Ever wanted to tap into the potentials of the mind and trigger your deeper consciousness? HIGHLIGHT- Simple to use interface - everything at your fingertips- Easy to understand, predefined activity levels for the binaural frequencies- Allows for mixing of binaural beat with any audio track on your device- Versatile controls for volume and equalizationFEATURES- Home screen provides easy access to enable/disable noise mix- Slider allows easy adjustment of the binaural frequency- In-app help that provides a great description of intended effect of various binaural frequency- Independent sound level controls for binaural tones, water and noise sounds- Equalizer allowing for flexible control over treble and bass of the water and noise sounds- Allows mixing of binaural frequency with any audio track currently stored on your deviceDISCLAIMERWhile we want to promote the usage of app, safety is always the first priority and as such, as with any listening experience:- Do not subject yourself to extended periods of listening stress- Do not use whilst driving or operating any kind of machinery- Do no use under influence of alcohol or drugs- Stop using immediately if you experience any discomfort- Stop using immediately if you believe you are experiencing any negative side effects as a result of its usageMint Muse will not be held responsible for any super or sub-human abilities as a result of usage of this app. Usage of this app implies agreement to our terms and conditions.


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iWish - Life Goals, Wishlist, Bucket List

iWish1200+, , NOTE: Application language is English iWish 1200 , iWish iDid - - iWish - iCloudiWish Download iWish now and May All Your Wishes Come True

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Meditation by Mindifi

Celebrating over 4,000,000 Mindifi listeners world wide We are thrilled to introduce Meditation as the newest in our series of hypnosis apps. Mindifi has created an approach to developing meditation skills using hypnosis, NLP, guided imagery, and several types of meditation and relaxation. Audios in this app include:Beginning Meditation1) Meditation I2) Meditation II3) Meditation III4) Meditation IV5) Meditation V6) Five Minute Power Meditation7) Post-Meditation Mood Booster8) Finding Your Focus9) Transitional Meditation I10) Your Personal Temple11) The Center Pillar12) Mindful Meditation Advanced Meditation: 13) Breath Control14) Meditation VI: Breath Control and Meditation15) Kundalini Energy16) Meditation VII: Kundalini Energy and Meditation17) Chakra Opening18) Objective Observing19) Compassionate Meditation20) Transitional Meditation IIOpen Music Meditations: 21) Open Music Meditation I 22) Open Music Meditation II23) Open Music Meditation III24) Open Music Meditation IV25) Open Music Meditation Vmindifi.com

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Unleash your full potential for love, health, success and self-esteem with this revolutionary new app from best-selling author Louise L. Hay. Changing your thoughts can change your life, and through consistent repetition of positive thought patterns (affirmations), you can create your own future and take control of your life. Download the app for FREE to get started and put these life-changing messages to work for you now

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Subliminal Work - Positive Thinking Affirmations

Improve your life with subliminal messages Now you can get a 7-day or 1-month Trial Subscription to access all sessions. Try it now Subliminal recordings work as a mild form of hypnosis - gradually sending suggestions into your subconscious mind to rewrite your self beliefs, ways of thinking, and even patterns of behavior. Privacy Policy: http://www.imoblife.net/PrivacyPolicy/index.htmlTerms of Service: http://www.imoblife.net/PrivacyPolicy/Terms_of_Use.htmlRecordings available now: Manifest Wealth, Become a Millionaire, Save Money, Win the Lottery, Attract Success, Attract Money, Get Your Dream Car, Get Your Dream House, Depression Help, Addiction Help, Anxiety Treatment, Attention Disorder, Relaxation, Find Harmony, Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Others, Positive Attitude, Live Happy, Stop Worrying, Become Lucky, Healthy Lifestyle, DNA Repair, Fountain of Youth, Clear Complexion, Stop Hair Loss, Quit Smoking, Pain Relief, Become More Creative, Build Courage, Build Leadership, Self Esteem Increase, Boost Self-Confidence, Law of Attraction, Love Yourself, Develop Charisma, Anger Management, Weight Loss, Start Eating Healthy, Diet Willpower, Keep the Weight off, Improve Logical Thinking, Become Detail Oriented, Problem Solving Skills, Speed Reading, Attract Women, Confidence with Women, Attract Men, Confidence with Men, Attract Your Soul Mate, Become Romantic, Improve Communication Skills, Become an Extrovert, Become Funny, Enjoy Meeting People and more to come

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Law of Attraction Hypnosis-The Secret Affirmations

Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? See what others are saying:This is an exceptionally well executed APP - it leverages Cognitive Behavioural therapy in a really accessible way and makes it available to everyone in a super easy format -Brilliant. Attract Money5) Law of Attraction Action6) Law of Attraction for Others7) Mindful Attraction8) Natural High Attraction Booster9) Releasing Guilt10) Attract Health11) Upward SpiralJoin 4 million other listeners in the world of Mindifi.

