Selected as the Best Games of 2015 and Editors Choice on iPhone and iPad in South Korea Requires iPhone 5, New iPad, iPad Mini 2 or newer for stable gameplay.Hack and slash through the demonic Legion and save the world from destruction. Join the Resistance hero, with Angel Stone your adventure awaits Angel Stone is a hardcore hack and slash dungeon crawler of biblical proportions Choose from three classes, Berserker, Gunslinger, or Shadow Mage and explore 60+ missions in a beautifully rendered fully 3D world Enjoy fun, fully cross-platform play Gather the power of the fallen angels and enter the world of Angel Stone Key Features: A deep and immersive multimedia story experience. Note: A network connection is required to play Languages Supported:* English * Deutsch* Franais* Espaol (Europa)* Italiano* (Korean)* (Japanese)* (Simplified Chinese)* (Traditional Chinese)* Bahasa Indonesia* Portugus (Brasil)* (Thai)Support: Policy: of Service: Page:


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Angel Stone RPG alternatives

HIT:Heroes of Incredible Tales

*More convenient data download Game update has got much easier as iOS users can leave the application in the background while downloading the patch. HIT requires iOS 8.0., and is compatible/recommended with iPhone5 and devices with higher processors for optimal gameplay. Visit ( or contact our in-game customer service by going to Settings > Information > Customer Service > Customer Center Thanks for playing Terms of Service: Policy:*Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download HIT.

  • rating 3.61538
  • size 148 MB

Kritika: The White Knights

FEEL THE RUSH KRITIKA: The White Knights* Feel the adrenaline at your fingertips - Play the most exhilarating action RPG that will keep you electrified - Intense EX skills that jump off the screen Call upon a friends Striker to help you dominate * Meet the champions - Noblia: Dominates the enemies with different weapons and her super strong power - The Ice Warlock: Powerful frost magic attack sweeps the enemies off the ground - The Burst Breaker: Sprightly and unpredictable Single strike will blast the entire battlefield - The Eclair: Her second to none versatility will lead the enemies to their ruin - The Blood Demon: Her bloodthirsty spear yearns for lives - The Demon Blade: His blade cuts a bloody path through the battleground - The Crimson Assassin: Cool as ice The battlefield is her playground - The Dark Valkyrie: She seduces with her chains and judges with her scythe - The Berserker: Behold his rage as he destroys everything in sight - The Cat Acrobat: Quick and agile, fall in love with her spunky fighting moves - The Shadow Mage: His eerie shadow will ensnare and annihilate enemies * Experience a game system like no other - Its more fun if you work together Enjoy the new Guild system - Pets that keep your side and make you stronger - Grow stronger through 115 different stages in Stage Mode - Encounter the Monster Wave Attack an endless wave of monsters - Climb and conquer the 60 floors of the Tower of Tribulation - Test your skills in Arena, Versus, and Melee Become the ultimate champion - Work together to defeat powerful bosses in World Boss - Use the Auto-Battle feature to clear stages more conveniently * Minimum Device Requirement: iPhone 4S * This game features an adorable iMessage sticker (iOS 10) * This game provides Apple Watch app. (iOS 10) This game is available in English. * GAMEVIL Official Website :* GAMEVIL Customer Support : of Service: Policy:

  • rating 4.63999
  • size 1.12 GB

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

MMORPG NPC 5 5 BOSS PvP PvP iPhone 4siPod touch5iPad miniiPad 2iPad ProiPhone SEhttp://www.gameloft.comGameloft

  • rating 4.83432

Eternity Warriors 4

Crush enemies and become a hero in Eternity Warriors 4, the latest addition to the hit RPG series 4 HEROES TO CHOOSEHack through enemies as the mighty Warrior, slash them with the lightning-fast Assassin, rain down fire upon them as the Mage, or charge them down as the imposing Crusader. Choose which hero best fits your play-style and jump into the action TONS OF EPIC LOOTCraft or discover rare armor, weapons and loot to enhance your abilities MASTER UNIQUE SKILLSUpgrade both active and passive skills to hold off the demon advance. If you have a problem with this game, please use the games Help feature.

