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Music Player & Unlimited Songs

This easy-to-use and carefully designed player is sure to give you top-notch mobile music experience. Check out our ultimate music discovery app on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Download our app and discover: Thousands of tracks in our free, regularly updated database Intuitive search by artist name, title, remix, DJ or cover Audio files of various types including podcasts, Audiobooks, shows and many more One-tap music streamingOther app features include: Fully featured in-app music player Playback in the background Playback controls in the lock screen Professional multiband sound equalizer with over 20 authentic presets Bass booster Treble booster Dynamic real time audio Visualizer Precise scrubbing

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Sounds App Music

Millions of users are sharing music with Sounds Join the worlds biggest social network for music and make new friends right now Sounds is a free and easy way to share music on social media: Stories, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and iMessage <3 PLAYListen to 40 Million songs. Unlimited skips with no ads and background play. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA).

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Ringtone Designer 2.0

Never pay for another ringtone Ringtone Designer allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, text tones, and alerts using songs in your iPhones music library. Use the beautiful interface to adjust your ringtone length. Its quick, easy, and we even have a video to show you how.)

  • rating 4.63492
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djay LE - DJ Mixer for iPhone

Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay, Algoriddims award-winning and highly acclaimed DJ app for iPhone: try djay FREE Got a hidden scratch master inside of you? With unprecedented ease-of-use and innovative multi-touch mixing features, djay for iPhone brings DJing to the next level, offering a unique experience for beginners and professionals alikeall in your pocket.djay FREE gives you access to the following FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:- Shuffle Playlist with up to 25 songs from your music library- Hyper-realistic low-latency turntable interface- Single Deck Mode- Automatic beat and tempo matching (BPM sync) - Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter (High Pass, Low Pass)- Looping: Auto, Manual, and Bounce- Cue Point Trigger- Pre-Cueing with headphones - High-quality scratching- Pitch-Bend- Mixer, tempo, and EQ controls- AirPlay integration- Support for all major audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF (no support for DRM protected songs) Get the full version of djay for even more exciting features such as Recording, Automix, Sampler, HD Waveforms, access to your entire music library, and so much moreFor the latest updates and to connect with the djay community: Follow @Algoriddim on Twitter Become a fan of djay on Facebook:

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MyMP3 - Convert videos to mp3 and best music player

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Aria Now

Aria is a mobile app for music therapists and the music therapy community Free and easy-to-use, Aria provides a valuable set of tools, resources, and community for the modern music therapist and those interested in music therapy. Whether you are a music therapy student, professor, researcher, on-staff at an institution or a private practice therapist, Aria was built with you in mind. Aria is a non-profit organization that exists for the purpose of elevating the field of music therapy, and enriching music therapists everywhere.

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  • version 1.1.0

V-Aria VR Music Visualizer

Using any cardboard VR device, V-Aria will transport you into a new world, synchronized with and created by your music Sit back and relax as crazy shapes and colors fill the air around you, pulsating and careening in time to your music. If youre a VR veteran, V-Aria will provide an intense experience that challenges your perceptions of space and time. You can even turn on your stereo and V-Aria will base its visuals on what youre hearing, in real-time

  • size 67.0 MB
  • version 1.4

RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio

RAM FM broadcast music within a wide perspective from the years between and around 1975-1995. We play all genres of eighties music, from punk to disco, from synth-pop to italo, from rock to easy listening and from new wave to dance. Our aim is to create a realistic musical time image of the eighties.