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Binaural Beats Generator

Binaural Beats Generator is the best tool available to stimulate your brain whether you are active or asleep. With adjustable frequency settings, white noise, and nature sounds, youre sure to find the most relaxing tone to fit your mood. FEATURES:*Easy-to-use Interface*Frequency adjustment control*White Noise*Nature Sounds*Plays while listening to your iTunesLANGUAGES:EnglishREQUIREMENTS:Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPadRequires iPhone 3.0 Software Update2010 Italic Labs LC, All Rights Reservedhttp://[email protected]

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BrainWave Binaural Zen

3 Advanced Binaural Zen Meditation Programs combined with Soothing Ambient Nature Sounds to create the Ultimate Zen Meditation Experience. Sophisticated sequences of binaural tones synchronize the listeners brainwaves with low frequency theta waves associated with deep meditation. If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult a physician before using any binaural brainwave application.

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Soothing Sounds

Soothing Sounds is the ultimate soundscape app that and can help reduce stress and provides a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as yoga, tai-chi, pilates, meditation and sleeping. Do you have a problem sleeping? Sounds include:Park, Wind Chime, Plane Cabin, Steam train, Binaural , Rain, Ocean, Wind, Waterfall, Underwater, Flowing water, City sounds, White noise, Thunder, Rain on a roof, Birds, Seagulls, Heartbeat, Whales, Crickets, Binaural, Cats, Frogs , Grandfather clock,Download Soothing sounds today and start enjoying the benefits of relaxation.

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  • size 421 MB
  • version 1.3

Binaural Beatbox

The best, most robust binaural tones app for iPhone/iPod Touch. This simple interface provides a clean app for binaural tones. Features:-Simple interface-Easy data entry-Set your own carrier (base) frequency-Pauses and restart audio at any point-Smooth transitions between frequencies-Play for any amount of time

  • size 12.3 MB
  • version 1.1.1

Astral Dreams

80% Off Today Astral Dreams is a very special program that uses the latest Binaural Beats technology for Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, Sleep and two special induction sets using Shaman frequencies. Put on your ear buds or headphones, run the frequencies and you will feel the effects of this powerful program Astral Dreams is specific to its purpose of getting you off the ground and out of your normal levels of consciousness. Background Sounds Include* Brown Noise* Pink Noise* White Noise* Fan* Shower* Rain* Thunderstorm* Forest* Ocean WavesMore Features :* Long audio fade out at the end of the sessions, so you arent jolted from a dream or sleep* Smooth Audio Transitions* Great easy-to-use interface with new chrome guards* Selectable times* 3 types of selectable Noise backgrounds to drown out background sounds in your environment like TVs, radios or people GET ASTRAL DREAMS NOW - YOULL LOVE IT :-)

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BrainWave Binaural Power Nap

Refresh and energize your mind and body with 3 incredible Binaural Power Nap Programs. The Science behind BrainWave Power Nap BrainWave Power Nap uses a series of binaural brainwave entrainment programs, and frequency blends, combined with configurable, soothing ambient nature sounds to create the perfect restful, energizing power nap. If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult a physician before using any binaural brainwave application.

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  • version 7.6


As seen in the Wall Street Journal: myNoise is free, with White Noise, Rain Noise, Binaural Beats, Spring Walk, Temple Bells, and Warp Speed A better way to block distracting conversations when you work in an open-plan office or cubicle - Wall Street Journal Of all the ambient noise apps Ive tried, myNoise is the best. It never repeats, it has top-notch sounds, and it is just plain fun to use. myNoise audio stems are subject to copyright and shall not be used in any other context without permission.

  • rating 4.4074
  • size 46.4 MB
  • version 2.4.2

Meter Reader by TotalSync, Inc.

With todays current drought situation around the country many water districts have begun strict water rationing have begun imposing allocations which can result in severe penalties and even shut off notices. Meter Reader is an app that allows you to to continually monitor your water usage during the month and automatically compare your current usage to your allocation. Users have found that simple monitoring and awareness has reduced water consumption by as much as 50%.We all need to be good stewards of our precious natural resources and Meter Reader is an easy to use app that can accomplish this and also result in amazing savings through conservation and awareness.

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Resonate For Meditation

The most contemporary and affective aid for meditation and deep conscious relaxation. The app utilizes advanced techniques in psychoacoustics, frequency response, binaural beats, other forms of entrainment, as well as primordial and sacred sounds. Custom audio for your specific desires, needs, events, email [email protected]

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40% off for a limited time Train your ears and improve your mixes with Quiztones, the frequency ear training app for amateur and professional audio engineers, producers and musicians. Quiztones uses tones and frequency-altered noise and musical loops (including source material from your own music library) to train your ears and help develop more acute listening and frequency recognition skills. You will not be disappointed - Joel Avery

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