ETHOS is an advanced training platform harnessing technology to target systems knowledge, FMS, and procedure training that better prepares pilots for greater knowledge retention and performance during on-site training. This program provides trainees with valuable interactive training in a distance learning environment with the Aerosim Learning Management System (LMS).

Aerosim ETHOS Dash8 Q400 alternatives

B737 MRG

The ultimate knowledge base for professional airline pilots flying the Boeing 737.The B737 MRG explains how to handle 300 different non-normals, that is 100 more than you find in the Boeing QRH This app provides technical system notes and aircraft management advice. Terms and Conditions :The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to this app :

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FAA ATP Written Test Prep

Spend less time studying and more time flying This is the FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP Part 121, ATP Part 135, and Helicopter) and Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) version of GroundSchool, our FAA knowledge (written) test preparation featuring up-to-date questions, free updates, and illustrated explanations written by a professional team of pilot examiners and instructors. GroundSchool is fully compatible with FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) and our editorial team is working to keep it so as ACS continues to evolve. Good luck on your test

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NavTutor provides a visual representation of an aircraft and a holding pattern relative to a navigation aid. This allows you to learn how to determine your position based on the ADF, VOR and Heading Information in the aircraft as well as determine the correct entry pattern for standard and non-standard holds

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Be ready for your next checkride, interview, type rating course, revalidation, multi-crew coordination course, ATP/ATP license, or transition training with AirCards AirCards are a series of aircraft system and procedure reviews covering most Boeing and Airbus airliners, business and corporate jets, turboprops, and other advanced aircraft. The AirCards interface is fast and customizable - allowing you to maximize your study efficiency. Fly Safe, and have fun

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VOR Tracker - IFR Procedure Trainer

VOR Tracker is a small but powerful training tool for pilots. It is the only one of its kind for the iPhone/iPad. The original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison- Share your flights Post your missions on Facebook or Twitter, send them to a friend, or add them to your study notesPrepare yourself without wasting expensive flight time use VOR Tracker to brush up your skills

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