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  • version 1.1

Radio Greece FM

Radio Greece live. . Real FM 1055 Rock 2000 FM 89.6 Radio DeeJay Ioannina 9,72 FM Stereo 99.5 Erotiko Akroama FM Alpha 98,9 Athens Deejay FM Derti FM Fasma FM Skai FM Yes 91,2 98 5 NRG Action Radio Aegean Live Akroama FM Akroama Radio Aktina Radio Aktina Radio Alfa Radio Alpha FM Anatolikos FM Andromeda FM Angel 102.8 Ant1 Aigaiou Antidrasi FM Aquarius FM Arena FM Arhaggelos FM Aria FM Aristera 90.2 FM Artemis FM Asteras Radio 100.1 Avanti FM Best 981 Best FM Bravo Capital Radio 90,7 Chania FM Cinar FM City 93 City FM City FM 100 City International FM Cool FM Cool FM Radio Cosmo Radio Cosmos FM Cosmos Radio D-Code Dalkas FM Dear Radio Station Diesi FM Diktyo FM 91,5 Dionysos FM Diva Diva FM Dream FM Dytikos FM Ecclesia Ths Ellados Ekfrasi FM Ellada FM Ellinadiko FM Ellinikos FM En Lefko Energy 93,4 Energy FM Energy FM Kastoria Energy Radio 88,9 Enjoy Radio Enter Radio 91.7 Entexnos FM Epikinonia FM Epiloges FM ERA 3 Trito ERA Deytero ERA Heraklion ERA Ioannina Erotokritos Radio Evripos FM Faros FM FM Life Fokida FM Fresh 92.9 Galaxy 106.1 Galaxy FM Glenti FM Greca FM Heat Radio Hit Radio Hot FM 104.6 Hristianismos FM Iera Arhiepiskopi Kritis Iera Mitropoli Larissas & Tyrnavou FM Ihos FM Imagine FM Ionion FM Jz FM Kalamaria FM Kanali 20 Karpathos FM Kastoria FM Kentro Kardias FM Kiss 91.1 FM KISS 958 CORFU Kiss FM Kosmos FM 100 Kral FM Kriti FM Radio Kritikorama FM Kritikos FM Kyma FM Larissa DeeJay Legend FM Lelevose FM Libero FM Life 892 Radio Life Radio Lihnari FM Limnos FM100 Loutraki FM Love Radio LRadio Magic FM Master FM Max FM Maximum FM Media 92 FM Melodia FM melody 949 Melody FM Melody FM Metro Radio More Radio Mousiki Lampsi Mousiko Kanali Music Club FM Mythos FM Mythos FM Nemea Radio Neo Radiofono (Kerkira) Nitro Radio North Radio Notos FM Nova FM Nova Sport FM NovaFM 106 NRG Radio NRG95 OK 94.5 FM Ola FM Orange Radio Original Radio Palmos FM Palmos FM Palmos FM Palmos On Air FM Panorama FM Paradise Radio Paros FM Party 97.1 Pavlios Logos Peiraias Fm Pepper Phase Radio Piqeras DeeJay Pirate FM Planet Radio Planet Radio Plus Radio Polis 102.6 FM Politia FM Pop FM Power 92.6 Power FM Power fm 93.2 Prime Radio Proto FM Proto Kanali 954 Radioactive (Sifnos) radiocity1028 Radiofonia Agias Radiofono 108 Radyo City Rainbow Rec Radio 104 Rethymno Sport FM Rock FM Rock Radio RSA RSO Rythmos 104.5 Rythmos 106 FM Rythmos FM Scanner FM Sfera Radio Sferikos FM SIERA FM Sirios FM Sitia FM SKAI 92.6 FM Skai Patras FM Sky FM Sky Radio Smart FM Soho Radio Sok FM Space FM SPORT FM Star FM Star FM Star FM 94.1 Star Radio Star Radio Athens Status Radio Sto Kokkino FM Stoxos Fm Studio 1 Studio 19 Studio 3 Studio Lefkatas Styl FM Stylida FM Super Radio Symi FM Synora FM Team FM Thessaloniki Free Radio Thraki FM Time FM Top FM Traffic FM Tsirigo FM UOC Radio V FM 91.1 Venus FM Venus Radio Veto 91,0 Vibe FM Vibe FM Vima FM Virgin 104.5 Viva FM Xanthi Radio Deejay Xoros 94.2 XRadio Xroma FM Yparxw FM Zoo Radio Lampsi FM

  • size 15.3 MB
  • version 2.6.0

Bach Goldberg Variations - SyncScore

Listen to classical music with flowing scores with your iPhone or iPad. SyncScore provides a new way of enjoying classic compositions. Aria da capo

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  • version 5.1


NIBE ARIA heat pump control by mobile phone. With NIBE ARIA controller you can have full control over your NIBE heat pump. Please visit for additional information.

