Billion Master Trader puts you in the fast paced world of traders and big money. Take your shot and beat the markets Set up your portfolio and watch how your stocks would perform in the real world. Billion Master Trader will make you a top trader in no time Features:- Create and manage your portfolio- Learn about real-world investing and test practical stock trading strategies- Add tag-based watch lists of stocks- Place real-time orders and track your positions of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and currencies trading on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, FOREX, and other OTC exchanges- View real-time quote data with automatic refresh.- View companys stock intraday performance with historical trending and charts- Analyze your positions with purchase history, average pricing, cost basis, gain/loss, dividends and corporate actions- View distribution and historical performance of your holdings- Intraday updates on market gainers, losers, active and high yielding stocks

Billion Master Trader - Stock Trading Simulator alternatives

Contango: The Stock Market Gaming App

The stock market game for iOS, Contango brings fun, excitement, competition, and simplicity to the dry world of investing. Fill your portfolio with real companies from the NYSE or NASDAQ, and win prizes when your picks beat the competition. Are you ready to Contango?

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Beanstock - Simple Stock Portfolio Tracking

Beanstock is an easy way to track the value of your stock portfolio. Stay up to date with stocks in your portfolio See your overall and daily net gain Secure your sensitive portfolio information with Touch ID or a passcode Lightweight and clean designTrack your favorite stocks from the following stock exchanges: NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Taiwan Stock Exchange. Also ETFs from NASDAQ

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Beat the Market - a stock trading challenge

Create a portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds and try to beat the S&P500 and other users. Uses real market data (most exchanges and real time) to execute market orders along with limit and stop orders. * accepts many different sell orders: market order, market-on-open order, limit sell order, stop sell order

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Trader Trainer

Improve your trading skills by practicing on anonymous historical stocks Trader Trainer loads anonymous stocks at random times in history. You choose and customize your own technical indicators (Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Donchian High/Low, and Bollinger Bands) and choose an oscillator (RSI, Stochastics, MACD)Then start trading a fake $25,000 portfolio and see how high you can get it. Can you get it up to $100,000,000 and become a Guru Trader?Trader Trainer also 1) allows you to choose your position size for each trade and allows position pyramidding2) allows you to zoom in and out on the price chart with the swipe of one finger3) allows you to draw trend lines and support/resistance lines on the price chart4) saves your highest scores (portfolio values while not in positions)Status levels:Beginner Trader: $25,000 Novice Trader: $100,000 Advanced Trader: $500,000 Professional Trader: $1,000,000 Master Trader: $10,000,000 Guru Trader: $100,000,000

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