A simple, secure way to store your lifes metadata, on your phone1. Your data is passcode protected and stored encrypted on your device.2. Easy sharing hooks to email/message your data.


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SEndS - Easily encrypt SMS and Email messages
Safer - Password Manger & Secure Data Account
Secret Bookmarks
TUKey - Secure Password Manager
Locked Folder Vault
Sticky Password Manager & Safe

AnyLocker alternatives

Deep Whois

Deep Whois is the most complete and advanced WHOIS app. The tool lets you lookup info in ALL WHOIS databases for ALL hostnames, domains, TLDs, web sites, IDNs, IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), IP network ranges and autonomous systems (ASNs, ISP IDs).Deep Whois works out of the box and finds ownership, country and more info about everything with no need to mess with complex options and server selection. DEMO VIDEOShttp://j.mp/deepwhois_vidsMORE GREAT APPS Spyglass - augmented reality & GPS navigator Scany - Wi-Fi/LAN network scanner

  • size 20.5 MB

Safety Note+ FREE

You can now keep your most private notes away form unauthorized access. Introducing the Safety Note+. KEY FEATURES Passcode locking for individual folder Dot pattern style Passcode locking style (combination lock, keypad lock) Selectable stylish theme, yet easy to use interface Create and sort your notes by folder Supports move, copy & paste Full orientation support Backup notes from iPhone to PC via iTunes file sharing Share notes within 2 iOS devices with Safety Note+ installed vie Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Full Retina display support Auto save notes Search your notes Email notes This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, you need to purchase only once Visit our website for more apps www.eightythreetech.com

  • size 14.8 MB

iWebmaster Tools - Website SEO & Analytics

UPDATE 2015/10/12: iWebmaster Tools joins the diib family To celebrate the aquisition we decided to make the application freely available, allowing you to optimize your website and grow your business with way less effort. At no extra charge We endorse you to create a free diib account to get access to the right business growth tools, coaching, and support. Here are some E-Learning product examples:- WordPress SEO for beginnersLearn how to SEO optimize your WordPress website- Email Marketing List BuildingThe Secret strategies to massive mailing lists- Social Media Plan of AttackHow to create a Social Media plan that works- Internet Marketing A to ZGetting started with internet marketing the tight way- SEO Starter GuideGoogles SEO manual with useful information webmaster search engine optimization

  • rating 3.8
  • size 63.6 MB


Fast, free domain search. Theres a whole world of domains out there thousands at the top-level and even more beyond. Features:- Search all domains, including the new top-level and country domains- Internationalized domain name (IDN) support- Registrars for all domains- Make an offer for domains that are parked or for sale- Pre-register new top-level domains- Share domains with iOS-native sharing- Buy from the Namecheap app, if its installed

  • size 13.1 MB

Easy QR - Code Scanner

QR stands for Quick Response so isnt that what it should be?Easy QR is a free, lightweight QR code scanner without all the extra stuff that just gets in the way. Just open the app and point it at the code Its that easy. Easy QR will not store any of your information or scans.

  • size 10.6 MB

More Information About alternatives

SEndS - Easily encrypt SMS and Email messages

Messaging privacy in one click. Choose to make any SMS or Email message private giving you confidence to send personal data and images anywhere from any device. Encryption keys are stored in the cloud and not on your device, meaning if your device is lost protected data stays secure.

  • size 62.4 MB
  • version 1.0.3

Safer - Password Manger & Secure Data Account

Safer - Password Manger & Secure Data AccountA fantastic and Secure Password Manager for iOS Store your login credentials and password for every site and socials will you consider, with Safer Password Manager make your data secure Your passcode is stored in system keychain. Even if the app is deleted, the passcode is still there unless you erase them through the app. Now Safer Password Manager is an Universal app (use always with your iPad)Features:- TouchID and Pin support for login- Universal app (compatible with iPad)- Unlock the app with your Finger Print or with a PIN Passcode - Configure one Master Password to access all your passwords - Stores all your login credentials encrypted - Data stored in system keychain - Fast access with a copy/paste function ready to clipboard for a quick use.

  • size 4.9 MB
  • version 2.0


Diary is the most beautiful and simple way to collect your daily thoughts and experiences on your iPhone or iPod touch. Feature Highlights: Password & Touch ID Protection Choose a theme Add photos (incl. Camera+ support) Add voice memos Full text search Export as email Fully encrypted if the device is protected with a passcode key Choose between different font styles and sizes.

  • size 14.1 MB
  • version 1.8.1

Secret Bookmarks

This is a bookmark app that is password protected. It is very simple, internal data is of course stored in encrypted. You can also easily copy the link and open the page by Safari.

  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 1.0.1

TUKey - Secure Password Manager

TUKey saves your login informations in an easy and secure way. You choose one master key to access all your credentials. FEATURES:- Free and secure password manager- Data gets encrypted and is stored on your device- Password generator for creating secure passwords- Safari extension to easily access your login information - iCloud synchronization between your devices- One master key for all devicesThis application has been developed for the Mobile Applications lecture at the Graz University of Technology.

  • size 13.6 MB
  • version 1.0

Locked Folder Vault

Locked Folder is the best, easiest and most secure storage app on the App Store. Store your photos, videos, notes, contacts, bookmarks and passwords behind a MD5-encrypted lock. Full Version Features:- Easy to navigate and elegant user interface- Store photos & videos- Store notes- Store contacts- Store bookmarks- Store passwords- Lock all your information with PIN, dot or alphabetical lock- Secure MD5-encrypted passcode- Break-in reports to keep you notified if someone has tried to break into your data- Open links in Secret Browser (Private surfing mode)- Stunning retina display graphics

  • rating 4.16667
  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 2.1


TeamWarden is a secure password storage and sharing solution for customers of Nittygritty. It allows our staff to secure store and share passwords for servers, switches, firewalls and other hardware, as well as software and websites. Our servers have zero knowledge of your data - only the keys stored securely on your mobile device can unlock your passwords.

  • size 4.9 MB
  • version 2.5


Keep prying eyes away from your private photos using military grade encryption (AES-256). Simple, easy to use, and safe; photos protected with photoCrypt wont appear in your camera roll or other applications. Your secret photos are stored privately and securely on your device protected with either a passcode or password, depending on how much privacy you need.

  • size 29.9 MB
  • version 1.2.0

Sticky Password Manager & Safe

Sticky Password Manager & Safe is a powerful yet simple free password manager and secure digital vault for your phones as well as other desktop and mobile devices. Passwords are about trust and the cloud based solutions especially. Any notes or personal information can be stored, encrypted, safely synchronizes and stored in Secure Memos and then access on any device.

  • rating 3.72414
  • size 23.1 MB
  • version 8.100.3501


If you are looking for a lightweight app to store all your passwords, access codes, credit card numbers and other sensitive data conveniently in one place, then Safely is the right application for you Safely strives to be intuitive and simple to use. A small number of categories allows you to easily organize your data. All transmitted data and data stored in iCloud is always encrypted.- Finally, Safely runs on any iOS device you own

  • size 8.9 MB
  • version 1.5