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  • version 1.1


101X. Thats how Austin has said Alternative since 1995. Alternative Austin.

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  • version 4.55.6

Radio FM Classical online Stations

Radio Classical is the BEST radio application that everyone expects, very LIGHT, BEAUTIFUL and FAST.With Radio Classical you will have the opportunity to listen to all the Classical radio in one click, instant playback and premium quality. List of radio stations:1 classic [r] 128k1.FM - OTTOs OPERA HOUSE1.FM Ottos Baroque 128k1.FM Ottos Classical Musik 256k1.FM Ottos Opera House 96k1000 Classical Hits [r] 128k1000 Hits Classical Music [r] 128k181.FM - Classical Guitar181.FM Classical Guitar 128k181.FM Classical128k7palmradio [r] 128kA back taste of HQ Sound [r] 128kA Better Classical Station [r] 128kA classic FM [r] 128kA classical dream [r] 128kA.1.One. FM Timeless 128kAdagioRadio [r] 128kAir Classique [r] 128kAirlessRadio Piano 128kAll Bach on Wide Radius [r] 128kAll Beethoven on Wide Radius [r] 128kAll Haydn on Wide Radius [r] 128kAll Mozart on Wide Radius [r] 128kAllegro [r] 128kAlways Amadeus [r] 128kAmadeus & Friends [r] 128kAmbiance classique [r] 128kAncient FMAncient FM 128kAudiophile BaroqueAudiophile Baroque 320kAudiophile Classical 320kAzur Classique [r] 128kBach [r] 128kBarock Music [r] 128kBaroque 128kBeautiful Classical and Opera 128kBeethoven [r] 128kBest Classic Opera Aria [r] 128kBest of Classical - - RadionomyBest of Classical [r] 128kBoccherini [r] 128kBravo Cl [r] 128kBravo Opera [r] 128kCALM RADIO - BAROQUECALM RADIO - CHAMBER MUSICCALM RADIO - CLASSICAL GUITARCALM RADIO - EARLY BAROQUECALM RADIO - HARPSICHORDCALM RADIO - JOHANN STRAUSS IICALM RADIO - LUTECALM RADIO - MADRIGALSCALM RADIO - ORGANCALM RADIO - RAMEAU - SamplerCALM RADIO - ROSSINICALM RADIO - SCHUBERTCALM RADIO - SIBELIUSCALM RADIO - SOLO GUITARCALM RADIO - SYMPHONYCALM RADIO - TCHAIKOVSKYCALMRADIO.COM - BACHCALMRADIO.COM - CHOPINCALMRADIO.COM - ERIC HARRYCALMRADIO.COM - HARPCALMRADIO.COM - MOVIEOLACALMRADIO.COM - MOZARTCALMRADIO.COM - SOLO PIANOCEU Medieval 128kCFMZCFMZ 128kch_classic_128.mp3Chopin [r] 128kChristmas Carols [r] 128kChroma Classical 128kChroma Opera 128kChroma PianoChroma Piano 128kClasic Beethoven 192kClasic Mozart 192kClassic Channel 119kClassic Composers [r] 128kClassic International [r] 128kClassic1Max [r] 128kClassica Music [r] 128kClassical 24 128kClassical 90.7, Kvno 96kClassical Minnesota Public RadioClassical Music ArchivesClassical Music Archives 128kClassical Music BroadcastClassical ONE Paris [r] 128kClassical Weta 90.9 FM 128kClassical WSMR 89.1Classical WyomingClassicalmusicamerica [r] 128kClassicalways [r] 128kClassique XIX [r] 128kClassy [r] 128kContinu Klassiek 192kCPR - Classical 256kEmisora HJUT 106.9Fokus Musik Classique [r] 128kGioclassic 128kGotRadio - Concert Hall

  • size 25.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Japan Radio - Live Stream Radio

