Free virtual loupe from famous manufacturer of magnifying glasses for all intents and purposes. Now forgotten pocket loupe is not a tragedy if you still have your iPhone in the pocket with BelOMO Loupe application. Features:* Various magnifying values* Lighting* Photo of magnified object* Fullscreen modeSuitable for:* Jewelry* Gems* Coins* Stamps* Insects* And possible needs

BelOMO Loupe - magnifying glass with various zoom alternatives


Since 2004, has grown into one of the most visited websites on coins and precious metals, averaging well over 500,000 unique visitors a month. Its melt value calculators have become the standard in the coin collecting and precious metals community for quickly determining the melt value for coins. For more information on this app and to learn the current melt value of your coins, please visit

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MagniLight Free

MagniLight is an easy-to-use magnifying glass and flash light application for iPhone with four modes: Torch, Strobe, SOS and SignalUse the 4x magnification on that hard-to-read small print, light the way to your car in a badly lit parking lot with torch mode, throw some shapes to your favourite music with the strobe, signal the internationally recognised morse code for SOS, or flash your own messages with signal mode. Please note: This application uses your devices LED flash to provide lighting features. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS WITH PHOTO-SENSITIVE EPILEPSY

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Magnifying Glass - Magnifier

Magnifying Glass Free could transform your iPhone or iPad into a full screen magnifier with flashlight You can choose between 4 auto-zoom (2x,3x,4x) and can pinch to zoom in/out manually (1x to 4x).With Magnifying Glass you could read newspapers in bed with no glasses; With Magnifying Glass you could check the details of your medicine bottle;With Magnifying Glass you could read menu in a dark light restaurant; With Magnifying Glass you could read anything anywhere FEATURES: - Magnify from 1x to 4x- Photo Capture: save photos to phone album- Brightest Flashlight- Pinch to Zoom in and out- Universal App for both iPhone & iPadIts the best magnifying glass for iPhone & iPad youll ever use. Get Magnifying Glass Free NOW

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Magnifying Glass With Light - Make Text Larger & Easier To Read

This is a full-screen lighted magnifying glass app. If you ever need to read small text or to read in dark, you may need this app. Feature: Zoom in/out Light on/off Pause (image capture)

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Magnificent Free - Magnifying Glass and Flashlight

Magnificent Free - Magnifying Glass and Flashlight is the digital lighted magnifying glass that you will never be without. Perfect for personal or professional use. There you can toggle access to your photos for all the apps on your device that have requested it.

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