Abu Dhabi Police application provides services for the public users containing :- Traffic profile- Traffic Tickets- Reserved plates- Registered vehicle- Traffic updates- Police station locations- Emergency calls- Abu Dhabi police news- Contact social police- And other helpful functions.


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Abu Dhabi Police alternatives

Maaii: Calls & Messages

Let your communication go beyond limits. Maaii allows you connect to other Maaii friends worldwide with free calls & messages over Wi-Fi or data network With MaaiiOut & MaaiiSMS, you can even call or send messages to friends who are not Maaii users or dont have internet connection at low rates. Reach us on twitter: @maaiiapp

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SliQ - Free voice & video call

TP Smart

TP Smart for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch let you make voice call worldwide with the finest voice quality App Benefits: Can make calls by using Social Data packages in UAEWorks from all over the world Uses iPhone contacts Crystal Clear Quality Satisfaction guaranteed With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. Main features: Making VoIP calls Built-in tunnel for passing through VoIP blockades Connectivity through WIFI, 4G/3G,2G EDGE Integrated contacts from the phone Loudspeaker Balance information Call cost information Time, call status logs How to Activate: 1. Launch TP Smart and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats or directly from Contact list.

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RealCaller Caller id - Lookup

More Information About alternatives

City Police

The City of London Police app provides you with the following useful information: - Maps with points of interest within the City of London (Police Stations, Tube Stations, Train Stations, DLR, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Pharmacies, Fire Stations, Cycle Parking, Visitor Attractions, Public Toilets)- Location Based Services: get up to date information about the area youre currently in (for example, warnings about congestion)- Contact us with the touch of a button- One touch navigation guiding you to the nearest Police Station- Street Level Crime Map: within the City of London you can visualise the locations of crimes within a one mile radius around your current location- A central place to store all your emergency info (including people to contact, your blood type, any allergies)- Access to the City of London Police twitter feed @CityPolice- Messaging service - receive messages directly from the City of London Police through three separate channels (general information, traffic advice, emergency information)- Access to the latest City of London Police news- Information about fraud- Information on how to plan for an emergency- A checklist with items you should always have nearby in case of an emergency Neither the Location Based Information nor the Messaging channels are used to send out advertisements. These features are there strictly for your convenience and your safety. Should you have further questions, please contact us at [email protected] note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • version 2.5

PD Outreach

PD Outreach bridges the gap between Police Departments and their communities. With community policing in mind, PD Outreach is an effective way of distributing information as well as receiving valuable feedback from the public. Some features of PD Outreach are:- Chiefs Message- Department contact information- Report issues such as graffiti, anonymous tips, etc- Frequently Asked Questions- News Articles- Phone Directory- Cop Chat- Emergency Alerts- Officer Commendation- Crime Stats- Links to your Social Media- Most Wanted Section- Polls/Surveys- Employment Opportunities- Resource List- Department Photos- Events Calendar- Neighborhood Forum- Vacation Checks

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LIRR TrainTime

The MTA Long Island Rail Road TrainTime App is the official source of information for LIRR customers and provides LIRR Trip Search & Fares (Schedule and fare information from station-to-station), Station Information (connecting services, taxi information, Elevator/Escalator Info, Ticket Office/Waiting Room hours), Service Status (service status, customer alerts, special service notices), Social Media links along with information on LIRR News, Deals & Getaways, Lost & Found, TripPlanner+, System Maps, Ticket Machine Assistance, MTA Police, Contact Us (Phone or E-mail), Alternative Travel Info, Bike Policy and MTA Accessibility. The LIRR TrainTime App allows you to: Get personalized, up-to-the-minute Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train updates, including train status, schedules, fares and related informationReview individual stations for information related to connecting services (bus connections), taxi information, parking information, escalator/elevator information and status along with Ticket Office & Waiting Room hours. Additional LIRR Options, including the latest information on LIRR News, Deals & Getaways (Packages, Tours or Deals), Lost & Found Inquiries (link to submit form online), TripPlanner+ (allows you to build a trip using all Transit Options), System Maps (LIRR, NYC Subways & Buses and Metro-North), Ticket Machine Assistance, Contact MTA Police, Contact LIRR (Phone or E-mail), Alternative Travel Information (Penn Station, Jamaica, Atlantic Terminal), LIRR Bike Policy and MTA Accessibility Information.

