Test your love compatibility with Love Test Love Test is the best and most popular love compatibility calculator in the App Store Please note that this app is intended for entertainment purposes only Enter the names of two people and A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator will test their compatibility and return their love test score. Try scanning:- Your friends- Celebrities- Your family- Girl with a guy- Girl with a girl After finding the Love Test Score you are able to: Read an analysis of your score Email the result and analysis to friends

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love finger scan

Do you love them? Find out how you go together with the SCAN -name matching-finger scanning-voice analysis-motion analysis

Hot O Meter - scanner & tester for hotness

Hot O Meter is the AMAZING free TALKING face scanner app that scans your photos and tells you whos hot How it works: - Start the Hot O Meter and take a new photo or choose an existing photo from your album from within the app. - Press start and the Hot O Meter scans over your photo then speaks you the result - Share your results directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can choose who is HOT * This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true looks detecting functionality Woman image courtesy of marin and man image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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LoveCalc - The Free Love Calculator

Ever wonder if youre compatible with that person sitting across from you in Math Class? How about your new boyfriend/girlfriend?Well stop wondering and calculate it with this FREE Love Calculator and within seconds you will have your answer. NEWFull support for the new retina displays.