Learn more about transitioning from GarageBand to Logic Pro X
Wirelessly play any software instrument in Logic Pro X from your iPad Pro, iPad, or iPhone and easily shape your sound as you go. On iPad Pro, Logic Remote takes advantage of the massive display to enhance your ability to play Touch Instruments, dial in the perfect mix, and access more key commands. And Logic Remote works on iPhone, so it's easy to control your recording session where and when you want — even from the booth. Download Logic Remote from the App Store
8&v0 www-us-logic-pro-app-logic-remote MainStage 3 is the live-performance companion app for Logic Pro X and is available from the Mac App Store. It

iOS alternatives

  • Sailfish OS

  • Mobile-optimized with the flexibility, ubiquity and stability of the Linux core and a cutting edge user experience built with the renowned Qt™ platform.

    tags: minimalistic mobile-operating-system operating-system
  • Windows 10 Mobile

  • Windows 10 Mobile is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. Some features include : Live Tiles, Kid's Corner, Photos + SkyDrive, Rooms. It also allows you to Take your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote notebooks on the road, and automatically upload every photo and video you take on your phone to SkyDrive for safekeeping (with a choice of full or lower resolution).

    tags: mobile-devices mobile-operating-system operating-system
  • Tizen OS

  • Tizen is an open source mobile and device operating system based on Linux developed by Samsung and Intel.

    tags: 3d-effect html5 lightweight linux-based mobile-operating-system
  • Plasma Mobile

  • Plasma Mobile turns your phone into a fully open hacking device, just like a PC. You can join us to start building new mobile experiences now.

    tags: linux-based mobile-operating-system
  • OxygenOS

  • OnePlus launches their own Lollipop-based ROM. Available now for download:

    tags: Root android-rom customizable gestures mobile-operating-system
  • Astian OS

  • Astian OS, is an operating system based on Firefox OS, developed by the Astian Foundation. Astian OS was born in 2016 with the objective and mission to innovate in the world of mobile operating systems and to continue the work of having a mobile operating system developed with HTML 5, CSS, and JS. Astian OS is scalable open and is a platform that allows to interact with the devices from the web with great orientation to IoT.

    tags: customization html5-based mobile-system-operating operating-system scalable
  • QtMoko

  • QtMoko is debian distribution for Linux based SmartPhones, like Openmoko Freerunner and Goldelico's GTA04 phone. Phone and user interface is based on QT Extendeded formerly known as Qtopia..

    tags: Discontinued debian-based linux-operating-systems mobile-operating-system operating-system
  • B2G OS

  • B2G is a community maintained open source operating system for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices. The project was started in 2011 and is based on the Linux kernel and Gecko rendering engine. The entire user interface is built using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and can be used to launch and use web applications. Since Mozilla discontinued their commercial Firefox OS smartphone program the smartphone part of the project is entirely maintained by Mozilla's volunteer community, and branded as B2G OS. »

    tags: html5-based mobile-operating-system operating-system
  • H5OS

  • H5OS is a mobile OS based on Firefox OS developed by Acadine Technologies.

    tags: html5-based mobile-operating-system operating-system scalable