Download Azan MP3 and listen to a great collection of the worlds most Beautiful Adzan (prayer call voices) Features:- Listen in backgrund- Play Adzan while using other apps- Free app- stop/pause and play from the lock screen- A huge collection of azanIf you like it, gives us a honest review. This app allows you to listen to the azan:Included Athan from;-Mishary Rashed Alafasy-Ibrahim Al Arkani-Mansoor Az Zahrani-Hamad Deghreri-Majed al hamathaniThe Adhan is called out by the muezzin in the mosque five times a day, traditionally from a minaret, summoning Muslims around the worlds for mandatory (fard) prayers (salah).GET this Azan app NOW and enjoy the most Most Beautiful Azan by the best Muadins in the Islamic world; it can be used as Fajr, Ezan or Salat time than to listen to More exemples of Adan :athan from mecca (makkah ) or medina or al masjid al-haram, Adaan Saudi, ezan from Egypt, Al quds ( Jerusalem ) Athan. Contact us for any feedback.

Azan MP3 - Beautiful Adzan (prayer call voices) alternatives

5 Surahs - Mostly read five Surah of Al-Quran with proper Tajweed, 15+ Translations & Recitation

5 Surah (Five Surah) is an iOS App containing 5 most read Surahs of Holy Quran including Surah Yasin, Surah Mulk, Surah Al Waqiah, Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Al Kahf. The purpose behind designing this App is to provide a platform to the users to recite these all at once pertaining to the importance of their frequent recitation. Other features include: Translation of each Suarh for better understandings in English in almost all languages including (Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, English, Bengali (Bangla), Japanese, Urdu, Espaol, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Italiano, Netherlands and Bahasa Indonesia) Verse by verse transliteration to pronounce the Surahs with proper Tajweed of these Surahs Recitation in the voice of two prominent reciters Mishary Rashid Al Afsay Customize Settings for Text, Font and Language Settings Share these divine Surahs on social platform with friends and othersRate and download 5 Surahs to revive your faith and improve understandings towards Islam and Al Quran.

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Learn Dua e Qunoot MP3 & More

The Only App with Word by Word Tutoring Feature to Learn Dua e Qunoot, 99 Names of Allah, Short Surahs of Quran, 6 Kalmas, Ayat ul Kursi, & Daily Islamic Duas. Dua-e-Qunoot is an Islamic App, which is designed to impart the blessings, related to Dua e Qanoot, Ayat ul Kursi, 99 Names of Allah, Last 15 Surahs, 6 Kalmas and daily Duas. Comprising duas for greetings, traveling duas, restroom duas, east drink duas, morning and evening duas, starting work dua, forgiving duas, prayer duas and random duas.

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