Sleepace focus on sleep monitoring,sleep-aid, smart alarm.1.Sleep-AidReliable sleep mechanism with light and music enabling instant sleeping.2.Smart AlarmWaking up in the most suitable time creating good mood every day. 3.Sleep MonitoringAccurate sleep monitoring facilitating targeted improvement suggestions.4.Apple HealthYou can upload your sleep data, including sleep time, fall asleep time, sleep score, sleep cycle, heart rate and breath rate, to Apple Health.

AHB Sleep Tracker alternatives

Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed and learn more about the benefits of great sleep. [Premium feature]- Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep.- Optional vibration settings.2 ALARM DEACTIVATION MODES- Press and hold to stop- Shake the device for a short period.3D Touch support- Quick start an alarm- Quick start a nap- View your the diagram of your last recorded sleep sessionPREMIUM VERSION (available as an in-app purchase) unlocks the following features:- Detailed sleep statistics- Unlimited history- Full access to sound recordings- Powernap modes- Access to all wake-up melodies- Access to all sleep aid programs- Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips- Wakeup melodies from your iTunes libraryWeb: @neyboxhq

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SleepCycle - Sleep Cycle Tracker, Record and Alarm

This is the best and complete application to help you for better sleep, we did big significant improvements for the sleep cycle tracker, It track your sleep cycle every day with astonished chart graphic, just put your phone next or under your pillow, it will tracking your sleep as magic device, and you can record moods and notes tag for every night. If you are using sleep cycle, sleep time, Sleep bot and other sleep cycle application, you must not miss this professional SleepCycle - Sleep Cycle Tracker, Record and Alarm. Feature:- Sleep Cycle tracking and recording- Timer with natural melodies- Alarm rings even in silent mode- Background mode - set your alarm and exit SleepCycle - sleep analysis will continue in the background- Choose any you like nature sounds capes to fall asleep; - Sleep notes and mood recording- SleepCycle fully supports iOS8 and the Apple Healthkit, Submits sleep analysis and share the data with Apple Health App- Long term graphs - track sleep quality, see which days of the week you sleep best and much more- Microphone monitor feature will help calculate the surrounding noise to show better sleep cycle analysis result, Keywords: Sleep, Cycle, sleep tracker, relax melodies, lullabies, sound effects, sounds, music, soft music, natural music, yoga, Meditation, zen, deep sleep, sleep assistance, insomnia, high quality, music melodies, DIY music, natural, Awake, nap, HealthkitRECOMMENDATIONSleep tracking will continue run in background mode, please dont clean it in your phones background;SleepCycle monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone, so please try to place your phone close to your body;If you have any problem , please contact us through email ([email protected])Enjoy it and give us more suggestion, we need more supports Dreams,Mookoolaa Team

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HeartWatch. Heart & Activity

HeartWatch is so good, youd think Apple built the app itself. John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. You can also import heart rate readings from other sources and devices.

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Sense - The insightful sleep system

The Sense app requires Sense. Learn more at Works with HealthSense can sync your sleep data to the Health app.

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Beddit Sleep Monitor

SET OUT TO SOLVE YOUR SLEEP - WITH NOTHING TO WEAR Learn about your sleep patterns, connect your daily habits to your sleep quality to make good sleep a habit.- Just place the unnoticeable Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor on your mattress under your bedsheet and go to sleep - no gadgets to wear, no buttons to push. - In the morning youll get uniquely comprehensive and accurate results, which you can follow over time with long-term trend views to mark your progress. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

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