ArtStudio is the most comprehensive, sketching, painting and photo editing tool in the App Store. Completely re-designed from the ground up the new ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun Using advanced drawing algorithms this is the fastest and most precise version of ArtStudio to date. See the video: us on twitter: us on facebook: doesnt matter whether youre a skilled artist or a newbie; ArtStudio is for 5/5This is what PhotoShop Mobile wishes it had been.FEATURES:- flexible canvas size, max: 3024x4032(iPhone 6s), 3264x2448(iPhone 5/5s/6), 25921936 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 4), 20481536 (iPhone 3gs) - 16 tools: select, pencil, wet paintbrush, dry paintbrush, spray, dots, eraser, smudge, bucket fill, gradient, text, clone, heal, blur/sharpen, dodge/burn, eyedropper- 450 HIGH QUALITY BRUSHES (150 free, 300 paid) divided into 30 groups- custom brushes, max size: 500x500px- select tool: rect/ellipse/lasso/magic wand/by color, add/sub/intersect, contract/expand/round corners/border/- text tool: over 150 system fonts, support of external TTF fonts (just upload .ttf file in iTunes using File Sharing), special text layer to easy edit text- favorites list to quickly access users favorite brush settings- fully customizable stroke settings: blur, flip, size, opacity, spacing, fadeout, squeeze, angle, speed-size, speed-opacity, random flip, scatter, jitter-spacing, jitter-angle, jitter-size, jitter-squeeze, jitter-opacity, jitter-hue, jitter-saturation, jitter-lightness- symmetric drawing- guidelines, grid- shapes: lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons (open, closed)- layer options: add, duplicate, merge down/visible, delete, lock alpha, show/hide, link, name, reorder, opacity, blending modes- layer masks- layer/selection transformations: move/scale/rotate with multi-touch, flip, rotate left/right, fill/erase- distort (skew, perspective etc)- 21 layer blending modes: normal, multiply, add, difference, screen, overlay, hue, saturation, color, value, - import from Camera Roll, camera, iTunes, clipboard- export as JPG/PNG/PSD to Camera Roll, email, clipboard, iTunes- multi-touch navigation with unlimited zoom- undo/redo with almost infinite number of steps- image resize (none, bilinear, bicubic, lanczos interpolations) , change canvas size, crop- 40 filters: gaussian/motion/radial blur, sharpen, unsharp mask, add noise, render clouds, edge detect, border/vignette and more- Elastify filter used to make incredible distortions- adjustments: brightness/contrast/exposure, hue/saturation/lightness, color balance, temperature, shadows/highlights, CURVES, auto contrast/colors/white balance and more- video tutorials IPAD VERSION AVAILABLE IN APP STORE

ArtStudio - Draw and Paint alternatives

Superimpose Studio-Mix Photos

Superimpose Studio allows you to superimpose multiple images by various tools. Main Features Up to 10 Layer images (device-dependent) Cut the image for the layers Add Shadow for Each Layer Image Adjust Edge Blur for Each Layer Image Can save the Layer Image to Camera Roll as the transparent PNG File Add Text Can use 300 Fonts Restore the last Data you edited Share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Tools for Cutting Image 1. Restore Tool Restore the area you touched Maximum Number of Layers iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S 10 imagesiPhone 4 7 imagesiPhone 3GS 5 images

  • rating 4.59999

You Doodle - draw on photos

1App Store1- - - 30- - - - - - - 420482048- Pogo

  • rating 4.69048

Faceover Lite

Want to make your friends laugh? Then youve found the right app Faceover Lite lets you easily copy faces between people in your photosand it even looks real. You can swap between photos of your own I couldnt find that anywhere else -Jahhhdhjf

Color Effects - Recolor Pictures; Pop/Edit/Paint Photo Highlights into Twitter and Instagram

Create dramatic images by removing colors or changing them entirely. Gray out everyone in an image, except for you. Change the color of anything FEATURES:+ Import photos directly from your camera or photo library + Recolor images with any color of your choice + Automatic Edge Correction + Fully zoomable (use two fingers) + Save paintings to Photo Library+ Select brush size and transparency + Multiple levels of undo+ Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • rating 4.91667

Glow Draw - paint, doodle, color on camera photos with light and share via email, Instagram and Twitter

Paint awesome images with glowing neon light Take any photo and make it glow FEATURES:+ Take photos or use existing photos as backgrounds+ Save paintings to Photo Library+ Mail postcards of your drawings anywhere in the world+ Fully zoomable paintings (use two fingers)+ Supports iPhone 4 Retina display and iPad HD resolution+ Multiple levels of undo+ Mixing colors allows for an unlimited number of colors+ Select both brush size and glow intensity+ Eyedropper tool to select and match colors straight from the painting