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  • version 1.4

TACC Mobile

TACC Mobile is an application interface to the Texas Advanced Computing Centers services,systems and expertise. It is designed to inform society about the value of advanced computing in everyday life, while also providing powerful features to help registered users better use TACC resources. The app brings the advanced computing power of TACC directly to you wherever you go Public Features Include:* Feature Stories and News: find out the latest news and science enabled by advanced computing* Events Calendar: see up-to-date information on current, ongoing and future events* Systems & Software: browse a searchable collection of current High Performance Computing, Visualization, Storage and Software resources* Connect with TACC: use interactive maps to help guide you to TACCs physical locationsUser Features Include:* User News: be the first to hear about important system maintenance and updates* Consulting Tickets: help is here when you need it through the consulting system where you can create, update and respond to tickets* My Jobs: view the status of your HPC jobs and stay notified when they change* My Projects & Allocations: track of your current allocation status, team members, and recent jobs* Systems Monitor: view current system health and status* Vislab Reservations: browse through upcoming Vislab events and training workshops* Profile: view and update your profile informationTACC Mobile also offers push notifications for news, events, consulting ticket updates, and HPC job status changes so you can stay informed even when youre on the go.

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Mastagni Law

The Mastagni Law Firm provides first responders and private citizens with helpful resources and emergency tools to assist with on-the-job injuries and life-changing events. App Features Accident Log to record pertinent information at the scene of a vehicle accident Ability to capture photos of accident scene and vehicle damage Medical Log in the event you are injured, an automated calendar will keep track of your doctor appointments, dates and allows for notes on medical recommendations 24-Hour access to call our attorneys to report a Critical Incident Exposure Report to submit to our attorneys in the event you have been exposed to a potentially hazardous element Helpful resources on Contract Negotiation Contact form to submit to our attorneysSince 1976, we have been assisting police officers, firefighters, and other safety workers in matters ranging from internal discipline and criminal defense to wage and hour, disability, and workers compensation claims. For over 37 years, the Sacramento law firm of Mastagni, Holstedt, Amick, Miller & Johnsen have served clients throughout California in a wide range of civil law matters, including labor and employment law, wage and hour litigation, personal injury, workers compensation, disability retirement, Social Security disability appeals, and public employment contract negotiations.

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  • version 1.3.1

Ashghal 24/7

Ashghal Customers will have the ability to apply for the most of Ashghal provided services to the public at their fingertips with Ashghal 24/7 app with optimum number of steps in easy way . They can also navigate to get all Ashghal provided services information along with required documents to submit. App features: Register to Ashghal app to apply for e-services Continue as a guest to navigate the app without registration Language Selection (English / Arabic) List of e-services Ashghal registered customers can apply: Enquire Suggest Complain Plot Demarcation House Connection Grease Trap Permit Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) Tankering Permit NOC for Ashghal Damaged Assets Directional Signage Request Street light Installation Request Practical Completion Certificate Removal/Relocation of street light Retrieve previous requests to follow up on service requests status Subscription to Ashghal road announcements notification Select the preferred way of communication (SMS/Email) Navigate Our Services to get info about: Individual related services categorized by Ashghal main departments Company related services categorized by Ashghal main departments Government related services categorized by Ashghal main departments Road Announcements to updates about the road announcements of roads in Qatar Alert us to inform Ashghal of something citizens need to bring to our attention, i.e. a hazard on the road that may cause injury or danger to others Navigate Ashghal Projects to get info about: Key Infrastructure Programs Featured Projects Roads Drainage Building Navigate Tenders to get info about: Open Tenders Open Pre-qualifications Participation Terms FAQs to display the most frequent questions and their answers About Ashghal is an informative page about Ashghal establishment, responsibilities towards Qatar community, and key strategic themes Navigate Media Hub to get info about: Photo Gallery Video Gallery Press Release (News) Contact us through the different communication and social media channels: phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in, and YouTube Map to locate Ashghal customer service locations Favorites to allow Ashghal customers to select their preferred e-services and functions frequently used in one place at their fingertips Customers can edit their profile details at any point of time

