install4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications.

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install4j alternatives

  • Inno Setup

  • Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installer...

    tags: customizable install-creator software-installation
    platform: Windows
  • NSIS

  • NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flex...

    tags: Portable install-creator scriptable software-installation
    platform: Windows
  • Advanced Installer

  • Advanced Installer is a powerful and easy to use setup authoring tool which offers full Windows Installer support and more. You can configure every...

    tags: build-msi install-creator msi
    platform: Windows
  • IzPack

  • IzPack is a one-stop solution for packaging, distributing and deploying applications.

    tags: install-creator package-management software-installation
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Java
  • WiX

  • The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line en...

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  • ClickTeam Install Creator

  • Spend your time developing your creations not building the installers. Download the fully functional freeware version of Install Creator and create...

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    platform: Windows
  • InstallShield

  • InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows...

    tags: install-creator msi exe
    platform: Windows
  • InstallBuilder

  • BitRock InstallBuilder is a multiplatform installer development and automatic update tool that makes it easy to package and deliver updates to cros...

    tags: customizable java multiplatform share-files software-installation
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • DCP Setup Maker

  • Powerful simple-to-use application to generate stable and multi-platform installers.Its intuitive user interface and exceptional ease of use makes ...

    tags: Portable WINE chocolatey cross-platform install-creator
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • InstallSimple

  • InstallSimple - installation package maker that lets you create installer for your files.

    tags: install-creator installation-wizard installer-builder
    platform: Windows
  • GUI Debian Package Maker

  • A Debian package builder based on Debian Package Maker ( ).

    tags: Discontinued build-package build-packages create-package create-packages
    platform: Linux Discontinued
  • CyberInstaller Suite

  • CyberInstaller Suite is a packetization and installation software, oriented to every kind of developer. Thus, it can be applied to any language or ...

    tags: software-installation install-creator cis
    platform: Windows
  • Setup Factory

  • Setup Factory is the trusted and reliable way to make software installers for your Windows software applications. Unlike other installer builders t...

    tags: application-builder install-creator installer-builder setup-maker setup-wizard
    platform: Windows
  • InstallAware

  • InstallAware provides Windows Installer (MSI) authoring, MSI compression, and MSI repackaging solutions. Tools include: InstallAware for Windows In...

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    platform: Windows
  • Basic Setup Builder

  • Dont waste your time. Create your installer in minutes with Basic Setup Builder 1.0, a no script-based setup-maker with a fully integrated help sys...

    tags: software-installation install-creator
    platform: Windows