Increase your ACT score with section-specific test prep. Developed by a team of ACT insiders who know the test, ACT Mastery has all the secrets, tips and hints you need to achieve your highest possible score. Choose from: 1,000+ practice questions, answers and complete explanations 100+ terminology flashcards Proven test-taking and study strategies to help you raise your score Immediate feedback to track your overall progress In depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses

ACT Mastery 2017 Prep alternatives

ACT Up - ACT Test Prep and Tutoring

Set your ACT test prep books aside and download ACT Up, the worlds most advanced mobile ACT test prep solution featuring delightful interaction, regimented practice, and adaptive feedback. Sound too good to be true? If you wish to renew, you can simply subscribe again.

ACTFlash - ACT Prep and ACT Practice

Get the score you want on the ACT With ACTFlash, studying has never been easier. Put down those thick review books and download ACTFlash, the only ACT reviewer youll need. Contact Us [email protected]

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ACT Online Prep

Note: This is a free mobile app which will only work for existing ACT Online Prep users. The ACT Online Prep app gives you convenient access anytime, anywhere to the best interactive ACT test prep option availablebecause it is from the creators of the ACT. It also gives you access to a rich library of study resources and charts a study path tailored just for you so youll do your best when you take the ACT.With ACT Online Prep, you can:* Refresh your knowledge in all of the academic content areas assessed by the ACT* Take a short-form ACT test to receive a predicted ACT score range* Identify your strengthsand work on areas where you could improve* Follow a personalized learning path based on your short-form ACT results to build confidence and prepare efficiently* Adjust your schedule based on your timeline for taking the ACT* Reinforce your learning with practice questions and explanations of answers* Simulate the test-taking experience using an actual ACT test* Play built-in games that help you review for the ACT* Set up easy-to-use dashboards to monitor your progress at a glance and stay on track

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ACT Exam Prep 2017 Edition

Pocket Prep is your award-winning tool in mobile learning and exam preparation. Questions are super helpful and love the explanations with every single answer. Contact us through the apps support section at any time for a response within 24 hours.

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ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards

Thousands of students have studied with Magooshs world class video lessons and practice questions. With this app, you can bring all of Magooshs expert content with you on the go. Dont wait until the last minute to start studying, let us be your study guide and download ACT Prep & Practice from Magoosh today

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