Agendrix is a web and mobile platform that simplifies employee scheduling and time tracking. The iOS app allows employees to access their work schedules on the go, communicate and receive real time alerts. If you have any technical difficulties in using the application, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact our support team via the live chat.
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When I Work Staff Scheduling
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Agendrix for Employees alternatives

Neuvoo Job Search

Search jobs for free on neuvoo. Key Features- The most relevant results- New jobs added everyday- Flexible search: keywords, location, filters- Identify the job offers youve already viewed- Apply to a job or save/email it to apply later- Get the jobs before others do: create an email alert/push notification for your search criteriaKeep millions of job offers at your fingertipsPlease send feedback to [email protected]

  • rating 4.625
  • size 4.1 MB


Never let an opportunity pass you by. With the Harri app, you are able to find your next career move and also connect directly with top hospitality establishments on your iPhone Harri serves up tailored job openings based on your profile. Using the camera on your phone (or pictures and videos from your iPhone library), you can build a media rich profile so employers can go beyond the outdated resume and truly understand who you are and how you can contribute to their company.

  • size 91.0 MB

ZoomShift Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling app with GPS time clock and timesheets. With ZoomShift, you can create work schedules in minutes, forecast labor to sales, and feel confident that everyone will show up when they are supposed to. Managers: Create an account and invite your employees to claim their account.

  • size 25.8 MB

7shifts Employee Scheduling

This restaurant scheduling software app makes it easy to manage employee schedules on the go. Use 7shifts to manage work schedules, communicate with staff, and reduce labour costs and overtime. You will quickly see how scheduling your staff is simpler when everything is managed in one spot.

  • rating 3.4
  • size 46.3 MB

Canada Post

The Canada Post app gives you access to everything you need to track and manage your parcels. Turn on push notifications to receive updates on your parcels delivery status. Features: Track a package View your pickup barcode and add it to your Apple Wallet Find a rate Manage your bills, pay stubs and financial records with epost Find a post office Find a postal code Deliver to a post office of your choice with FlexDelivery Prepare your customs form Create personalized postcards and stamps with Picture PostageFor feedback or questions about the functionality of the app, please contact us at [email protected]

  • rating 4.91837

More Information About alternatives

When I Work Staff Scheduling

Take the time and headaches out of employee scheduling and tracking attendance. Manage schedules, shifts, track time, and communicate with your staff from your iPhone, iPad, or computer. Its free for everything you need to start scheduling your employees.

  • rating 3.93478
  • size 88.0 MB
  • version 5.4.2

Ximble Employee Scheduling and Time Clock

Dont waste time by scheduling and tracking your employees the old way Use Ximbles mobile app to manage work schedules and timesheets on the go. Ximble is an easy-to-use employee scheduling and time tracking tool that is combined with powerful analysis tools and reports. Youll love having the ability to set schedules, track employee shifts, use GPS stamping, GEO fencing and remote monitoring, and the ability to communicate with your entire organization via ximbleChat, the industrys most advanced in-app staff communication and collaboration tool.

  • size 59.2 MB
  • version 1.052

Humanity: Managers

Humanity iPhone application gives staff and managers quick access to their schedules and messages right from their devices. If You have any technical difficulties in using the application, please feel free to send us an email, contact our support via the live chat or report the issues on our forums.

  • rating 1.71429
  • size 19.1 MB
  • version 2.0.45

QSROnline Managing

Finally An app designed with managers needs in mind. Manage and communicate with employees using QSROnlines Managing App in unison with QSROnlines Scheduling App for employees. Features Included:- Approve/Deny Employee Shift Trades- Deny Employee Request Off Times- Send Mass Messages- View Employee Schedules- View Employee Roster

  • size 47.0 MB
  • version 1.2.1

Time Clock Hub

The ultimate app for your business to manage employee schedules. WHY US Simple and easy to use dashboard. Send push notifications to individual employees, or your entire team Upload receipt images for company reimbursement tracking Add, delete and switch employee work schedules Robust employee task management system

  • rating 2.6
  • size 31.6 MB
  • version 1.0


Utilizing UniFocus Time and Attendance Mobile Apps organizations can:*Empower managers to manage remotely with scheduling intelligence thru customized alerts (and quick access to call-ins, late staff clock ins/outs, employees in/not scheduled)*Free up more time for customer and employee interaction and cultivating relationships*Eliminate time theft with an acceptable radius GPS location verification*Increase employee engagement with the power to manage work life balance (easy access to review work schedules, respond quickly to accept shifts, view time cards and to track hours)Managers can:*Control overtime costs with alerts when employees are due for a break or approaching overtime*Ensure quality service for all shifts by quickly creating and sending broadcast messages to see who is available*On the go approvals of scheduling requests*Check schedules anywhere by employee or date*Manage call-ins, late staff clock ins or clock outs, and employees in but not scheduled*Instantaneously access employee contact information for easy communicationEmployees can:*Review work schedules easily*View Time Cards and track hours*Respond quickly to accept shifts*Swap or drop shifts, and request time off from any place at any time*Manage work life by requesting time off quickly*Notify manager with call-in absence or tardy feature*Communicate via message systemNOTE: To successfully login and edit/view schedules, the Mobile App feature must be activated for your property. Please contact your propertys manager to confirm whether this has been done.

  • rating 1.1875
  • size 13.0 MB
  • version 1.2.44


Intellicasting - ScheduleNow: Restaurant Scheduling Made SimpleOur elegant restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to create, communicate and manage your schedules from anywhere. Whats in it for YOU?1. NotificationsEmployees can receive email, text, or push notifications for available shifts, shift reminders and alerts, increasing employee accountability.

  • size 29.0 MB
  • version 1.4.0

iTimePunch: Work Time Clock for Hourly Employee Timesheet Tracking

iTimePunch is a virtual time card that tracks the hours of your employees and aids in scheduling and timesheet tracking. Never lose track of employee hours or pay owed again thanks to our comprehensive paycheck tracking, hourly work cards and schedule assistance. The Boss must have the employees email a timesheet to view GPS locations on this map.

  • size 6.9 MB
  • version 2.9

Zip Clock Time Clock

Zip Clock Time Clock is the easiest way to hold employees accountable to their time. An intuitive clock dashboard allows you to view real-time statuses of all your employees work schedules. Download the app on your iPad and start tracking employee time today APP FEATURES:Real-time Clock Dashboard Labor law alerts for upcoming breachesEasy Clock In/Out via PIN CodeConnect multiple devices to organizationAll time punches recorded in Zip Clock

  • size 5.7 MB
  • version 5.22

TrackSmart Scheduling

TrackSmart Scheduling is the easiest employee time clock and scheduling software available. Track employee attendance and worked hours with our time clock. calls employees can log in to check schedules and request time off.

  • rating 3.2
  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 2.0