Do you like anime style stuff?Do you feel good about having kawaii anime girl right in your iPhone or iPad and use it in your iMessage messages?Share stickers with your friends and stick it to your messages while you texting to your contacts. Feel free to download and install this super set of japanese anime girl emojis set for everyday use Anime Girl Stickers are designed to make you happy and your communications through your favourite messenger - iMessage more bright and fruitful. Kawaii Contact for support: [email protected]

Anime Girl Stickers - 80+ Anime Girl Emoji alternatives

Antisocial Alison

Ever feel like your sarcasm just doesnt translate well through text? Or rather, its misinterpreted? With Alison by your side, youll never have to struggle to get your point across ever again

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  • size 3.1 MB

Kawaii Food Sticker

Cute Kawaii Food iMessage Sticker Pack Animated Kawaii Food Hello, cotton candy loving kawaii cream puffs This iMessage Sticker Pack is positively filled with the cutest Kawaii food stickers to send to your friends. Youll make them squee with delight when they receive a smile sushi sticker from you. Remarks: Requires to purchase in-app purchase to unlock all available sticker packs.

  • size 47.8 MB

Liar! i Messenger Sticker

A new set of iMessage stickers is now available Join the characters from the new type of romance app Liar and bring the heat to your chats Plus TalkTime stickers and more, useful for your sassiest conversations How to use:1. Open your iMessage app and go to an existing chat2. Tap a sticker to send directly, or tap & hold to peel the sticker and place anywhere in the chat

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Many miles err leagues beneath the arctic ice lies the utopian city of Narwhalia. A thriving city of splendid magical magnificence, Narwhalia is home to many thousands of mighty Narwhals. This pack includes 50+ stickers of the cutest narwhal ever.

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Official Crunchyroll-Hime Sticker Pack

For anime lovers and fans of Crunchyroll, we debut the Crunchyroll-Hime sticker pack for iMessage Hime is FASTER than any simulcast, more brave than your favorite anime protagonist, and as cute as ANY magical girl. Enjoy 15+ stickers of Hime to bring our favorite, spunky mascot to life Use the stickers to express yourself in iMessage Crunchyroll is a leading global destination and platform for Japanese anime and Asian content. For more Crunchyroll-Hime, make sure to follow us on Twitter - @Crunchyroll

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