A complimentary app developed especially by AVerMedia that supports automatic DVB-T and ISDB-T TV signal detection is available now on App Store. Full channels scan, EPG, and bilingual audio are included as well. Whether youre standing in line for public transport or waiting for an event to start, AVerTV Mobile enables you to watch TV from your iPhone or iPad.


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Tivizen Pico2 DVB-T
TVCenter WiFi
WiTV Viewer
WiTV2 Viewer
Atemio 4you AirPlayer
WinTV Extend
Nevo Smart Phone
Lingea English-Spanish Advanced Dictionary

AVerTV Mobile alternatives

tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi

This application is a tool to view DVB-T broadcast on iOS devices. To use this program, you need a device called tivizen, which receives DVB-T broadcast signal and transmit it to your iOS device via Wi-Fi network. - Scrambled TV channels are not supported.

  • size 50.8 MB

More Information About alternatives

Tivizen Pico2 DVB-T

Note) This application requires iOS 7 or higher in order to run properly. It can run on iOS 6.x, but not stable. * Features : - Scanning DVB-T channels - Watching DVB-T TV channels - View program guide information(EPG) - Web browsing while watching TV - Editing TV channels - Adjust volume - Full screen video display - Audio Selection(in case of multiple audio stream)- Channel Scan Result Saving* Supported Apple devices : - iOS 7 or higher- iPhone 6/iPhone 6+- iPhone 5/iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C- iPod touch 5th generation- iPad 4/iPad Air/iPad Air 2/iPad mini/iPad mini 2* Caution : - TV channels with High Definition(HD) video may not be fully supported.- Scrambled TV channels are not supported.

  • size 20.0 MB
  • version 1.0.6194

TVCenter WiFi

Turn your Apple device into a mobile Freeview, TNT, and DVB-T digital TV receiver Use this app with the Hauppauge myTV Wi-Fi Mobile TV device and enjoy watching live digital TV wirelessly at home or outdoors (great for watching digital TV in the garden, camping, on the beach, or anywhere outdoors with a good digital TV coverage)Features Watch live digital TV on your Apple device No dataplan usage, saving you money at home and abroad Watch and record digital live TV Record your favourite shows directly on your Apple device then watch them later ( great for catching up on your favourite TV programs while traveling) Program guide included. How does it work?TVCenter WiFi requires myTV Wi-Fi which is a small hardware accessory that has a built in DVB-T tuner. Playback quality of high bitrate channels may be limited by 802.11g Wi-Fi network bandwidth.

  • size 30.4 MB
  • version 1.2.50

WiTV Viewer

WiTV Viewer lets you watch Free-to-Air TV anywhere you go using your iPhone and iPad device. Enjoy Free to view channels without using your airtime, 3G/LTE or any internet connection WiTV is a portable tuner that receives live, high-quality broadcast TV and transmits signal via WiFi to your iPhone or iPad. System Requirements:- WiTV Viewer with compatible TV tuner (DVB-T/ISDB-T)- iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone (iPhone 3GS or later) or iPad with iOS 5.1 or later

  • size 29.0 MB
  • version 1.0.9

WiTV2 Viewer

WiTV2 Viewer lets you watch Free-to-Air TV anywhere you go using your iPhone and iPad device. Enjoy Free to view channels without using your airtime, 3G/LTE or any internet connection WiTV2 is a portable tuner that receives live, high-quality broadcast TV and transmits signal via WiFi to your iPhone or iPad. System Requirements:- WiTV2 Viewer with compatible TV tuner (DVB-T2)- iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone (iPhone 3GS or later) or iPad with iOS 5.1 or later

  • size 29.4 MB
  • version 1.0.7


Flex IPTV allows you to view live and non-live TV/stream technology-based IPTVFeatures: Remote playlists, auto-update playlists from external sources Local playlists, upload playlist via Browser or iTunes Powerful built-in player supports all popular stream formats, subtitles/audio track switch, video equalizer Auto-reconnect for unstable sources; History of watched channels; Favorite channels, simple add and manage; XMLTV EPG support; Parental control with Touch ID and pin. This app does not contain built-in playlists, and is only a client that allows you to watch TV online. Supports playlists in the format m3u or xspf.

