This baby can talk Hell repeat anything you say in a funny voice. You can change his hair -see what he looks like with different hair and hats. NOT recommended for 1st and 2nd generations iPhones or iPods HeadPhones with microphone are required on iPod 3G to use the voice featuresRequires iOS 3.2+

Baby Talk alternatives

Talking John Dog

Talk to Talking John Dog. He will answer with his funny voice and react to what you say or your touch. Features: - High quality 3D graphics - Cool voice interaction - Many different animations- Youtube + video recording function- 3 additional games - with funny piano- Fun for all :-)

  • size 39.0 MB

Talking Babies

They dance They repeat whatever you say in the cutest voice Choose either a baby boy or baby girl Talking Babies is fun for the whole family.The babies were so cute Their dances were adorable and we couldnt stop laughing when it talked back to us Dances:- Breakdancing- Folk dance- Disco- Rock dance- Tickle Babys stomach to make them giggleTalk into the microphone for Baby to repeat. Try using it on your favorite songs or videos * 1G, 2G, 3G iPod Touch users must have earphones with a microphone for Baby to talk back to you *This app is intended only for those age 13 and up and parents. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before playing:Privacy Policy: of Service:

  • size 35.7 MB

My Talking Baby

I love building funny apps which help kids play and learn. Its nice to be your good friend. Thank you FEATURES:- Play and learn with Baby and many books and toys- Level up- Play music instrument guitar, trumpet with Baby- Funny mini games- And more in My Talking Baby

  • rating 3.0
  • size 34.8 MB

Talking Princesses

From the creators of the wildly popular Talking Babies and Talking Tubby, Princess dolls have come to life Choose either a Victorian Princess or Arabian Princess. Speak to them and hear them repeat back in an adorable voice Talking Princesses is first in our line of Toys for Girls and fun for the whole familyMy daughter loved Talking Princesses - she spent weeks playing and giggling with it. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before playing:Privacy Policy: of Service:

  • size 18.0 MB

Talking Mouse

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - DOWNLOAD TODAYTalking Mouse is packed full of amazing & funny animations, all of which are FREE He will repeat everything you say in his awesomely cute voice and is guaranteed to be tons of fun for you, your friends and your family Read his full story in the app :)Talking Mouse features Charles, and heres what you can do to him: Repeat what you say, but in his great little voice Record your own videos (max. 40s) and share them on YouTube and Facebook Hit him in the face to punch/slap him Poke him in the eyes and he will cry Tickle him to make him laugh Touch his tail and you will scare him Hit him in the stomach to make him feel sick Touch his legs to make him fall over Press the super button and he will turn into super mouse Press the feed button and he will eat cheese Press the dance button and he will do a danceCharles is currently learning more emotions and reactions. 1st Gen device owners will get a lower framerate.

  • rating 3.96429
  • size 22.1 MB