  • rating 4.69231
  • size 569 MB

Darkness Reborn

26[]PC online - - - - - - RPG- 3:3 PvP- 2- , - - - 1296 BossUI255179261 _ , , * Gamevil :* Gamevil1:1 : : :

  • rating 4.73475

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Hack & slash your way into the depths and across the realm in this classic arcade-style dungeon crawler. A great evil has invaded the lands surrounding your people. Choose your hero from one of three classes:* Warrior* Mage* Archer* ThiefVariety of enemies including:* Skeletons* Giant Spiders* Slimes* Orcs* And more

  • rating 3.42123
  • size 16.2 MB
  • version 1.1

Speak to Translate Voice and Text for Language

Speak Now lets you talk in one language and the app says in another language with identical meaning. Voice to Voice & Text to Text. Terms of Use: Policy: Us: [email protected]

  • size 56.2 MB
  • version 1.3


BodyBeat+ is an easy-to-use fitness app which brings the community together. This is the best way to find Personal Trainers, Gyms and Supplement providers anywhere on the globe BodyBeat+ also allows users to create workout routines. Privacy Policy: of Use :

  • size 70.2 MB
  • version 2.0.1

Glory Warrior: Lord of Darkness Epic RPG

Glory Warrior: LoD is new hack n slash, crawler, action packed, fantasy RPGKingdom face new threat. Burning war army of ancient evil came back from lost chaos ethernity to strike thier foes. Hack your way through and slash hundreds of monster enemies Explore the world, defeat enemies and secure a victory.-25 different enemy minions such as undead, zombie warlord, evil watcher, stone golems,assasin ghul, blade goblin, harpy,strong orc, cyclop breaker, ogre,dead elf, kobolt mercenary, vampire, chaos werewolf, mysterious chimera, manticore, troll, skeleton knight, demons, dragon hunter, shadow beast and raven wizard summoners- 25 well designed, monumental, intense levels filled with adventure- Highly detailed, AAA stunning, superior, high-end graphics- Epic storyline- Unique combat style- Random quest raids

  • rating 3.875
  • size 831 MB
  • version 1.0

Picture Translator: Photo OCR

Use your iPhone camera to scan any languages and translate to other languages just with one tap. Picture translator applies machine learning services to detect texts in most of languages from your camera and translate to over 104 languages, instantly. Terms of Use: Policy: Us: [email protected]

  • size 50.2 MB
  • version 1.1

Honolulu Mag

In 1888, when Hawaii was still a monarchy, King Kalakaua commissioned a magazine under royal charter to be Hawaiis ambassador to the world. That magazine was Paradise of the Pacific. Please find our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy here:

Dogfight Elite

Dogfight Elite is a World War I and World War II massive combat airplane simulator. In Dogfight Elite you can fly an airplane, drive a tank or jump out of the plane and defend your position as a soldier. I will read your posts and fix it asap Please read our privacy policy at

  • rating 4.61538
  • size 346 MB
  • version 1.0.78

Ultra Fitness: Gym, Home Workout & Meal Plans

Are you looking to lose weight and get healthier? Well weve made the process easy to achieve. SUPPORT: [email protected] Policy: of Use:

  • size 143 MB
  • version 3.3.10

FluentU - Learn languages

Tired of boring textbooks? FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos Learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, English, Russian, Korean, and Italian with FluentU.Great app. Privacy policy: of Use:

  • rating 4.05556
  • size 107 MB
  • version 1.4.7

Kingdom Age

Build a kingdom, slay dragons, and command your army in Kingdom Age By Funzio, makers of the #1 Top Free Apps in 26 countries, Modern War and Crime City Play with your friends, destroy your enemies, and live by the sword. Kingdom Age brings together city-building, hack and slash action quests, and competitive siege warfare, resulting in an engrossing gameplay experience. The Funzio Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Legal section below and at

  • size 106 MB
  • version 3.8.3