  • size 81.4 MB
  • version 1.8.2

Atemio 4you AirPlayer

The official streaming app for your Atemio receiver With this app you can watch your tv wherever you are and use a new way to interact with your TV A grid based EPG browser, recording scheduler, zapping, streaming and a virtual RCU let you interact with your receiver with a new modern user interface. Transcoder is available with Atemio Nemesis model. Complete features list:- Easy to use UI- Live streaming- IPTV streaming- EPG with grid view- Embedded player- Transcoder support- Records management (add, edit, delete)- Add records, tv zap, or stream directly from EPG- Virtual RCU- Automatic STB discovery and configuration- Automatic transcoder management- Automatic detect if youre in your LAN or not- Automatic channels icon generation This app work only with Atemio receivers Supported models: ATEMIO NEMESIS - ATEMIO 5200 HD - ATEMIO 6000 6100 6200 HD

  • size 102 MB
  • version 1.3

WinTV Extend

WinTV Extend enables you to stream live TV and recordings from your PC at home to your iOS device. This easy to use application lets you watch your favorite TV channels and shows across your home network or the internet using Wi-Fi. - Supports HD-PVR and Colossus, for high definition capture from set top box receivers or game consoles - Auto fullscreen when the device is rotated to landscape Supported devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, running iOS 7.0 or later.

  • rating 1.65
  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 1.0.32349

Nevo Smart Phone

Nevo Smart Remote is a universal remote control app that works in conjunction with a separately purchased IR bridge. There are two primary types of IR bridge products: A Bluetooth Smart to IR hub or a WiFi to IR adapter. Features: Requires Bluetooth Smart-to-IR or WiFi-to-IR bridge device that can be purchased separately Smart setup wizard makes setup fast and easy Controls TVs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, media streamers, game consoles, audio devices, Blu-ray /DVD players, and other deviceso Covering over 6,000 unique brandso Setup is as easy as testing a function and answering YES or NO Activity-based control including WATCH TV, WATCH MOVIE, LISTEN TO MUSIC, and custom activitieso Volume controls assigned for each activityo Content source assigned for each activityo Auto input switching upon activity launch On-screen electronic program guide enables content browsing and selection to occur without impacting the display on the TVo Just tilt your phone sideways to access the iPhone guide and tilt it back upright to go back to remote control mode Guide data may not be available after two yearso Access to program info, cast and crew, and program photoso Tap WATCH NOW and the channel will change to the selected programo Note that not all regions or TV service providers are included Supports multiples rooms a different IR bridge is required for each room When paired with a Nevo Portal Bluetooth Smart to IR bridge, the app enables Nevo Portal key functions to be assigned by the user

  • size 120 MB
  • version 10.43


HomeGuard Care works with the HomeGuard Smart Wi-Fi Cameras and enables you to live view your home, your pets or your office from anywhere in the world for peace of mind. Simply scan the QR code on the camera and enter the password to start viewing your cameras. Some Features as follows:- Superb Picture quality with HD 720P/1080P Resolution-Remotely Control Camera via computer& Smart devices-One key Wi-Fi configuration via Smart App-High Quality 2 way Audio-Local Micro SD storage up to 128GB (card not included)-Motion Detection, Send Picture or video to Micro SD card/FTP/Email -HomeGuard Care supports only the following HomeGuard models (July 2016): HGWIP710 HGWIP720 HGWOB751HGWOB753HGWIP811HGWIP818

Lingea English-Spanish Advanced Dictionary

Lingea English-Spanish Advanced Dictionary is a contemporary up-to-date off-line electronic pocket-size dictionary designed especially for beginners, learners and travelers. The dictionary features: - Over 41 000 entries which were carefully selected to suit the real needs of users in terms of everyday communication and travel- Over 13 000 useful phrases and example sentences for everyday use and travel- A total of 99 700 translationsTo make it as much user friendly as possible these functions are included: - Automatic language recognition - no need to switch the directions - Mistyping suggestions and instant index no need to type entire word- Tables of forms of every entry - Clicking-through the equivalents just double-click and verify any displayed equivalents - High-quality pronunciation audio by native speakers for most of the entries - Pronunciation transcription included for every entry - Split View support - Adding words to Favourites- Automated translation when copying to clipboard - Keyboard shortcuts (for hardware keyboards only)All these, content and functionalities, make this ideal help for everyday use whether at school, home or on holiday. We do our best to keep our dictionaries up to date all the time and provide a real picture of current language.

  • size 100 MB
  • version 2.4