Just unbox your Bitron Video IP camera and B-View Start will take care of the rest B-View Start will guide you through all the steps you need to follow in order to get your camera up and running. This tool is compatible with B-View 1 series cameras only (blue logo). For B-View 2 series cameras (black logo), please use the QIVICON pairing wizard.


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B-View Update
B-View 2 Reset
Elvox Wi-Fi Cam
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B-View Start alternatives

iNet - Network Scanner

iNet - explore your network With iNet you know exactly whats going on Find out about security risks and keep your network under control. Is someone using your wifi without your knowledge? You will never be bothered by popups or slide-ins that propagate other Apps.

  • size 71.6 MB

Zip Viewer - Archiver Manager Browser Reader of Zip Files, unzip directly from email, Safari, Dropbox or iCloud Drive

Fast and efficient zip file viewer on iPhones and iPads. Perfect companion for iPad in business Highly integrated native iOS app Works with VoiceoverEasily open and extract your zip files and archives and store them inside the app. If you have any questions, comments or feature requests contact me at http://oliverkoehler.de/ios-apps/apps/zip-viewer/

FileBrowser - Computers+Cloud

Use your iPad or iPhone to connect to your home computers, network drives and cloud storage, allowing you to easily open and transfer files and folders from anywhere to anywhere. With over a million users worldwide, FileBrowser is the original and best file manager and viewer for iOS.FileBrowser will get you started in seconds. Please note that we are only able to provide support in English.

  • rating 4.6213
  • size 69.0 MB

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

Use Speedcheck to test the speed of internet connections and add your results to SpeedSpots WiFi speed database. You can use the companion app, SpeedSpots WiFi Finder right from with the app to find the fastest WiFi hotspots around the globe.- Test your Download & Upload Speed and Ping on Cellular and WiFi networks- One-tap testing in under 20 seconds- Worldwide High-Speed Server network for reliable results - Comment on your tests (privately)- Track you past results- Calculate how long transfers will take with build-in Bandwidth Calculator- Easily share your results on Twitter & Facebook

  • rating 5.0
  • size 25.7 MB

More Information About alternatives

B-View Update

B-View Update allows you to verify the firmware version of Bitron Video B-View 1 series cameras. If needed, the most recent firmware will be automatically downloaded and installed on the camera. For B-View 2 series cameras (black logo), please use the QIVICON pairing wizard.

  • size 3.4 MB
  • version 1.1.5

B-View 2 Reset

This tool allows you to reset the access credentials and configuration of Bitron Video B-View 2 series cameras to their default settings. B-View 2 Reset is compatible with Bitron Video cameras B-Focus Vari II (AV7210/10) and Eggy II (AV7210/11) only.

  • size 3.4 MB
  • version 1.2.3

Elvox Wi-Fi Cam

This application is specially designed for P2P IP cameras Series. Thanks to the unique technology of P2P connection, users are able to view live videos from the IP camera, on their iOS devices, by simply entering cameras ID and password: without complex settings on the router. H.264 video compression guarantees clear and crystal images.

  • size 22.9 MB
  • version 1.1

Lorex Ping 2

The newly redesigned Lorex Ping 2 allows you to view and access LNC100 and LNC200 series wireless IP cameras easily and intuitively from anywhere in the world. The Lorex Ping 2 app allows you to:- Set up the camera on your local Wi-Fi network.- View live video from your camera.- Record video and snapshots directly to your mobile device and other optional storage.- Play back video from your mobile device or from the cameras microSD card. Notes:- Only applicable to iOS v6.0 and higher.

  • rating 1.92
  • size 28.1 MB
  • version 1.0


This app is specially built for P2P IP camera series. Thanks to unique P2P connection technology that users are able to watch live video on iPhone from any purchased IP camera by simply enter cameras ID and password; no complex IP or router settings required. Features:- Easy of setup- Live view, half-duplex audio, snapshot- Device control (Pan/Tilt)- Record playback- Event notification / push notification

  • size 22.6 MB
  • version 1.3.10

Genie S2 IP Camera Manager

Genie S2 viewer is remote monitoring viewer for Genie Series 2 IP cameras. Allows simple video connection to the IP camera and full motion mobile monitoring with bidirectional audio communication. Each layout can be saved in either a fullscreen, 2 way, 3 way or quad layoutKey features- H.264 streaming- High frame rate : Maximum 15fps @ CIF- Bidirectional audio transmission- PTZ, Presets, tour control for speed dome camera- Snapshot

  • size 26.6 MB
  • version 1.4.5

Vectis iX Remote Access

IMPORTANT NOTICE Remote site connections will be lost during this update and Vectis iX IP addresses will need to be re-entered manually. Vanderbilt International Vectis iX-RAS allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere. Supported DVRs: - Vectis iX NVR device series- Vectis iX NVS software seriesFeatures: - Connect to multiple servers simultaneously- View, search, playback- View cameras from multiple servers on one screen- User access control for live view, playback, PTZ control- View recorded video from any camera- Full live & preset controls on PTZ cameras- Pinch Zoom on live video

  • size 3.1 MB
  • version 3.0.5

Seagate Surveillance Manager

Seagate Surveillance Manager allows you to monitor and playback video from IP cameras associated with your Seagate NAS device. View multiple live video feeds simultaneously, even from multiple NAS devices or office locations Utilize Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions (if supported by your camera) Select date and time for playback of recorded content Take a snapshot from the video feed Digital input/output controlThis app requires a Seagate NAS device with NAS OS 4 and Surveillance app installed, plus a compatible IP camera.

  • size 12.5 MB
  • version

IP camera viewer airsight

Watch live video from your AirSight IP Camera right on your iPhone. Gone are the days of complex router set-ups, with X10 EasyScan Setup Technology just simply scan your cam & view - its truly the easiest IP Camera setup on the market. Pan & tilt your IP Camera to get the perfect angle that will allow you to catch every moment of the action.- Watch live video from anywhere in the world- EasyScan Technology allows for easiest setup on the market- Listen in & speak with 2-way audio right from your phone- Take instant snapshots with the touch of a button- Archive captured moments and view them laterFor more information on AirSight IP Cameras go to http://www.x10.com

  • size 24.2 MB
  • version 1.7

Viewer for Axis Camera Station

Viewer for AXIS Camera Station enables you to connect to an AXIS Camera Station server:- List available cameras- View LIVE cameras- Pan, Tilt, Zoom compatible cameras- View RecordingsIt is the ideal mobile app to use to remotely view your Camera Station system live cameras when you are out and about adding to your peace of mind and security. Viewer for AXIS Camera Station is compatible with AXIS Camera Station v3.42Please note:This app is specifically designed to work with AXIS Camera Station v3.42 and above. For 3G access from outside the network, port forwarding will need to be setup from the Router/Modem opening the Developer API port (Default 50333) and Video port (Default 50334).You may also need to open the Developer API Port and the Video Port on your Windows Firewall

  • size 41.3 MB
  • version 2.0.4