop up customisable snooze button-Dev team open to inclusion of other chants

  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 1.1

Bird Song Alarm Clock

Why not wake each morning to a different beautiful bird song or bird call The Bird Song Alarm Clock offers you 25 different high quality recordings of common and exotic birds from various regions across the globe. You can pick the bird youd like or allow the app to select a new one at random. Features include:-Custom Snooze Settings-25 Distinct Bird Songs, Calls and Medleys-Universal app: use it on your iPhone AND iPad-Sample each sound before you select it-Name each alarm yourself, for easy updatingFree Feature and content updates

  • rating 2.09091
  • size 39.3 MB
  • version 4.0

Snoozr Aviator - Smart Vintage Alarm Clock

Snoozr is a FREE, easy to use, alarm clock app with an insightful Snooze Span that simplifies the way you get up. As seen on: Tuaw, 148apps, All Things Apple etcSnoozr Aviator meets the goal of a useful, simple and very attractive alarm clock. FEATURES Intuitive Interface One Tap = Multiple Snoozes Never Ending Progressive Snooze Night Mode Adjustable Snooze Span Adjustable Snooze Intensity Bulletproof Fluid Graphics Analogue Alarm Sounds

  • size 32.7 MB
  • version 1.0.4

iLert Lite

iLert is an alarm Application including the following features: - Analogue, digital clock - Weather station with visual stunning animation background (available in Full version) - Music player - Alarm with different alert sound, standard, music from iPod library, youtube video (available in Full version)- Volume ramp up (available in Full version)- Different snooze time (available in Full version)- Repeat mode

  • size 25.9 MB
  • version 1.12

Handy Clock Pro

Handy Clock is a beautifully designed clock for iPhone with innovative features and super simple to use: + Appealing, sleek design + 3 different clock designs to choose from+ Alarm: Easy to set just tap the alarm button and rotate alarm hand to your desired wake up time.+ Alarm stays active even if Handy Clock is not running+ Range of novel alarm tones to choose from, as well as option for flashing screen with alarm+ Snooze mode+ Handy Lamp mode: Brighten up your room with a single touch when you need that extra light at night. Includes a flashlight option for even more light. Ideal for both the living room shelf and bedside table alike.+ Flashlight mode: Shake to turn flashlight on.

  • size 11.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Smash Alarm

Smash Alarm : use impact detection to silence or snooze your alarm Using Smash Alarm you never need to pick up the iphone or swipe again: just hit the bedside table once to snooze it or twice to silence it. The clock will show a minor crack after the first stroke and it will brake into pieces with two hits: enjoy the sound and vision experience of smashing your ALARM CLOCK for free everyday Smash Alarm features Smash Control Technology a new way to interact with your iphone by hitting the surface around it Have you ever dreamt of destroying your alarm clock when it rings in the morning? Heres the easiest and most effective gesture to snooze or silence it : SMASH IT How it works:Besides revolutionary Smash Control Technology, Smash Alarm features:* Beautiful, stylish anagogic Interface* Brightness control (swiping vertically)* Snooze 5 minutes* Sensitivity control: youll be able to adjust the response of Smash Alarm according to the different suport surfaces (wood, glass, marble)* Background alarms, so youll never miss a wake up Youll need to keep Smash Alarm running in order to enjoy the full experience, background mode will disable the Smash Control Technology.

  • size 26.4 MB
  • version 1.8

Alarm Clock: Shake to Wake Up NO SNOOZE!

Cant get out of the bed in the morning? Shake to Wake Up is the perfect Alarm Clock for you No snooze button, no turning off, no more sleeping through. Get up and Shake your phone - Turns into a useful table clock over night.- Adjust the brightness of the screen with your finger for a pleasant night of sleep.- Shake your device to turn the Flashlight on - Background Alarm Support via iOS Notifications.

  • size 39.9 MB
  • version 1.1.1

Dolly Wake You Up

Dolly Wake You Up is a comprehensive alarm clock app. Features Powerful multitasking support. Full support of iOS4 local notifications 12 or 24 hour formats Date and day of week display Multiple and repeating alarms Big snooze/stop button Adjustable snooze time Fade in alarm Wake up to silent vibration Wake up to 17 different alarm tones Wake up to 8 different nature sounds Automatic locality detection through WiFi or GPS Manual location override Live local weather condition and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius And moreMystery Dolly,,,Blog: http://jacso.hk/hotzDollyDolly,,,,,

  • size 12.1 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Alarm Sunrise

Wake up gently to the beautiful rising of the sun in high definition. Does the jarring screech of your alarm clock wake you up with a start, setting your nerves on edge? Features:- Choose from three beautiful sunrises: Ocean, Lake or Beach- Full 16:9 HD video on iPhone 5- Ocean waves or bird sounds play during sunrise- 10 minute video gradually increases in brightness and sound- Alarm sound plays after 10 minutes- Choose from 6 background sounds and 3 alarm sounds- Great for shift workers or people resetting their body clocks- Large, easy to press Snooze and Alarm Off buttons

  • size 333 MB
  • version 1.1