RADIO JAPAN IS THE SIMPLEST AND MOST POWERFUL APP TO LISTEN YOUR FAVORITE AM, FM RADIO Features: * Listen the best radio station and podcast in your country * Save your favorite and view count radio stations will be at the top of list * Search for a specific stations and genres * Full screen playing control to listen radio on the road * Fall asleep listening with a built-in sleep timer * Automatically resume last station on start-up * Automatically reconnect after network loss * Display song name and artists when listening * Airplay support Stream audio to your Apple TV * Record what you hear to listen again even with no internet Download without further delay Radio JapanAMFM * * * * * * * * * Airplay Apple TV Attention: An internet connection is requiredGood listening:FMFM (Shonan Beach FM)J-JamsJ-Pop PowerplayAnimeNfoJapan-a-Radio FM Be Happy 789 (FM)J-Pop Powerplay KawaiiOttava ()BAN-BANFM (FM KARUIZAWA)J-Rock PowerplayFM (Radio Shonan)FM 84.2 (FM West Tokyo) (FM Kurashiki)FM (FM Odawara)FM (FM Uruma)FM (Chofu FM)Vocaloid RadioFM (FM Chupea)FM (FM Senri) (Port Wave)Asia DREAM Radio JapanFM (Sea Wave FM)FM (FM Apple Wave) (Kamakura FM)Anime AMAZEFM Castle 79.0FM (FM Miki) (Dreams FM)FM (FM Hirakata)FM (FM Okazaki) (Okinawa Radio) (FM Onomichi)FM (FM Apple) (Sunshine FM) (FM Shunan)FmHaro 76.1 Radio MOMO ()FM 78.2FM - (FM Edogawa)FMFM (FM Shonan Napasa) FM (Nara FM)FM (Katsushika FM)FM (FM, Happy FM)FM Jaga (Miyako Harbor Radio)FM Ciao FM YameFM21 (Banana FM)FM (Fm Sakudaira)FM (Rainbowtown FM)JPopsuki RadioKittikun Minimal Techno83.5 (FM Takarazuka) (Radio Karos) Radio BingoFM (FM Tanabe) (Yufu in Radio Station)FM KITAQNoas FMDARAZ FM (Radio City) (Kyoto Living FM)FM PiPi (FM Tajimi)COMITEN()FM KofuFM FM (FM Iruka)FMJ-Club Powerplay HipHopg-sky FM 76.5FM 76.1 (FM Kushiro)FM769 (LCV-FM769)FM (FM Hasimoto)FM (FM Karatsu) FM (FM Totsuka)FM (Amami FM)FM Blue ShonanFM (Ringo FM) (FM, Kappa FM)FM (FM Hana)GOGO (FM)Gyusyabu - Retro PC GAME Radio (Rockets785)FMFM (FM Ishigaki)FM (FM Palulun)FM (Star Corn FM)FM (FM Salus)FM (FM Toyomi)FM-POCO () (Wappy FM)FM (FM Kumejima)Pitch FM 83.8 () (Radio Kishiwada)FM Hanako (FM)FM (FM Rivire) (Radio Morioka)Mid-FMCome On FMFMOne 787Suzuka Voice FMFM (FM K-City)NCVGO (FM NCV Go )Kitakata City FMRadio SANQ FM 84.5 ()FM (Kiryu FM)FM With-SFM (FM Shimabara)FM (Kiritampo FM) FM 78.0Hotmix Radio JapanReds Wave (Toyama City FM) (FM Moeru)FM (FM Motobu)H@ FM ()FMDada More Radio (Kesennuma)FM (FM Izunokuni)FM aiai FM (B-FM791)Radio LoveatUnited North () (FM Nagaoka) FMFM (FM Nirai) (FM (FM N1) (Breeze Radio, Kazusa FM) 76.2 (Monster Radio)FM (FM Nanjo)CREATIVE FREEDOM radioRADIO3 FM 76.2 (Nerima Broadcast)CITY (M-wave) (Minoh)FM

