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InstallBuilder alternatives

  • Advanced Installer

  • Advanced Installer is a powerful and easy to use setup authoring tool which offers full Windows Installer support and more. You can configure every aspect of your installer through a simple graphical user interface or through its command line.

    tags: build-msi install-creator msi
  • ClickTeam Install Creator

  • Spend your time developing your creations not building the installers. Download the fully functional freeware version of Install Creator and create your first installation in less than one minute!

    tags: deployment install-creator
  • Debreate

  • Debreate is a utility to aid in building Debian packages (.deb). The goal behind Debreate is to make developing for Debian based Linux distributions more appealing, with an easy to use interface for packaging applications, artwork, media, themes, etc.

    tags: ubuntu debian packager setup package-creator
  • InstallShield

  • InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installations for PCs, servers, Web and virtual applications. InstallShield is the only software installer that can directly convert MSIs to Microsoft App-V virtual packages.

    tags: install-creator msi exe
  • Wix#

  • Wix# answers many MSI authoring challenges. It solves the common MSI/WiX authoring limitations in a very elegant and yet unorthodox way. Wix# follows the steps of other transcompilers like Script#, CoffeeScript or GWT by using source code of a more manageable syntax (C# in this case) to produce the desired source code of a less manageable syntax (WiX). A "more manageable syntax" in this context means less verbose and more readable code, better compile-time error checking and availability of more advanced tools. »

    tags: installer-maker msi wix
  • CreateInstall

  • Professional installer software is an essential component for any software developer. The ideology behind the CreateInstall installer is based on two main principles. Complete control over the installation process and unlimited scalability. If you want to know what your installation package does step by step and want to it to perform certain operations at certain times, CreateInstall is your choice. If other installers lack some features, it is highly probable that these features are already implemented or can be implemented in CreateInstall. Your requirements for your installation packages may change, but CreateInstall will not limit them. »

    tags: software-installation install-creator setup
  • IzPack

  • IzPack is a one-stop solution for packaging, distributing and deploying applications.

    tags: install-creator package-management software-installation
  • DCP Setup Maker

  • Powerful simple-to-use application to generate stable and multi-platform installers.Its intuitive user interface and exceptional ease of use makes it very easy to build complex desktop or web installers with large amounts of files.

    tags: Portable WINE chocolatey cross-platform install-creator

  • HM NIS Edit is the best Editor/IDE for NSIS . It's useful for experts and beginners in the creation of Setup programs with the NSIS. Its Script Wizard will help you to create standard Setup programs with only few clicks, also its InstallOptions designer will help you to create your own custom pages with a friendly drag and drop interface.

    tags: Discontinued Portable ide install-creator installer-builder
  • InstallSimple

  • InstallSimple - installation package maker that lets you create installer for your files.

    tags: install-creator installation-wizard installer-builder
  • GUI Debian Package Maker

  • A Debian package builder based on Debian Package Maker ( ).

    tags: Discontinued build-package build-packages create-package create-packages
  • CyberInstaller Suite

  • CyberInstaller Suite is a packetization and installation software, oriented to every kind of developer. Thus, it can be applied to any language or development environment (.Net, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.) and can be used either by the occasional programmer (free version), or by the professional developer (registered version). The Free version is completely free of charge and allows you to distribute your own software in the easiest and cheapest possible way. CyberInstaller Suite (CIS) highlights itself from other installers for being very easy to use and for the many features and the great versatility offered. »

    tags: software-installation install-creator cis