Develop your own factory, release a variety of drinks and made a fortune.- BUILD THE REAL PLANT -There are 5 unique workshops, as at real plant:Squeezing workshop allows you to make juice from fruits Mixing workshop allows you to make a hard drinks with the most complicated recipe Bottling workshop will pack your drink and prepare for selling Distillation workshop turns your drink in hard drinks ging workshop can make any beverage much more expensive - 134 UNIQUE DRINKS -In Alcohol Factory Simulator you can make a variety of drinks, including:orange juice, beer, vodka, tequila, cider, vermouth, absinthe, schnapps, liqueurs, schnapps, pepper vodka, absinthe and more.


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Bar Rush: Bartender Simulator

Learn the way of the bartender and become the ultimate drink mixing master with Bar Rush: Bartender Simulator Download this innovative new game today to step into the shoes of a cocktail craftsman and pour up yourself a tall glass of endless fun right now Bar Rush: Bartender Simulator allows players to experience all the challenging fast paced excitement of being a real bartender bound up in a fun mobile gaming package. Over fifty unique ingredients can be blended together to make hundreds of unique drinks. So dont wait, grab a glass and pop open the excitement with Bar Rush: Bartender Simulator Included Features: * Infinite gameplay * Cocktail Glossary * 80+ cocktail creation possibilities * 50+ unique ingredients to choose from * Searchable Online Leaderboard * Exciting 3-step gameplay system: Mix, Shake and Serve * Serves as a full contact learning tool to memorize popular drink recipes New Features Coming Soon to Bar Rush: * Access to iTunes Music Library * Various Difficulty Levels * More Ingredients * More Cocktail Recipes

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