Prepare for your EASA or FAA written exams with us and study also offline. The question bank is constantly updated and maintained to effectively prepare you for your exams. All EASA subjects covered: * 010 Air Law, * 021 Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Power Plant, * 022 Instrumentation, * 031 Mass & Balance, * 032 + 034 Performance (Airplane + Helicopter), * 033 Flight Planning & Monitoring, * 040 Human Performance & Limitations, * 050 Meteorology, * 061 General Navigation, * 062 Radio Navigation, * 070 Operational Procedures, * 081 + 082 Principles of Flight (Airplane + Helicopter), * 091 + 092 VFR + IFR Communications

Aviation Exam - EASA & FAA alternatives

King Schools Companion

The KING Companion App enables you to download and take video lessons from any of our award winning online Ground School and Test Prep courses, Checkride courses and Single-Subject Flying courses anywhere, anytime. Even when not connected to the Internet Your course progress will automatically sync to your online course the next time your device is connected to the internet. We take pride in producing quality work for these special people.

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IFR Flight Trainer Simulator

Flying by instrument flight rules (IFR) is not an easy thing to learn for flight students. By IFR Flight Trainer aviation students and pilots will develop and improve their instrument navigation understanding and accuracy. This interactive IFR trainer app is a step by step system, which will teach you how to use IFR instruments in real flying conditions.

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Pilot Uni

THIS IS NOT A GAME. THIS IS A TRAINING TOOL THAT GIVES YOU REAL PILOT SKILLS.SELECTED AS TOP 10 BY GOOGLE APP CIRCUS Just the right level of interaction Lieutenant Colonel Robert Sims Joint Force Training Centre, NATO Pilot Uni is a revolutionary new tool for pilots, pilot students and anyone who wants to learn how to fly a small plane. PPL COURSEBasic Handling- Air Experience- External checks- Internal checks- Taxy and power checksAerodrome ops- Take off to crosswind- Downwind- From base to landing- After landing to shutdownEmergencies- Going around in bad weather- Precautionary forced landing- Forced landing after engine failure- Stall and spiral divesNavigation- Flight planning- Flying the plan- Diversions- Basic instrument flyingIR COURSE- Introduction to instrument flight rules- Startup- IFR clearance- Take-off- Enroute using the auto pilot- Holds- Instrument landing

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FAA Instrument Flying Handbook (Premium)

VFR Radio Communications

VFR Radio Communications Simplified FEATURES:- Controlled Airport Radio Communications Video & Audio- Uncontrolled Airport Radio Communications Video & Audio- What To Say Scripts for Flight Following, Class, D, C, B, and Uncontrolled Airports.- Practice Audio Scenarios Jason and the MzeroA Team Have Done It Again - Bill Herring - Salem, OR - Private PilotA NOTE FROM JASON:Everyday myself and the crew here at wake up asking ourselves. What can we do today to create safer/smarter pilots? Enjoy it - Jason Schappert

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