A snapshot of NYC nightlife, Amelia Airhorn is at the center of this mixtape. A living, breathing sample, Amelia serves as the headpiece of the adventure as she experiences NYC nightlife for the first time; its ups and downs and the missteps that occur as she grows up in the fast-paced and hectic environment. The imagery was hand-drawn over found images.


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Welcome to the beautiful mazes world A brand new approach on classic game of solving maze, where you have one big cube as a whole puzzle Look at it from different angles and find the way to the exit while moving across all faces of the cube, every face is connected Pleasant for eye colors of our 3d maze games lite will make you feel comfortable and relief Prove that your solving intellectual skills are the best Relax and immerse yourself in stress relieving games, escape from reality and get lost in mesmerizing labyrinth of colors and hundreds of ways Control a winged runner spirit cute fairy, help her in adventure, quest to find the exit Make your magical avatar very special as you choose from variety of the magical wings before the game Very simple classic concept Be like angel, fairy, butterfly, whatever you want Look at your beautiful new magic fairy Easy lite 3d puzzle game for everyone, for adults and kids, boys and girls You can play it with your family or friends Challenge your friends on big cube mazes & more Try to have best time from them all and prove that you are the smartest Or simply ignore it and take a break, relax and play it purely for fun & adventure games A lunch break, or between lessons, afternoon and by coffee Rest easily by our game on a long ride Beautiful rainbow environment colors will help you get into the game even more Hand crafted animations and effects make that feel even better Run & collect diamonds on the way Become a treasure hunter Find hidden treasures and fortunes Classic adventure like in movies Escape this easy maze runner game Customize the character and labyrinth cube world itself See the pretty magic land as your maze grows with pretty cute trees, rocks and much more The walls have teleports that will make the classic escape puzzle even funnier and more diverse, and every adventure feel like new Let your kids train their solving skills and relax, and try it yourself You deserve some space Simple lite game and reduce stress games Pleasant lite graphics will make it good for boys and girls alike The world changes its colors every time you start the game Various trees on the wall will make this magical feeling even more addictive Best maze runner game out Looking for a challenging games? Just hit the difficulty button and solve the huge cube puzzle, a real adventure Game features changing the style of the 3d cube and fairy Make it special Features:Colorful mazes, run different one every time you play Cute fairy with many wings and shapes to choose from Pleasant color palette that helps you relax Good for kids and adults Adjustable difficulty Train from super easy to extra big hard mazes Infinite replayability Collectable diamonds on the way Coming soon:Multiplayer Find the way and race with your friends for most diamonds and best times, or just travel side by side, with girl or boy, feel free to choose New hazards and traps Avoid holes and spikes and try to find the way in dangerous fairy lands New shapes of mazes A world made of triangles, hexagons and more Giant mazes made of connected cubes for extra challenge The adventure never ends Extra puzzle modes Use teleports to get to the other mazes and find objectives and quest for victory New mode with enemies Avoid them and fly away, use teleports to escape Different difficulties to choose from A big world doesnt have to be hard More cute styles to choose from Water world, lava, jungle, desert, space, magic and many more New crafted avatars Play with angel, spirit, cute animals and other magical creatures Special power-ups Help yourself by jumping across the wall or two

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