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Zimmer Messenger

Group Notifications Made EASY and ANONYMOUS MULTI-PURPOSE APP:Send/Receive text messages with your favorite groups (people, clubs, organizations, etc) without having to share your personal cell phone number or email address with anyone else in the group. Join as many groups as you like. EXAMPLES:1) Principle of an elementary school to instantly broadcast emergencies or announcements to all the parents2) 2nd grade teacher might create a channel just for the parents of the students in his/her class to issue reminders, homework assignments, etc.3) Youth Sports coaches can start their own channel to communicate with all the parents of the children they are coaching4) Utility companies or government organizations can use this to announce alerts or emergencies to the public in a certain geographic area (e.g. Blackouts, Amber Alert, Fire alerts, FEMA, Police, etc)5) Craigslist users can communicate via mobile text messages without every having to disclose their personal cell phone numbers to a stranger6) Retailers can start their own channels and send out coupons and advertisements to customers who wish to keep their contact info private7) Neighborhood watch programs to anonymously report suspicious activity to everyone in the neighborhood8) Corporate employee communications, anonymous surveys or suggestion box, reminders, directions, meetings, etc.9) Event coordination, high school reunions, food drives, church announcements, bible-study, etc.10) Blogging, venting, socializing, fun11) Breaking news, local traffic conditions, bus-schedules, etc.12) Any kind of Group Activity

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Sessions Surf Journal

newSprout Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the Sessions Surf Journal (SSJ), a mobile application for iPhones that allows users to catalog, track and share their surfing journal entries. Sessions in available now and can be downloaded for FREE Sessions allows users to do the following: Catalog, track and share your surf sessions with friends Check out other surf-related social media sites containing updates from your bros as well as other local and global community feeds Establish and track beach improvement programs including clean up initiatives, water quality monitoring and ocean activism Monitor how many pieces of trash you have removed from beaches and actually earn points, badges and prizes for being active on the Sessions app as well as on the beach Expand your surfing network and ocean knowledge while having fun doing it Sessions features include: USER PROFILE: highlights your name, profile photo, board quiver and contact info NEW ENTRIES: Instantly share surf session notes, photos, who you surfed with, what board you rode, where the break was, wave ratings and overall surf and weather conditions; you can share your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and within the Sessions (SSJ) Community data fields COMMUNITY: Keep your finger on the pulse of your bros entries and check out other regional and international feeds as well; view others photos, ratings, notes and more; search trending topics, like or comment on others surf session entries- Connect SURF JOURNAL: View all your previous entries, badges and share via Facebook and Twitter BOARD QUIVER: Add a name and description for each of your boards, as well as check out other SSJ members rides; keep track of any changes, fin set-ups, repairs and dings BREAKS: Geo tag all your favorite surf breaks for future surf sessions and contribute to the SSJ database as well BRO LIST: Add your friends and other SSJ community members to your Bro List and keep track of whos surfing where, how conditions were, and connect with them via the comments section on the app; you can also invite your friends to download Sessions Surf Journal and join the active surfing community via your Address Book, Facebook, Twitter or just send them an email invitation TRASH PICK UP: This feature gives back to Mother Nature and our larger initiative to help make things right at the beach; track how many pieces of trash you picked up each time youre at the beach; track the member who picks up the most trash, or has the most surf sessions and see who receives a sweet prize and be featured on our site at the end of the year LEADERBOARD & BADGES: Each time you use the app, youll earn points and badges for participation; you can track who has the most surf sessions or pieces of retrieved trash; compete for fun and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard with each new entry LINKS: Check out links to our partners, sponsors and related charitable organizations who also care about the ocean About newSprout Foundation:newSprout Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing mobile and web applications for charity with an eye on the oceans, shorelines and beaches of the world. DoubleDutch, the category leader in mobile engagement application development for events and sales teams, created this app using Flock for more information please go to: http://www.doubledutch.me

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  • version 1.4