Delve into this classic board game style RPG, a tribute to the masterpieces of the 90s which defined the genre. Play in the original dice rolling tabletop style, defeat hordes of orcs, undead, giants and many other terrible creatures. Try the other chapters of the series Arcane Quest 2 and Arcane Quest 3 are both available for free to download

Arcane Quest HD alternatives


Please note that Wyvern is not optimized for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or iPad 2.Wyvern is an indie multiplayer, fantasy/adventure role-playing game designed for mobile. It has a retro look and feel, with old-school graphics reminiscent of late-1980s games. You can disable in-app purchases in the Settings on your device.

  • rating 4.69231
  • size 25.7 MB

Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms is a single player Action-RPG that allows you to roam freely through a unique world. It is an isometric game, inspired by some of the best role-playing games from the past decades; it brings back the old spirit of the classics in many ways: a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system, with different paths to develop your character. You dont remember any relatives in the capital of the Kingdom of Varsilia, but certainly that wont stop you from an opportunity like this The road to New Garand will reveal many surprises, and will teach you that fairytales and legends can become, in fact, very real.

  • rating 4.58824
  • size 185 MB

Endless Adventure - Roguelike RPG

An epic adventure featuring random quests, dungeons generated on the fly, turn-based strategic combat and parties of up to four adventurers. Endless Adventure is what its name implies: An infinite amount of replayability where each adventure is different, and with so many class combinations, it could take forever to go through them all. Ooze portraits by Caroline Nations.

  • size 116 MB

Heroes of Steel RPG

Try the Free Demo Prologue - Escape Red Hill Dungeon and enjoy hours of turn-based tactical RPG. Each of the 4 Story Episodes after the Demo costs $1 and contains 30-40 hours of epic RPG story. If you enjoy strategy games or tactical RPGs, you will enjoy this classic RPG.Join our Community Forum of Steel RPG on Facebook Development Blog us on Twitter Our Other GamesStar Traders RPG

  • rating 3.8
  • size 101 MB

Demon's Rise

Touch Arcades RPG Reload Golden Poncho Winner 2015 (Top 5 Best Original RPGs of 2015) Rated 4 out of 5 Stars - The sheer variety and amount of things to do and play around with outclass most of the games peers in this genre. ~ Touch Arcade Top 10 Best New Games List on MacLife.comRequires an iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2, or iPad 3 or later - will not run on earlier devices. * Requires an iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 or higher.

  • rating 3.9375
  • size 2.11 GB