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Bible-Guide alternatives

WAVE Parallel Bible

WAVE Parallel Bible is a simple and intuitive Bible reader. Swipe to switch between English translations and original languages. WAVE Parallel Bible stores all Bible versions on the phone/pad so performance is snappy and reading does not require an Internet connection.

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Bible Reader - Bibles.org

Bible Reader is a beautiful way to read the Bible on your iPhone or iPad that puts reading quality first. It offers a distraction free reading mode that allows you to focus on the text alone and a simple interface for browsing and searching the Bible. Includes 12 versions of the Bible to choose from: GNT - Good News TranslationCEV - Contemporary English Version (US Version)AMP - Amplified Bible CEVUK - Contemporary English Version (UK Version)ESV - English Standard Version GNB - Good News BibleKJV - King James VersionMSG - The Message NASB - New American Standard BibleNLT - New Living Translation Even MoreFeatures: - Increase/Decrease Font Size- Night Mode- Distraction Free Mode - Search for passages or keywords - Quickly browse to any chapter or verse

  • size 11.6 MB

Bible Questions and Answers - Free Topical Bible Study

Here you can find answers to many Bible Questions that you might have - Hundreds of Bible Questions organized in over 30 categories - Some categories are: Christian Moral and Conduct, Revelation, end time prophecy, Satan, Hell/Grave, Marriage - Works Offline and has the ability to sync and download new questions/answers - Request a free Bible Study Guide by mail - Ability to share questions and answers through email to your friends - Ability to change the font size to make it easier to read - Search for questions Here is a list of all categories that the app includes: Parables,Past and Present Prophesies,Future Prophecies,Prayer,Occult, Magic, Spiritism,Miscellaneous Bible Questions,Mosaic Law, Tabernacle, Tithes,Marriage,Miracles,Life Decisions and Doing the will of God,Kingdom and the Millennium,Judgment,Jesus Life, Teachings, and Death,Israel, Middle East,The Holy Spirit,God, Faith,Heaven and Earth,Hell, Death/Grave,Creation, Evolution,Chronology,Church history, False church,Church and The Bride of Christ,Christian Character and Conduct,Baptism,Bible and Bible Characters,Antichrist,Angels, Spirit Beings,Trinity,Resurrection, Eternal life, Immortality,Revelation,Sabbath,Religions,Salvation, Ransom and Restitution,Satan,Jesus Second Advent, Rapture,Soul

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Adam Clarke Bible Commentary with KJV Audio Verses

Adam Clarkes Commentary on the Whole BibleContained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man. Adam Clarkes monumental commentary on the Bible has been a standard reference work for over a century and has been widely used by men of all evangelical denominations. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries.

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Creation Science Update

Discover the work of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) through our free mobile app. For over four decades, ICR has equipped believers with evidence of the Bibles accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework. The Institute for Creation Research app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

  • size 18.1 MB