Autocop Classic Plus is been made for subscribed Autocop customers and users of our GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution. App been developed for Fleet Automation and controlling your vehicle(s).Hassle free, easy to use and just on click data gives you relief and focus on your business. Further, it comes at the most competitive and economical price plans.


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Autocop Classic
TSO Fleet Pro
Vine Telematics
Votenza - Automotive CRM
Spascribe - skincare prescription pad with eCommerce integration for aesthetics clinics, spas, beauty salons & cosmetics shops

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Stay organised with your important documents. Secure, Anytime, Anywhere. Download ALLDOX to get your documents organised safely and find them anytime, anywhere

  • rating 4.42856
  • size 54.1 MB

Remove duplicate contacts -- Support backup and merge now!

Contacts help you to quickly backup address book, remove duplicate contacts, and merge related contacts. Top overall #1 in France, Belgium, Madagascar, Mar 2012Top overall #4 in Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, Mar 2012Top productivity #1 in Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on, Mar 2012Top productivity #16 in United States, Mar 2012Very convinient and efficient. Features:- Support back up and restore address book- Support auto delete duplication contacts- Support merge related contacts- Support delete and merge contacts manually- Save backup at local or export by email- Smart check duplication and related- Support merge with photo, first name, last name, company, job title, phone number, email, URL, address, birthday, social profile, instant message, notes- Support many contacts source like iCloud, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and Exchange- Support both iPhone and iPad

  • rating 3.64706
  • size 14.9 MB

Tuneup Contacts

Try Tuneup Contacts now Its FREE Tuneup Contacts is a simple contact manager for iPhone which can be used to manage and organize your contacts effortlessly. It eliminates the need to sift through hundreds of contacts and organize them manually. Tuneup Contacts is the only one youll need

  • rating 4.55556
  • size 3.3 MB

Gujarati Note Writer Faster Input Type Keyboard

The Gujarati Note Book app is an amazing application that allows you to take notes in Gujarati This is incredibly convenient for anyone who doesnt enjoy being forced to write notes in other languages, like English. Whether you are a native Gujarati speaker or whether you simply prefer to write in Gujarati, the Gujarati Note Book app makes writing in Gujarati a dream. Download this app now to begin your Gujarati note taking adventure today.

  • size 41.9 MB

My Idea - Recharge and Payments

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Autocop Classic

Autocop Classic has been made for subscribed Autocop customers and users of our GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution. This app is been developed for Fleet Automation and controls your vehicle(s).Hassle free, easy to use and just on click data gives you relief and focus on your business. Further, it comes at the most competitive and economical price plans.

  • size 30.4 MB
  • version 4.0


This App can be used to access your current fleet location and history information while on the road. The App is intended for clients/customers who are paid subscribers of Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solutions offered by Fleetilla (and its Solution Providers). The App is FREE, however a paid subscription to Fleetillas Vehicle Tracking Solutions is required for using the App.

  • size 24.7 MB
  • version 1.1

TSO Fleet Pro

This app has been made for those apple users who also happen to be TSO Mobiles customers and users of our GPS Tracking Solution. TSO Fleet is a pro version app of our web system that lets you track your vehicle, or fleet, on the go, as well as see detailed information of historical activity. If you are not a TSO Mobile customer feel free to contact us.

  • size 16.7 MB
  • version 2.5.7

Vine Telematics

Vine Telematics has developed an iPhone/iPad App version of its web based Vehicle/Plant tracking product. The new App has been designed to follow the existing web based product in offering existing customers a mobile solution for location of assets and historic journeys. Contact us to find our more.

