BT Auth is a soft token application used in conjunction with BTs Assure Threat Monitoring Service. It provides users a higher level of security over traditional username and password protection by utilizing industry proven two-factor authentication technologies combining something you know with something you have to validate users authentication requests. If you are not a customer subscribing to these services you will not be able to use this soft token application.

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OneLogin Protect

OneLogin Protect asks you to confirm login attempts on your phone or watch, to better secure your organizations apps. How it worksAfter you type your username and password into OneLogin web portal (, OneLogin Protect asks you to confirm the login on your phone. Setup Instructions

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Totaljobs Job Search

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Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark Cisco Spark ZenDeskTrelloGitHub Cisco Spark

Remote File Manager Free

Remote File Manager allows you to directly access your files on remote computers (Mac, Windows, Linux), NAS. Whats the major difference between Remote File Manager and other file apps? Documents: MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote And more doc formats: plain text, RTF(Rich Text Format), HTML and Web Archives

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