Beacon Scan is a diagnostic utility for remote users to measure iBeacon proximity beacon advertising characteristics and report back to a central support help desk. Beacon Scan scans for beacons based on a pre-defined beacon region UUID and reports the following values for each beacon detected- Major Value- Minor Value- RSSI ValueThe Beacon Scan app comes pre-loaded with a single beacon region UUID for convenience. Other beacon region UUIDs can be added to match the testing environment.

Beacon Scan alternatives

Decode - Explore with NFC

Discover the world of IoT with Decode - now with NFC. Decode scans NFC chips, detects Bluetooth beacons and more all within a unified, clean interface. Decode Features- Tap NFC- Discover and preview nearby Physical Web objects- Reads and opens QR codes in under one second- Decode up to four barcodes at once- Notification center widget displays nearby Physical Web objects- Clean interface with no ads- 75% lighter than the average iOS QR reader- Analyzes content up to 6x faster than the average QR reader- View, open, or clear all of your previous scans- Quickly search UPC codes and more on Google- Toggle flash on supported devices- Augmented reality: view decoded content overlaid on the camera

  • rating 4.0
  • size 17.5 MB

Locate Beacon

Makes your device transmit as a Proximity Beacon with iBeacon Technology and configurable identifiers. Finds nearby beacons with Eddystone, iBeacon and AltBeacon formats with real-time distance estimates and displays all identifiers of each one discovered. This app requires a device with Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • size 1.8 MB


Development tool to connect to nearby BLE devices and display their current RSSI value

  • size 18.5 MB


The RadBeacon app is the configuration utility for RadBeacon proximity beacons from Radius Networks that support Apples iBeacon proximity services as well as other emerging proximity services. The RadBeacon app from Radius Networks requires an iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7.1 or higher and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. In order to re-enter normal operational model, simply remove and replace power to the device.

  • size 2.7 MB

BLE Discovery

BLE Discovery is an app to find and visualize data about Bluetooth low energy (LE) also known as Bluetooth 4 devices. The app allows the user to discover nearby BLE devices; in particular the app has been conceived to help developers detect and measure signal strength of Bluetooth Low Energy devices and iBeacons. For any inquiry, please contact [email protected]

  • rating 4.2
  • size 8.5 MB