3-2-1 Quit Smoking Now is an interactive and very easy to use app that gives you important tools to help you quit smoking. Unlike many other quit smoking apps, 3-2-1 Quit Smoking Now is based on proven scientific methods. Features:* Determine how addicted to smoking you really are using scientific methods* Find out which medications may be best for you and how to get them* Learn the immediate and long-term health benefits of quitting* Calculate how much money you could save by quitting* Find out how likely you are to start smoking again after quitting

3-2-1 Quit Smoking Now! alternatives

JustQuit - Quit Smoking App For A Healthy Smokefree Life

Do you want to quit smoking? Or have you quit already and need motivation to stay quit? If you want to live a healthy smoke free life, get this app right now

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HypnoHero - Create Your Own 100% Custom Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, Deep Sleep,Weight Loss & more.

BONUS Get a FREE ebook with every download.1. Food Remedies2. Success Programing: Give yourself precise instructions on what to think, how to act, what to feel, and what you want your body to do?

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Slow Stop Lite - Quit Smoking!

Welcome to SLOW STOPThis easy to use app is designed specifically to help smokers take control over their desire to smoke and to slowly but surely, become a non-smoker.technical collaboration by Chamin Morikawa (Yubi Interactions)

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Gotta Smoke?

Free for a limited time Overcoming a nicotine addiction is very difficult, but it can be done. Gotta Smoke determines your regular, everyday, smoking habits, creates and assists you in following a quitting smoking routine. - Phase Two (estimated duration of 30 days) During this phase, the app will gradually adjust the time interval between your cigarettes using data from Phase One, as well as making adjustments to your smoking habits as you progress with the program.

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