  • size 43.3 MB
  • version 2.6.1

Live Stream Radio Japan

RADIO JAPAN IS THE SIMPLEST AND MOST POWERFUL APP TO LISTEN YOUR FAVORITE AM, FM RADIO Features: * Listen the best radio station and podcast in your country * Save your favorite and view count radio stations will be at the top of list * Search for a specific stations and genres * Full screen playing control to listen radio on the road * Fall asleep listening with a built-in sleep timer * Automatically resume last station on start-up * Automatically reconnect after network loss * Display song name and artists when listening * Airplay support Stream audio to your Apple TV * Record what you hear to listen again even with no internet * 12 app themes make more interesting * Make your own RingtonesDownload without further delay Radio Japan Attention: An internet connection is requiredGood listening:J-Pop PowerplayFM (Shonan Beach FM)NHK R1Asia DREAM Radio JapanAnimeNfoNHK FMFM Be Happy 789 (FM)J-Pop Powerplay KawaiiOttava ()FM (FM KARUIZAWA)J-Rock PowerplayTokyo FM WorldBAN-BANJapan-a-Radio FM (Radio Shonan)FMHotmix Radio Japan (Okinawa Radio)Vocaloid RadioJ-Club Powerplay HipHopNHK R2 (Kamakura FM)FM (FM Uruma)WREPFM (Chofu FM)Ghost Anime Radio - Animeradio.suFM Castle 79.0FM (FM Senri)UNFMFM Ciao FM (FM K-City)JPHiP RadioFM (Amami FM)FM (Sea Wave FM) FM (FM Motobu)FM (FM Chupea)FM (Katsushika FM)FM (Fm Sakudaira)FM21 76.2 (FM Aizu) (Miyako Harbor Radio) (Kyoto Living FM)FM (FM Osumi)JPopsuki RadioFM (FM Apple)FM (FM Tanabe)FM (FM Hirakata)FM JagaRadio HayamaFM (FM Okazaki)FM (FM Miki)Suzuka Voice FMJ-JamsFM Blue Shonan (Radio Kishiwada)FM (FM Ishigaki)FM (FM Palulun)FM 76.1 (FM Kushiro)FM (FM Shimabara)FM (FM Totsuka)COMITEN()FM (FM Hasimoto) (FM (Wappy FM) (Minoh FM)FM KITAQFM Sun (Radio Morioka)Kittikun Minimal TechnoFM With-S (Harbor Station) (Radio City)FM (Rainbowtown FM) (Radio Karos)FM (FM Iruka)FM (FM Nirai)FM (FM Kumejima) FM 80.1FM (Kiryu FM)FM (FM Salus) (Radio Tsukuba)FM (FM Tachikawa)g-sky FM 76.5JP Radio JPOPFM (FM Yutopia) FMFM (FM Rivire)CITY (M-wave) (Port Wave)FM (FM Toyomi)Pitch FM 83.8 ()Radio LoveatMid-FM (Nerima Broadcast)I-Wave 76.5 FMDARAZ FMReds WaveBeFMNightwave PlazaFM aiai FM (FM Tango)RADIO3 FM 76.2 (Yufu in Radio Station)FM (Kiritampo FM)Air Station HibikiFM (Takahagi FM)Radio MOMO ()Koreiina FM KahokuFMDada More RadioCREATIVE FREEDOM radioFM 76.4 (FM Jungle)FM (FM Izunokuni) (FM Kurashiki) (FM N1) FM 78.0FM (Star Corn FM)FM Radio BingoFM (B-FM791)FM YameFM Wing ( )FmHaro 76.1 FM (Rikuzentakata FM)YES-fm ()FMOne 787FM (FM Nanjo)FM-POCO () (Toyama City FM)FM 84.2 (FM West Tokyo)Dramas Chingus (FM Onomichi)FM TAROFM (FM Nobeoka)Noas FM (Dreams FM)GOGO (FM)FM - (FM Edogawa)FM 78.2FM (Beach Station)FM (Nara FM)BAYWAVE ()FM LovehkradioRadio 171i (i Station) (Banana FM)FMKOCO ()FM (FM Karatsu)Radio AGATTFM PiPi (FM Tajimi)FM KofuFM 76.2 (Monster Radio)FM (FM Shonan Napasa)FM (FM Apple Wave) (Rockets785)FM Hanako (FM)FM (FM Hana)83.5 (FM Takarazuka)Miyako Disaster Relief FMFM (FM Takamatsu) (FM Shunan)FM Takasaki (Breeze Radio, Kazusa FM)

  • size 49.1 MB
  • version 1.0