2Meet is a easy-to-use mobile solution for scheduling business meetings at conferences and trade shows. Just four steps: fill out your profile, find the individual you need, offer to schedule a meeting, and obtain confirmation. Connect and grow your business Log in through one of the following social networks: - Facebook - Google - LinkedInFilling out your profile - you can only fill out your profile when you have an upcoming conference - enter all the information about yourself so you can be found easilyPeople search - use filters to sort through the contacts you need - enter a position or company into the search field, or enter a name to find a specific person Sending and receiving meeting requests - invite the people you need by choosing meeting locations from a list of suggestions and wait for confirmation - accept incoming requests and confirm meetings at a convenient time for you - decline a request if a meeting will not be relevant for you - once your meeting request is accepted or you accept someone elses request, you will automatically be added to one anothers contact lists and will be able to communicate via chatChat - chat becomes available once you have accepted a meeting request or one of your requests has been accepted - the status of your meeting is displayed in chat: confirmed, awaiting confirmation, not scheduled (declined) - exchange additional contacts, reschedule meetings, or just chat - if need be, you can call the other partyMeeting planner - when you accept a meeting or a colleague accepts your meeting request, theres no need to worry about scheduling several meetings at the same time 2Meet automaticallyschedules new meetings only during times that are free in your schedule - when you delete a meeting from your planner, the person you were going to meet with receives a cancellation notification - Youll never miss a meeting a notification will be sent to you five minutes before a meeting begins

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DROP: Exchange business cards

1) Does your acquaintance have a paper business card? Just snap a picture of it, and we will send your contact details via sms.2) Is Drop already installed on your new acquaintances device? For more information visit http://getdrop.net

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