Whether you are photographer, cinematographer or even painter, one oft the fundamental elements when composing a picture or artwork is to visualize and frame. With the ALPA camera the photographer performs this task via the optical viewfinder and masks per focal length/format, via the ground glass, an external viewfinder or other means. Some outstanding functions within ALPA eFinder II: - save pictures with multiple masks and GPS coordinates - use original formats as well as overlays with other aspect ratios- prepare and use up to 20 different camera setups- use semi-transparent gray masks for frames just by tapping - use camera-like autofocus, auto-exposure and Quick Control Screen


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Reuk - Camera with manual controls

ALPA eFinder II alternatives

Develop! Film Development Timer

Develop your film with a smile Develop Film Development Timer is a flexible and elegant timer suitable for film and darkroom use. Create your own development recipes through a very simple and intuitive process. Please visit http://www.thehalideproject.org/Please support our Kickstarter campaignhttps://goo.gl/bZp2Ms

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  • size 52.1 MB

Tilt Calculator

The original Tilt Calculator, on your favorite AppStore since 2012 A tilt-shift lens allows to move the plane of focus at will within the boundaries of the lens settings. Tilt Calculator determines the best settings of your tilt-shift lens so you can adjust it accurately, and get the focus precisely where you want to No need to carry printed charts, tables etc. (Exit the spirit level using a 2-finger tap as well).We welcome feedback and suggestions You can send in-app email directly :) And of course, we welcome reviews in the AppStore :)

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PlanIt! for Photographers

This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers and those who are interested in night photography, city photography, time-lapse, star-trails, milky way or astrophotography: look no more, this is the ultimate app for you - the PlanIt Ansel Adams dedicates the beginning of his first book Taos Pueblo to visualization. He introduced the idea of previsualization, which involved the photographer imagining what he wanted his final print to look like before he even took the shot. More video tutorials at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bna8_Mj8Bso&index=1&list=PLTmlTTxPbBbeu8Yx4paLUytV8z60SSL_w

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Reciprocity Timer

A simple and effective film reciprocity calculator for photographers. Select a film type and metered exposure time - the calculator will provide a reciprocity compensated exposure time. You may need to setup Reciprocity Timer in Settings -> Notification Center to ensure the apps timer can notify you when exposures are ending and your device is asleep.

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Phocus Mobile

Phocus Mobile enables you to remote control a Hasselblad camera and perform basic browsing and rating of images. It connects to a host that can either be the Phocus by Hasselblad software running on Mac or Windows or alternatively directly to one of our WiFi equipped cameras. Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

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Reuk - Camera with manual controls

Take full control of your camera, with Reuk you get complete control over your photos exposure so you can make it look exactly the way you want it to. And if you have an iPhone 6s or newer you can also shoot in RAW so that you have the most flexibility when post processing your photos Its very easy to change any parameter to your preference, just choose what you want to edit and swipe on the viewfinder. Other features- Shoot in RAW, RAW + JPEG, or JPEG [requires iPhone 6s or newer].- Use either the wide angle or telephoto lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus.- Choose between the wide angle and telephoto lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus to always open the app to that focal length.- Live histogram to help you expose your photos.- Show a loupe when focusing to make sure your photo is focused correctly.- Choose either a 5 or 10 second timer so you can be on the photo or to avoid any vibrations in your photo when using a tripod.- The viewfinder shows you 100% of what your camera sees, so you get to see exactly what youre going to get once you take the photo, no guessing what part of the photo the viewfinder is cropping, and you can use the grid to help you set up your shots.- Use the levels to make sure your photos are just right.- Automatically uses Optical Image Stabilization when available.

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  • version 1.4


Take your camera-equipped iPad back in time with a full-featured steampunk 4x5-inch field camera. FieldCam is about having great fun while taking great photographs FEATURES* Glorious steampunk interface* The Time Machine lets you pick from eight different epochs each with their own visual identity (some colour, some B&W) from 1855 on * Spot or multi-zone exposure metering* Control focus and spot-metering points-of-interest independently* Optional framing grid to help you keep your verticals and horizontals where they should be* Lockable focus, exposure and white balance* Nine colour and B&W photo filters, with level control* Optional real-time preview* Optional image flip, for a true view camera experience* Optional Night Mode allows long exposures in low light (<1 second)* Correct proportions reflect the 4-inch by 5-inch* viewfinder (1.25:1, rather than the standard, unnecessarily stretchy, 1.33:1perfect for printing at 8x10 )* Period-styled photographs provide a true, sharp, grunge-free vintage feel: these crisp photos look like they would have when new* 5X digital zoom* Saves straight to Camera Roll* Review your photographs and share them via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagramor open them directly in an editing app* Full in-app user guide* As always, Jag.grs full-service technical supportIf you think your iPad might be a tad bulky to use as a camera, just marvel at how much slimmer and lighter this steampunk alternative is when compared with an *actual* Victorian field cameraand how much more capable Built on the same core technology used for Jag.grs groundbreaking iPhone app 645 PRO, FieldCam gives you the chance to take great photographs with your iPad, while having great fun * On iPad 2 and later, the viewfinder is exactly 4x5 inches. On the big iPad Pro its, well, bigger

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  • size 22.7 MB
  • version 3.11