  • size 3.4 MB
  • version 1.2.2

Votenza - Automotive CRM

Are you frustrated with CRMs and Apps that are oriented to helping your Managers and not your Salespeople? Votenzas Mobile App connects your salespeople to a Daily WorkPlan that offers more usable tools that help sell cars while easily managing and completing their daily task reminders, 24/7. Ask about it )Big Picture* Manage Daily Workplan 24/7* PPE Daily WorkPlan (CRM on Steroids Ask About It )* Create Sales Opportunities, On the Fly, Anytime, Anywhere* Create Showroom Visits, Customer Notes, Appointments* Receive a Text or Email Alert for New Leads, Emails and Texts* Reply Immediately from App to all Texts and Emails* Review all Texts and Emails in Customer History* Text Templates - (Email Templates Coming)* Texting Privacy Compliance* Quickly Review New Leads and Customers* Stop the Clock Immediately* Add New Customers Manually and via DL Scan (Dual Scan)* Click-to-Call* Set Future Reminders* Display All Sales Appointment (Past, Today, Future)* Service Appointment In-Equity Alert* In Equity Alert for Owned Vehicle - New Internet Ups* In Equity Alert for Owned Vehicle - New Showroom Ups* In Equity Alert for Owned Vehicle - New Phone Ups* National Do Not Call Compliance* Closing the App Does Not Log You Out* Salesperson and/or Manager Can Complete Reminders* Prevent Duplicates by Searching Database FirstTodays Log Displays:* Todays Opportunities - Showroom, Internet, Phone, Biz Dev* Customers that are Sold or Lost* Your Customers Desired Vehicle* Trim Level* Current Mileage* Days in Inventory* Days Since Last Selected* Factory Incentives* CarFax or AutoCheck Report* Customers Trade (And a 2nd one)* A Color-Coded Alert when a New Email or Text is Received* All New Leads, Emails and Texts as well as older ones in a Single Trail* A Red Envelope to indicate if a Lead/Email/Text HAS NOT been responded to yet* A White Envelope to indicate when a Lead/Email/Text HAS been responded toThe Golden Gear Displays:* Your Customer Name & Address - (Editable)* Picture of Your Customer from the DL Scan* Total Customer Sales / Service Value* Last Comment left by your Salesperson* Last Comment left by your Manager* Name of the Currently Assigned Salesperson* Date the Opportunity First Started and the Date It Expires* Opportunity Age* Last Showroom Visit Date* Manager Name that Released the Customer* Name of Salesperson that Demo d your Customer* Name of Salesperson that Wrote Up your Customer* Ad Source - All, plus Internet Leads are Identified Automatically* Last Vehicle Sold to Customer (Year, Make, Model)* Purchase Date and Contract End Date* Retail or Lease* Down & Monthly Payment, Rate, Term* Last Repair Order Date and Mileage* Name of Salesperson that Sold this VehicleFrom the Golden Gear Menu, You Can Easily:* Stop the Clock with Email, Phone or Text* Text or Email Your Customer* Call ANY Phone # with Click-to-Call* Record 1 or Both Sides of the Conversation-Automatically* Create a Sales Appointment for Yourself* Create a Sales Appointment for Another Person* Set Future Reminders and Leave a Comment* Display a Picture of the Desired VehiclePowerPlan, (Your Daily Work Plan) Displays:* Todays Must Contact Customers* Sales Appointments that have Shown, Today* Sales Appointments that have been Confirmed or Cancelled, Today* All of Todays and Tomorrows Sales Appointments* All Corporate Reminders - Showroom, Internet, Phone, Sold* All Personal Reminders* Todays Service Appointments and Scheduled Time* Service Appointments in Equity* PPE - Optional Email Marketing WorkPlan (Call for Details)

  • size 77.9 MB
  • version 1.0

Spascribe - skincare prescription pad with eCommerce integration for aesthetics clinics, spas, beauty salons & cosmetics shops

Create beautiful skincare prescriptions that engage & convert. Maximize your retail sales conversion of each client visit and post-visit by presenting personalized recommendations in forms that clients engage & respond to. ECOMMERCE-enabled ePrescription buy now links back to your online store for easy purchase (optional) Now, at last, you can convert beyond the consultation moment * Approved by the award-winning global skincare brand Medik8 * Spascribe comes with Medik8 products & treatments pre-installed (fully editable/deletable to your needs) Spascribe outperforms traditional aesthetics prescription methods FASTER & SMARTER- Create a highly detailed prescription in only 30 seconds- Simply select, everything else is auto-generated- Recommend multiple brands on one formMORE PROFESSIONAL- Impress your clients and set the tone from the outset- Increase client satisfaction- No more illegible handwritingREVENUE GENERATION- Recommendations sell themselves with higher conversion- Increase client retention- Increase client referralREMARKETING AUTOMATED- Embedded buy now links to your eshop within the ePrescription- Bridges the consult moment to purchase on your website- Trackable buy links via easily added url tags (utm or affiliate)TRACK PERFORMANCE- Monitor the accuracy team recommendations- Review your teams upsells & cross sells- Identify areas for further team trainingINCENTIVIZE YOUR SALES TEAM- Ability to offer commissions for attributed online sales- Either per user or per location- Even create reward scheme for prescription based targetsALWAYS UP TO DATE- Synced via the cloud across iPads &/or business locations- Adjust for brand & product changes instantly- No more outdated pre-printed formsAUTO ARCHIVE- No more messy filing cabinets- Instant in-app retrieval- One touch re-print or re-email Feature overview use any product or treatment or brand instantly adjust to any changes of your offering print over Wi-Fi with any network connected printer one-click emails prescription directly to customers inbox eCommerce enabled prescriptions to your webshop (optional) prescriptions saved in your searchable library create prescriptions online & offline your data is synced via the Spascribe cloud to all your iPads track employee performance multi-location ready use any product or treatment or brand fulfillment solution for distributors or skincare manufacturers The contents of a Spascribe Personalized Prescription PERSONALIZED PRESCRIPTION HEADER & FOOTER: Your logo Your business address, telephone, email and web address The Customers name The Customers age The Consultants namePRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS SECTION: Product category Product name Product image Product description (up to 200 characters) Product size Product price Product buy url (email version only - optional)TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS SECTION: Treatment name Treatment quantity (optional) Treatment frequency (optional) e.g. 1 every 3 weeksFor more info about the Spascribe application and account requests please visit the Spascribe website.

  • size 3.1 MB
  • version 1.3