internetVista Monitoring!

internetVista Monitoring alternatives

  • UptimeRobot

  • Monitors your websites every 5 minutes, totally free. Get alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter or RSS. Add up to 50 websites. Monitors can be refreshed for an instant check with a click. Supports https and authentication with user/password.

    tags: let-s-encrypt-support public-status-page twitter-notification uptime-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Nagios

  • Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.

    tags: hardware-monitoring monitoring network-monitoring on-premises
    platform: Linux
  • Pingdom

  • Pingdom web site monitoring and other infrastructure for you and instantly let you know when anything goes wrong. Measure uptime, downtime, and the performance of your website as experienced by visitors.

    tags: performance-monitoring transactional-monitoring uptime-monitoring website-monitoring
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • New Relic

  • Pinpoint and solve performance issues in your Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP and Python apps with real user, application and server monitoring.

    tags: apm application-monitoring cloud-monitoring end-user-monitoring performance-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • StatusCake

  • StatusCake enables the visitor to track unlimited websites for free and get alerts when the site is down or having trouble. StatusCake also tracks performance over time so a webmaster can detect issues because they arise.

    tags: monitoring network-administration network-monitoring sms-notification status
    platform: Online
  • Site24x7

  • Comprehensive website and web application monitoring:* simulate a real browser (Firefox) to check performance* services monitoring (FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP)* user experience monitoring (browser load time per user-agent, response time in various platforms* response time and throughput of each web transaction with graphical representation for quick performance insight* performance stats by ISP* application performance monitoring (monitor Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails web transactions and drill down to offending code and pinpoint root cause of issues from the cloud)* cloud monitoring (Amazon EC2, RDS instances and S3 Bucket)* VMware Monitoring* server Monitoring (Linux, Windows)* On-Premise Poller to monitor intranets* monitor from 3G/4G carriers* DNS server monitoring* SSL certificate expiration monitoring* notifications via SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Twitter and RSS Feeds* mail server, Exchange, FTP monitoring* API, user management* Root Cause Analysis - a comprehensive report based on trace route, ping output, DNS reports and web page screenshots that gives you a conclusion on what caused the issue »

    tags: server-monitoring uptime-monitoring website-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Monitis

  • Monitis is a Cloud monitoring and IT analytics service offering Website Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, and Custom Monitoring.

    tags: application-monitoring cloud-monitoring load-testing network-monitoring performance-testing
    platform: Online
  • Site monitoring

  • Free open-source website monitoring software, easy to set up and use for monitoring web sites. You can monitor single web pages, multiple web pages, pages in sitemap and even your whole web site using spider. You can check HTTP result codes and even contents of the checked pages. Website checking is done periodically using build-in cron mechanism. In case of a check failure, application will automatically send email to site administrator.

    tags: application-monitoring monitoring monitoring-software page-speed server-monitoring
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • NIXStats

  • Uptime monitor for server. Currently fully free (beta) so it is subjected to change. Allows to monitor unlimited servers and websites. With custom CNAME you can create live status pages.

    tags: downtime-detection linux-monitoring monitoring server-monitoring uptime-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Dotcom-Monitor

  • Website & Web Application Monitoring

    tags: monitoring website-monitoring web-application web-applications application-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • RapidSpike

  • RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It simplifies monitoring, alerting and reporting to support your online presence and to ensure a positive user experience. Organisations use it to identify problems, measure performance and improve capacity planning.

    tags: domain-stats load-testing monitoring public-status-page real-user-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Panopta

  • Panopta provides advanced server monitoring and outage management services to both enterprises and SMBs. We will be the first to tell you if your infrastructure is down and provide you with tools to fix it. But what makes us different and why should you choose us? We’ve boiled it down to three simple and unique areas that separate us from the rest of the market: Deep and Wide Monitoring, No False Alerts and Intelligent Alerting.

    tags: uptime-monitoring server-monitoring website-monitoring outage-management
    platform: Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad
  • Pingbreak

  • Free & Simple website monitoring

    tags: alerting broken-link-check down free-api http-basic-authentication
    platform: Online Twitter
  • Uptime Doctor

  • You can monitor up to 5 URLs with 1-minute monitoring interval, for FREE!

    tags: cloud-monitoring monitoring network-monitoring server-monitoring uptime-monitoring
    platform: Online
  • Testomato

  • Testomato allows you to create tests in seconds so you can take control of your website's performance. Errors are checked from multiple locations to ensure accuracy. Monitor uptime performance as often as every 15 seconds! Receive instant notifications about everything from error messages to HTTP status codes issues to broken forms, and more. Supports https and behind sign-in checks.

    tags: cloud-based cloud-monitoring testing web-development web-site-testing
    platform: Online