Bike Calculator Pro is a must have calculator for all level cyclists. Bike Calculator Pro helps you calculate speed, power, time, distance , calories and much more. Bike Calculator Pro has all the answers Metric and US units.

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Rouvy Mobile

Rouvy lets you ride anywhere in the world with nothing but your bike, compatible stationary trainer and a Bluetooth Smart enabled speed & cadence sensor. Rouvy will calculate your power output based on your speed, the profile of the course and the type of trainer youre using. Visit the detail list of compatible devices at Features: Ride virtually 3 different ways- with speed/cadence sensors, power meters or smart trainers Improve your pedal technique with Rouvy Virtues - Advanced Pedal Metrics Synchronize TrainingPeaks Workout of the Day Rouvy Guide - Premium video workouts Pair to ANT+ (with Wahoo ANT+ Key) and Bluetooth Smart sensors including Convert speed data into power based on course profiles and compatible trainer resistance curves Ride video courses or GPS profiles Create custom intervals and monitor actual power output real-time versus planned intensity Share post-ride performances with your friends on and keep a training diary Create virtual partners to track pacing and performances relative to course goals


SizeMyBike is the first iPhone bike fitting app. Essential to choose the right bike size and improve your position Define your morphology with 6 body measures and SizeMyBike will compute the optimal geometry of your road bike or your mountain bike. Feedback helps us to improve SizeMyBike.

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Skuga is a cycling-app designed to re-ride your own Strava-rides on a smart trainer, either from Tacx (Bushido, Vortex, Neo, Genius and Flow smart trainers) or from Wahoo fitness (KICKR and KICKR Snap) . So you are your own opponent. Original idea by Michel van Meijer

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Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance

Have you ever wanted to maintain your bike yourself? Bike Doctor 2.0 has been created to make bicycle maintenance as simple as possible. For a video of the Bike Doctor App in action please head to

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Bike Gears Free : Bike Gear Calculator free, Gear

Optimize your bike to suit your style. Calculate Gear Inches, Gear Ratio, Development , Cadence in single screen. Upgrade and you can save charts for future reference.

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