\_()_/:shrug: is an iMessage app and keyboard extension designed to help you type the worlds best emoticon with a single tap. Install the iMessage app to :shrug: while texting. As featured on technical.ly: http://technical.ly/brooklyn/2016/02/12/stop-copy-and-pasting-and-get-the-app-that-adds-the-shrug-emoticon-to-your-keyboard/

:shrug: alternatives

Dice Ex Machina

This set of role-playing dice is fast, not fancy. There are no beautifully rendered translucent 3D dice tumbling to carefully calculated physics here. If the party wizard unleashes a spell that does 15d6 damage on your hapless ambush, then this is the app for him too.

  • rating 4.75676
  • size 28.6 MB

Lenny - funny random faces generator and stickers

Tired of your job? You argue too much with your wife/husband/dog/self? BE THE LENNY.

Emergency Chat

Emergency chat can be used in any situation where speech is impossible but communication is still necessary. The splash screen has a base text that explains to the person you gave your phone to that you cant use speech and want to use this app to communicate. You can then continue to the next screen which has a simple chat client.

Shrugster | Keyboard for Shruggies

Shrugster is a free iOS keyboard featuring the shruggie and six other characters. Like emojis, but cooler.\_()_/Install instructions: Go to Settings, then General. Optimized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

  • rating 4.53333
  • size 12.0 MB

Japanese Emoticons - Free

Experience the world of Japanese emoticons with the free version of the official Japanese emoticons app Preview over 2,500 different kaomoji and emoji emoticons arranged through 50 different categories and save your favorites in the convenient and fully editable favorites menu. When youre done browsing the collection of emoticons create your own or generate them randomly and share them with your friends The best app for Japanese emoticons, Emoji, Dongers and Kaomoji is one click away*: o()o :*

  • rating 4.0
  • size 10.4 MB